Oculus CEO latest tech exec on the end of an embarrassing, but this time more amusing hack


It seems no one is safe from suffering the ignominy of being hacked, not when you consider some of the biggest names in tech have been made to look quite foolish lately after having certain accounts compromised. The latest of these was Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.

Iribe follows in the footsteps of a string of tech execs whose accounts were hacked, including Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg and more recently Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The main difference with this hack, again on a Twiiter Inc. account, is that it doesn’t seem to have come from hacking group turned security firm OurMine. It also provoked a few more laughs than the previous CEO attacks that did little more than remind the bosses that they were vulnerable.

On taking over the account the hacker first tweeted, “hey its @Lid … im not testing ya security im just having a laugh.” He, or she, then tweeted that @Lid would be taking over as CEO of Oculus, only to then mock the CEO for using an old password – calling Iribe, “Mr. Silly CEO”.

@Lid didn’t stop there, and later mocked tech blog TechCrunch. TechCrunch actually got in touch with @Lid via a Twitter DM. It was reported that the hacker managed to compromise the account as a result of May’s MySpace breach in which millions of usernames and passwords made their way online. @Lid also said that if it not were for the fact Iribe had two-factor authentication enabled his email account would also have been victim to hacking.

Iribe’s account has now be cleaned, but it’s not clear if the CEO gave into the demands of his attacker, who said he would give back control of the account if an Oculus Rift headset was sent his way so that he could “watch porn the cool way”.

It should go without saying, in view of all the celebrities that have been hacked as well as tech execs, that simple passwords should not be used and the same password for multiple accounts should also be a no no.

Photo credit: eVRydayVR via Flickr