UPDATED 09:00 EST / FEBRUARY 05 2024


ScreenMeet gives remote support agents an AI boost

Projector.is Inc., which does business as ScreenMeet, today announced an artificial intelligence-based assistant for contact center and information technology help desk workers that provides real-time troubleshooting assistance.

ScreenMeet AI Assist is the newest component of the company’s remote support screen-sharing service that integrates with customer relationship and IT service management systems from Salesforce Inc., ServiceNow Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Zendesk Inc. It enables support representative to take over any PC, Macintosh or mobile device for remote diagnosis and repair with all data written back to the host platform.

The new functionality reduces the need for agents to leave CRM or ITSM platforms they are already using to investigate an issue, yielding savings of up to six minutes per incident, the company said. When confronted with a question they can’t answer, service reps can ask ScreenMeet AI Assist for help by typing in a natural language query or prompt and getting a response, usually within seconds.

“Representatives don’t have to be as highly skilled or have all the certifications because that is that big brother available over your shoulder whom you can call in case of an emergency,” said Ben Lilienthal, co-founder and chief executive of ScreenMeet.

Entry point

The initial version allows customers to configure AI prompts and incorporate contextual information about the remote support session – such as the device, operating system and version being used by the customer – to customize generated responses to the support case. Customers can choose from a variety of large language models that are accessed via application program interfaces.

AI Assist “is currently rather vanilla in that we create parameters based on the session, such as the fact that the customer is running a Windows PC on Lenovo hardware,” said Ben Lilienthal, co-founder and chief executive of ScreenMeet. “Beginning in the second half of the year, they will be able to fine-tune their own versions.”

Future plans are to fine-tune the assistant with information specific to each customer, he said. “While issues are being resolved, we can deliver root cause analysis back to the LLMs. The customer can take that and feed it back into whatever kind of proprietary model they want to create,” Lilienthal said. “We’re beginning to generate a data asset that the customer can take in the future and put into whatever model they want.”

ScreenMeet is used by about 50,000 customer service agents worldwide and is installed on about 400 million user devices. The service requires a downloadable or pre-installed plug-in for accessing endpoint devices. There’s also a version for use with software-as-a-service applications that doesn’t require a download.

“We’ll be rolling gen AI into [the SaaS version] as well in the middle of the year, so we cover the entire waterfront of use cases,” Lilienthal said. ScreenMeet hasn’t yet determined if it will charge for the AI Assist feature.

Image: ScreenMeet

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