DARPA-backed project aims to dramatically cut WAN provisioning times

Maria Deutscher | July 30th

Despite the tremendous progress made in recent years on injecting more programmability into the stack, the wide-area network (WAN) remains a universal bottleneck that affects companies and cloud service providers equally. While companies like Amazon and Google have...»

Universities are training CDOs, yet organizations can’t keep them | #MITIQ

Alina Popescu | July 30th

The conversations around the emerging Chief Data Officer (CDO) role, what it should entail, and the subsequent interest shown by enterprise organizations led to a pivotal decision by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to modify its annual symposium's...»

Israel defence firm denies being hacked by China’s Comment Crew

Mike Wheatley | July 30th

A defence contractor that works on Israel's Iron Dome missile shield system has come out to deny it was a victim of Chinese hack attack two years ago that allegedly stole classified information about the...»

Analytics break: Big Data market splits into rival camps

Maria Deutscher | July 30th

A new trend has emerged in the open-source Big Data  ecosystem over the last few months: top vendors scaling back and sometimes completely abandoning internal efforts to develop homegrown versions of hot new projects in favor of forming...»

Cisco warns that network virtualization does have its downsides

Mike Wheatley | July 30th

Cisco has just posted a new whitepaper online, in which it suggests that virtualization of networks can be somewhat counterproductive, resulting in reduced productivity. The paper notes that while virtualization is hardly...»

Ecuador bans Bitcoin, plans to create its own digital currency

Mellisa Tolentino | July 30th

While most countries take the wait-and-see approach with regard to Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Ecuador has officially banned them. The reason behind this decision is not because the government doesn’t trust it, but


DevOps Weekly Round-Up: Automation with Chef and Docker breathes life into virtualized containers

Kyt Dotson | July 29th

This week in DevOps shows an ongoing expansion of opportunities for DevOps teams, IT teams, and developers to leverage open source and vendor-specific API models. Configuration and automation remains the big draw for DevOps needs, but virtual containers...»

The CDO owns governance, not data | #MITIQ

Alina Popescu | July 29th

Over the last few years, the emergence of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) has become more clear. Initially, this new C-level role was more prevalent in healthcare, finance, government organizations. More recently, it has been bleeding into more...»

Ceph and Swift: Friends, not enemies

Guest Author | July 29th

Most good rivalries begin with some sort of differences, and OpenStack developers are beginning to side with either Ceph or Swift when it comes to choosing a storage solutions. Ceph is a distributed object store and file system...»