Iguazio takes its performance-boosting data platform global with help from Equinix


For large companies that collect information from multiple geographically disparate sources, moving everything to a central analytics environment the old fashioned way often isn’t practical due to the distances involved.

Israeli data management startup Iguazio Ltd. is doing its part to ease the challenge through a new partnership with Equinix Inc. that was announced today at AWS re:invent. (* Disclosure below.) The alliance will see the infrastructure giant make its global network of co-location centers available for organizations looking to deploy the Iguazio Enterprise Data Cloud. Introduced in September, the platform is touted as an alternative to the complex jumble of software normally required to store a company’s records.

Having fewer moving parts to deal with enables organizations to manage their data much more efficiently than they could otherwise. Iguazio says that its platform can ingest records in their native format without having to modify them beforehand using external tools, while enabling applications to access the information just as easily through straightforward programming interfaces. The subsequent reduction in the number of steps required to carry out the process not only eases development but also produces a significant speed-up.

According to Iguazio, its platform can provide between 10 and 100 times better performance than traditional alternatives in certain use cases. Today’s partnership with Equinix will help improve processing speeds even further by enabling customers to easily deploy the platform in co-location facilities located near their information sources. The less distance data has to travel across the network, the faster it becomes accessible for applications.

This speed boost should come handy in a wide range of industries. A global bank, for instance, could set up the Enterprise Data Cloud in an Equinix facility near an important branch office to let local users perform analytics faster. And utilities that collect a lot of real-time power usage metrics from the field can take advantage of the partnership to reduce processing latency.

Plus, Iguazio’s platform should now also appeal to companies that simply want to avoid the hassle of moving data from the region where it’s originally collected to their main analytics environment. Such a transfer can be tremendously costly when dealing with large amounts of information that have to be streamed across long distances.

Iguazio will make its platform generally available in the second quarter of 2017.

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Image courtesy of Iguazio