The Achilles heel of OpenStack is lack of product leadership | #OpenStackSV

Alina Popescu | September 17th

Perhaps OpenStack’s biggest flaw lies within the fact there is no ownership for long term product vision. This lack of product leadership hinders its success, said Randy Bias, Founder, CTO, and CEO of Cloudscaling Group, Inc., in a live...»

Cloudera extends sales reach with Dell SI partnership

Maria Deutscher | September 17th

Another week, another landmark partnership in the world of Hadoop. Market leader Cloudera Inc. has inked an agreement with Dell Inc. under which the hardware giant’s consultancy business will provide systems integration services...»

Database-free on AWS, Infor focuses on applications and customers | #Inforum14

Rachel Schramm | September 17th

Infor Global Solutions made a deal with, Inc. to leverage Amazon's cloud infrastructure and hasn't looked back. Now it claims to be the world's largest cloud enterprise software provider, according to Infor President Stephen Scholl.



Another open-source consortium for Facebook, new project to go along

Maria Deutscher | September 17th

Even though it doesn’t depend on developers for revenue as much as some of the other web-scale companies that have been making headlines in the ecosystem lately, Facebook Inc. is investing heavily in...»

What’s left to conquer in OpenStack distros? Piston Cloud reaches “boring phase” | #OpenStackSV

Rachel Schramm | September 17th

"We've conquered everything there was to conquer," said Joshua McKenty, co-founder and CTO of Piston Cloud Computing. Now, Piston Cloud is "down to the day-to-day tasks of helping people with infrastructure." To talk OpenStack maturation, cloud strategy, and...»

MapR 4.0.1 release lets you ‘Drill’ into your Big Data

Mike Wheatley | September 17th

MapR has just added Apache Drill to its Hadoop distro, giving its customers a new way to use SQL to query their Big Data stores. The open-source Drill project is one that's been largely developed by...»

Startup Aviso aims to take the guesswork out of sales forcasting

Paul Gillin | September 17th

Silicon Valley startup Aviso, Inc. is applying predictive analytics to a task that has until now stubbornly resisted statistical rigor: sales forecasting. The company yesterday announced Aviso Insights, a cloud-based analytics tool that sucks in data from...»

New service offers Bitcoin training for financial professionals

Mellisa Tolentino | September 17th

Bitcoin's credibility has come a long way in recent months, reaching a point where we can now say it's become more or less acceptable as a form of currency, even if not everyone is all...»

IBM brings Big Data to the masses with Watson Analytics

Mike Wheatley | September 17th

In the three years since IBM's Watson computer destroyed the  two all-time Jeopardy! champions in an exhibition game, many people have wondered how IBM will bring the Watson question answering technology to market. Now those...»

Rackspace declares it’s NOT for sale following lowball offers

Mike Wheatley | September 17th

Cloud hosting provider Rackspace Hosting Inc. has announced it's no longer planning to sell itself or merge with another company after it failed to receive any offers 'worthy' enough. Rackspace announced it was considering “inbound strategic proposals”...»