Mint Fuels Mobile Money Management with Revamped iPhone App

Financial management has never been easier, since the mobile launch Mint‘s app.  This acclaimed iPhone app has been upgraded with some key features, and for the first time since its inception, a user is now permitted to register a new account and add financial accounts directly from mobile phones. How cool is that? Money management on the go!

Following this big announcement, Aaron Patzer, the GM and VP of Intuit Inc. and was also the Personal Finance and Founder of explains how they came up with the idea of the upgrade. He said, “With more than 30,000 new mobile downloads each week, we know that on-the-go money management is essential to our users. With the rate of media consumption and communication on mobile devices, it’s crucial that smartphone users have the ability to sign up for Mint and manage their Mint account anytime, anywhere.”

With this innovation, users are expected to be able to experience more functionality, and be given additional management choices all throughout the year. The powerful feature will also allow a user to sign up, add financial institutions that are supported by, browse and access account information swiftly and easily search for transactions. This will also provide real-time account movements reports/alerts, bank and credit card, other investments and other recent transactions. is a very useful tool that balances financial accounts together online, automatically categorizes all transactions together either on the web or through phone. Its phenomenal potential has been the apple of the eye of some of the key players. This might also be the reason why Intuit was lured to purchase this company. A number of companies are also finding ways to incorporate Mint’s services into their own products.   Last December, Betterment piloted Mint’s tiered offering called “ways To Invest.” The former just recently made public its move to bring enhanced value to investors. This feature will actively help users manage investments in no time.

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