Infochimps packages solutions + CSC services into integrated cloud analytics stack

santa clara cloud analyticsInfochimps, the data-marketplace-turned-cloud-analytics startup that was picked up by IT consulting giant CSC last year, has repackaged its portfolio into an integrated suite featuring professional services from its parent company.

Announced at last week’s O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara, the offering is based on an unspecified “open source-based Big Data Platform” – presumably Ironfan, the Hadoop abstraction layer Infochimps built on Opscode’s free Chef automation and orchestration tool to power its cloud services. These include the Cloud::Streams in-memory real time and event processing solution, the Cloud::Queries data store and a hosted batch analytics stack called Cloud::Hadoop.

The synergy between the firm’s different products was one of the main motivations behind the acquisition, CSC chief technology officer Dan Hushon detailed on the theCUBE in an interview last year.

“What I really liked about Infochimps was two things: one is they’re doing real-time fast data, so Big Fast Data, and that they have this thing called Cloud::Streams, and Cloud::Streams gave us the ability to fundamentally deal with streaming processing through Storm and Kafka as a DevOps-procured asset. And then we had Cloud::Queries and cloud search, and all of them were linked together,” the executive told SiliconANGLE founding CEO John Furrier and Wikibon’s Stu Miniman.

CSC is complementing the already well-rounded bundle with a set of “comprehensive consulting services” meant to drive adoption among organizations that are still in the early stages of Big Data implementation. The company says that the integrated package is designed to help clients gain a better view of their environments and provide an “enterprise-wide ability to operationalize data and analytics.”

“My vision has been ‘hey, I need to do foresentics analytics on the back and I need to do complex event processing on the front’ – they do that all with a push-button provisioning model onto Amazon. So for me what Infochimps was was a harvesting of open source with a new set of DevOps style to help orchestrate an information pipeline through our [product] landscape,” Hushon said.

See Hushon’s entire interview with theCUBE below, where he discusses the acquisition and goals behind Infochimps’ acquisition, among other things:


photo credit: mrjoro via photopin cc