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MotherDuck launches new cloud analytics platform built on DuckDB

Data infrastructure and analytics startup MotherDuck Corp. today announced the release of its cloud analytics platform designed to make analyzing data of any size easier.

Leveraging the power of the open-source DuckDB, MotherDuck’s platform harnesses in-process databases and cloud-based solutions. The approach combines rapid data processing speed with the scalability, robustness and collaborative potential that are key to the cloud.

The company’s platform has been engineered to integrate seamlessly with a wide array of data locations. The platform is said to offer an unparalleled level of flexibility and accessibility, allowing users to analyze data situated anywhere in their network or the cloud. It eliminates the often cumbersome necessity to preload data, simplifying and accelerating the data analytics process.

One notable feature of MotherDuck’s platform is its emphasis on collaboration. The platform allows multiple users to work on the same dataset concurrently, fostering a cooperative environment in large-scale data analytics projects. Since the platform is cloud-based, it’s also scalable, meaning it can cater to businesses of various sizes.

The release is also claimed to signify a milestone in the journey of DuckDB, an in-process sequenced query language for online analytical processing database management system. DuckDB has been growing in popularity due to its versatility, rapid query execution and universal compatibility, including operation in the browser.

The platform’s capabilities are said to have broader implications in the context of emerging artificial intelligence technologies. MotherDuck’s platform enables organizations to adjust their data analysis scale as per their needs and lays the groundwork for hybrid execution, combining the strengths of both local and cloud-based analysis.

“As nearly every organization, large and small, strives to figure out how to get value out of their data, scale becomes much less interesting than making it easy to derive insights,” co-founder and Chief Executive Jordan Tigani said ahead of the release. “We’re confident that the combined innovation between MotherDuck’s platform and DuckDB… will be a critical piece of how the modern data stack evolves over the next few years.”

MotherDuck is a venture capital-backed startup, having last raised funding of $35 million on a $175 million valuation in November. Investors include a16z, Madrona Venture Group, Amplify Partners and Altimeter Capital Management LP.

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