Juniper Signs Up to Use Scala

Typesafe has made a bit of progress on its mission to position the Scala language and Akka middleware as a preferred option for high-end development of web scale solutions. Typesafe announced a new multi-year agreement with Juniper Networks. Juniper will use Typesafe Stack to create software in products, which Juniper has not disclosed.

The press release suggests Juniper selected Typesafe because the platform can take advantage or multi-core hardware and developers can more efficiently create highly available distributed software using Akka. It’s unclear if the technologies will replace any existing tools within Juniper. There are currently no external job postings by Juniper for Typesafe or Scala. Earlier this month, Typesafe nabbed the former VP of Business Operations for VMware’s Cloud Platform, Mark Brewer to act as its CEO and new board member.

Akka is an event-driven middleware runtime, for building distributed applications in Java and Scala. Scala’s strength at creating distributed applications that can run on multi-cores has caused the language to grow in popularity. Scala downloads have more than doubled in the last 12 months, and it is now the 17th most-watched language on GitHub. Several companies with high traffic sites like Twitter and LinkedIn use Scala, but the language hasn’t yet reached the adoption levels of more traditional languages like C++ and Java.

We will be watching to see how Juniper integrates Typesafe in its products (maybe with its software define networking efforts) and if the new addition to its tool arsenal provides any advantage in the uber competitive networking market. Earlier this month the company released a new version of QFabric and updated its web security software Mykonos.

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Josette Rigsby

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