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Collaborative defense: Snyk and SentinelOne integrate platforms to bolster cybersecurity

Cybersecurity companies Snyk Ltd. and SentinelOne Inc. today announced a new partnership that will see the integration of SentinelOne’s cloud workload protection platform, Singularity Cloud Workload Security, with the Snyk Developer Security Platform.

The integration between the two services will correlate cloud runtime threat detections identified by SentinelOne with vulnerabilities found by Snyk in container images. In doing so, cloud security, application security and developer teams are said to be able to collaborate and address the root cause of these issues more effectively.

The integration has been designed to address the issue wherein security teams typically have visibility into runtime threats but lack context regarding vulnerabilities in code and container images. On the flip side, developers have a view into code and build-time vulnerabilities but no insight into runtime threats and deployed environments. Snyk and SentinelOne argue the two disparate views need to be fused throughout the application lifecycle so high-risk issues can be quickly eliminated and neither team wastes time in matters of little importance.

“Developers are under increasing pressure to build applications faster, but they must also partner with their security teams to secure them across both their build and runtime environments,” Ely Kahn, vice president of product management for cloud security, artificial intelligence and machine learning at SentinelOne, explains. “This integration of SentinelOne and Snyk provides consolidated visibility into vulnerabilities and threats from both platforms, which customers can use to better understand container security risks and take informed actions to resolve them.”

In an example of how the integration will work, the companies provide the case of the privilege escalation vulnerability in the Linux Kernel (CVE-2022-0492) that allows attackers to escape containers, establish persistence on the host and elevate privileges to execute malicious attacks. SentinelOne’s Behavioral AI engine detects runtime container escapes, but typically, the same image is used to deploy multiple containers. As a result, security teams need to know which vulnerabilities are present in the images for proper root cause analysis so developers understand which vulnerabilities to fix first. The integration of SentinelOne and Snyk delivers these insights in a unified, contextual way to drive security outcomes.

Future enhancements to the integration are also planned to give security teams the means to manage application risk in the cloud by expanding on the combined code-to-cloud context of SentinelOne and Snyk. In turn, the integration will simplify prioritization and remediation focus for developers.

The Snyk integration is available to SentinelOne and Snyk customers starting today through the Singularity Marketplace.

Image: Snyk

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