Survey says few Big Data analytics projects paying off – yet

Bert Latamore | October 31st

While media coverage focus on a few spectacular Big Data successes, giving the impression that Big Data analytics is “as easy as collecting some data, deploying an application or two and waiting for the ‘game-changing’ insights to...»

Amazon returns Microsoft’s volley with System Center integration

Maria Deutscher | October 31st

Hot on the heels of Microsoft Corp. unveiling a landmark expansion of its infrastructure-as-a-service platform, Inc. is sending the ball back into Redmond's court with a new add-on meant to make it easier for Windows...»

Capriza lands $27 million for novel approach to simplifying enterprise apps

Maria Deutscher | October 31st

For all the talk of consumerization in the enterprise, the mission-critical applications powering core operations at most of the world's largest organizations today remain as unwieldy and complicated as they were 20 years ago. Enter Capriza Inc.,...»

Study says cloud becoming the norm, rather than exception, in the enterprise

Maria Deutscher | October 31st

Verizon Communications Inc. didn't bother to ask respondents whether their organizations have embraced the new way of consuming computing resources in its second annual study on the state of enterprise cloud adoption. The battle has already...»

IBM wants to become a superpower in social media analysis

Mike Wheatley | October 31st

The marriage of Big Data with business intelligence is still evolving, but already it's become an industry that's worth multiple billions of dollars. Organizations are falling over themselves to transform their...»

Alone for Halloween? Discount games & apps ward off boredom

Mellisa Tolentino | October 31st

Ghouls, ghosts, vampires, zombies, princesses, minions - those are just some of the creatures you’ll be seeing tonight knocking at your door and screaming “trick or treat!” Kids will be bouncing off the wall with all the candy...»

Will Zuck answer these tough questions in his new, public Q&A sessions?

Eric David | October 31st

Facebook Inc. has a tradition of holding a Q&A session every Friday, allowing employees to ask Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg just about anything, and now Zuckerberg will be extending that Q&A to Facebook's users for...»

Prices, pros & cons: Google Drive vs. OneDrive, Dropbox and Box

James Farrell | October 31st

The consumer cloud space just got a bit more exciting, following the recent announcement by Microsoft that Office 365 subscribers will soon have unlimited storage. Microsoft seemed...»

How Avatar X hit 10k members : Q&A with Google+ Bitcoin Community owner

Kyt Dotson | October 31st

The most prolific and populous Bitcoin community on Google+ is hosted by Avatar X, an interesting individual who runs the blog Appatic. He brought the Bitcoin Community into being in 2012 with co-founder Cameron Ruggles,...»

Nintendo worries about your health: Sleep apnea is not a game

Eric David | October 31st

Nintendo Co. Ltd. first got people up and moving with Wii Sports and Wii Fit, and now the 125-year-old Japanese entertainment company wants to make sure people are sleeping well too. Nintendo is teaming up...»