Infragard Can’t Catch a Break: Anonymous 0wns FBI-Affiliate Once Again

June of last year, Infragard Atlanta—an affiliate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation—found themselves the target of LulzSec during their rampage across the Internet.  Due to their close proximity to the FBI and law enforcement, their websites have been constant targets for vandalism. Friday morning, Anonymous announced via the Anonops blog that Infragard had yet again suffered defacement: this time Infragard Dayton Ohio.

As of the penning of this article, the Dayton Ohio Infragard website is offline and only displays a blank page when called up.

Anonymous delivered another blow on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) by taking down the Web site of the Dayton Ohio Chapter of InfraGard Friday.

TheOhiosite was replaced with the video for Coolio’s 1995 rap hit and a profane message attacking Infragard as a “sinister alliance” between corporations and law enforcement.

Anonymous has promised weekly hacks as the amorphous group continues its campaign against law enforcement worldwide.

This is part of the promised weekly, Friday hacks as announced via numerous sources part of the Anonymous hactivist collective.

Websites connected to law enforcement have been a favorite target of Anonymous cells when producing mayhem. The standard arsenal is that of distributed denial of service attacks to make them go offline for a period of time and defacing the websites—both of these cyberwarfare tactics are quickly cleaned up by most websites by either waiting out the DDoS or restoring their site from backup. It’s the equivalent of Anonymous tearing down government posters put on the wall, or spraying graffiti.

However, during the AntiSec campaign of LulzSec (which is still ongoing) there were also breaches of defense contractors (such as Vanguard Defense Industries) and government affiliates (such as FBI Federal) that then were leaked to the public.

We can probably expect further Friday hacks and damage to be directed at the FBI as the #FridayHacks and #FuckFBIFriday routine continues.

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