Could Apple’s next big product be the iCar?

Apple iCarApple is best known for its iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iMacs, but sales of these devices seems to be stagnating. It’s not that people are no longer interested in their offerings, but it seems rather, only the same people are interested in them. Investors see this as a sign of trouble and they want Apple to do more to entice new consumers to choose its products. And it looks like Apple may have set its eyes on far greater things to compensate for the stagnating mobile market.

According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, Apple is now looking into entering the automotive and health care markets.

Apple’s head of merger and acquisitions chief, Adrian Perica, was very busy spearheading the company’s acquisition of various companies last year, and is said to have secretly met with Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors. Some are suggesting that Apple is looking to acquire Tesla, while others state that a partnership would be better suited than an acquisition.

“They’d get access to deep pockets, but Tesla’s got access to Wall Street right now,” said Andrea James, who covers Tesla for the Dougherty & Co. investment bank.

“I could see a partnership more than a takeout.”

SFGate pointed out that a partnership could lead to Tesla cars fitted with large touchscreens on their dashboards that would display Apple’s logo, as well as its iOS and apps, and a more streamlined experience when using iDevices in tandem with the car.

Tesla’s Model S sedan is doing great in terms of sales, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that it doesn’t really need Apple as a partner, but the Cupertino firm has this cult following which Tesla can benefit massively from, especially if it wants to expand globally. Also, it wouldn’t hurt Tesla to have access to Apple’s deep pockets, patents, and technologies, as it can help them make better cars in the future.

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Medical devices


It’s been rumored for some time that Apple will be releasing a wearable device later this year, most likely its infamous iWatch. Previous reports suggested that the wearable device will have home automation features tied in with the Apple TV, a sleep tracker as suggested by the company’s hiring of a sleep scientist, and could possibly be fitted with technology for wireless or even kinetic charging.

SFGate noted that Apple may be looking into producing not just Quantified Self trackers, but something that can help in the early detection of heart attacks.

In 2001, Apple hired Tomlinson Holman, the genius behind the Lucasfilm THX technology and the 10.2 sound system. Holman is said to be leading Apple’s health care initiative by studying the sound blood makes as it flows through the arteries. By being able to determine the normal sound of blood in respect to various daily activities performed by a person, even a slight abnormality or change in the sound could help in the detection of heart attacks or other cardiovascular anomalies. This technology could help save millions of lives.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated recently that the world can expect new product categories this year. Some thought this meant that Apple would be releasing a new version of the Apple TV, but could the SFGate’s discoveries mean we could be seeing an iCar or an iStethoscope in Apple’s product line-up this year?

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