Citrix Acquires Application Migration Company App-DNA

Citrix Acquires Application Migration Company App-DNA

Citrix announced this morning at its Synergy event that it will acquire App-DNA, a company that sells a comprehensive application migration tool. Terms of the agreement were not released. Citrix also made a dizzying number of other announcements at the event relating to its ambitions to offer solutions for every layer and aspect of cloud computing, ranging from software-as-a-service to private cloud infrastructure.

App-DNA’s flagship product AppTitude is being added to the Citrix Desktop Transformation Model suite of desktop virtualization tools. Just last week App-DNA announced a partnership with Citrix competitor partner AppSense.

Other announcements from Citrix at the event include:

  • Citrix HDX Ready System-on-Chip program, a platform for building Citrix HDX protocol clients directly on silicon. Citrix expects the technology to be used for new high performance, low cost thin-clients built directly into computer monitors, phones or new devices not even conceived of yet.
  • A new version of Citrix VDI-in-a-Box, which adds unspecified integrations with Citrix GotoManage.
  • Citrix CloudPortal, a new product lines for cloud providers that enable them to handle billing for services.
  • Services Angle

    Citrix is on a roll with acquisitions, including and Sharefile earlier this year. The company has historically focused on vidrtual desktop infrastructure, but is aggressively targeting the cloud infrastructure market with CloudStack (acquired from and now CloudPortal.

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  1. Since when has Appsense been a compeitor with Citrix? Think you got that wrong

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