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Nylas boosts performance and folds generative AI into its API platform

Nylas Inc., the developer of application program interfaces that integrate email, contact and scheduling capabilities into other applications, today announced the general availability of its API v3 with improved performance, developer experiences, platform security and artificial intelligence capabilities.

New features include real-time bounce notifications, scheduled sending and Smart Compose, a generative AI-powered feature that the company said allows users to create quick drafts of well-structured and contextual emails based on large datasets and user prompts.

Response times have improved 2.5-fold with a 10-fold increase in reliability, eliminating potential latency at large scale, the company said. Infrastructure no longer relies on data retention or storage with Nylas for messaging applications that don’t adhere to the Internet Message Access Protocol.

That improves performance by reducing data requirements and also enables better adherence to data privacy regulations. Responses now synchronize directly with providers’ email and calendar services for faster data access.

OAuth, a technology that lets users log into business applications using validated third-party accounts, is now an option for authentication and use of API keys. Enhanced webhooks, which are automated messages sent from applications when designated events occur, improve real-time monitoring without less need to make additional API calls to access important information.

The company also released the results of a survey of more than 1,200 U.S. developers, engineering leaders, and technical executives that details how technical teams assess, implement and deploy APIs.

The survey found that 78% listed critical performance features such as speed, reliability and uptime as key features of an API, but only 23% experience consistently strong API performance. Three-quarters said APIs are increasingly valuable in AI use cases, while 64% said integrating new APIs into their existing technology stack is a significant challenge.

Validating growing concerns over the security of APIs, just 19% reported zero API-related data breaches over the past year.

Founded in 2013, Nylas has raised $175 million in seven funding rounds.

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