UPDATED 09:00 EDT / FEBRUARY 21 2024


Cycode integrates generative AI into application security platform

DevOps security startup Cycode Ltd. today announced a number of new features, including adding generative artificial intelligence to its Risk Intelligence Graph to enhance application security posture management.

The new generative AI feature is said to transform the “brain” of the Cycode ASPM platform to find answers to complex application security and development questions using everyday, natural language. The feature uses context and deep security insights to make RIG more effective at bridging gaps and connecting the dots across application security data silos.

The AI utilizes context and deep security insights to transform the way companies manage application security and, in doing so, is claimed to turbocharge Cycode’s ASPM platform to end application security chaos.

“We’re at a pivotal moment in the industry where ‘AI inside’ our Risk Intelligence Graph represents not just an advancement, but a fundamental shift in how we preemptively address and neutralize threats,” co-founder and Chief Executive Lior Levy. “This enables us to analyze complex data at unprecedented scale and speed.”

Alongside the AI announcement, Cycode also announced several other enhancements and new features to its ASPM platform, spanning the dashboard, risk scoring and its ConnectX and developer ecosystems.

Cycode has debuted a new Executive Dashboard that is designed to allow leaders to quickly understand and drill down on the health and risk posture of their organization at any time. Enterprise organizations with more complex business units and application complexity using Cycode now have the visibility they need across any situation or environment.

The company’s global risk scoring system has been enhanced to now include an automated risk score for security violations that prioritizes them by understanding the true severity and impact of each one. Global Risk Scoring automatically provides available risk assessment information to allow for more informed and efficient security posture management without the need for manual input.

On the ecosystem side, Cycode’s ConnectorX ecosystem now has a network of over 75+ connector partners and integrations and for developers, workflows have been enhanced for improved early detection and resolution of security issues. The additions streamline the development process by embedding security practices from the outset and to foster a collaborative environment between developers and AppSec teams.

Cycode’s ConnectorX was announced in November and seeks to address conflicts between security and developer teams. ConnectorX provides companies with the choice to use Cycode’s native ASPM tools or maximize their investments in their existing AppSec tools.

Photo: Cycode

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