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John Furrier is founder, co-CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of SiliconANGLE, a new media company covering the intersection of computer science and social science. Furrier is also the co-founder and CEO of CrowdChat a social media platform for large-scale group conversations over hashtags. In addition to SiliconANGLE John runs Broadband Developments a private incubator and investment firm for creating new startups. Furrier lives in Palo Alto, California with his wife and four children.

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Looking to boost revenue growth, Veritas hires Oracle senior executive Scott Genereux

Veritas Technologies is getting serious about expanding into the converged infrastructure market, and there’s no more obvious sign than a key hire it made earlier this month. The company announced it has hired away Scott Genereux, Oracle Corp.’s leader of cloud and converged infrastructure sales in North America, to be executive vice president of worldwide field operations. The […]

Battling Dell EMC, HPE buys ‘hyperconverged’ system startup SimpliVity for $650 million

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. today announced it will pay $650 million in cash to acquire SimpliVity Corp., a provider of unified server and storage hardware and software for corporate data centers. Known in the industry as software-defined, hyper-converged infrastructure, these systems bring together servers, storage and networking to handle tasks inside data centers much more […]

Silicon Valley Friday Show: VC Ashmeet Sidana talks AWS, entrepreneurs and what’s coming in 2017

Entrepreneurs are driving an ever-faster pace of innovation in information technology, and the venture capital industry is scrambling to change its investing algorithm in an effort to keep up. That was a key theme explored in the Dec. 9 episode of SiliconValley Friday Show, which featured guest venture capitalist Ashmeet Sidana (left), founder and managing partner of Engineering […]

The next hills for Amazon Web Services: AI and the Internet of Things

When Amazon Web Services Chief Executive Andy Jassy showed off a raft of new products and services Wednesday, including a big semi truck that carries a device that can store 100 petabytes of data, it was hard not to think of it as a rather ungainly fix for the difficulty of moving large amounts of […]

How Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy manages at cloud scale

In pioneering the market for cloud computing a decade ago, Andy Jassy, now chief executive of Amazon Web Services, also had to pioneer some new ways of managing. After all, itself was running on the very same infrastructure of cloud services as the customers to whom he was selling those services. Among other things, […]

CEO Andy Jassy: How Amazon Web Services won the cloud – and what’s coming next

Not too many years ago, Peter Burris, head of research for the analyst group Wikibon, recalls being in a room full of chief information officers. They were all giggling about Inc.’s attempt to persuade them to use its fledgling cloud computing services in place of the computer hardware and software on which they were […]

Kubernetes pioneers raise $8.5 million in bid to make containers enterprise-ready

Former Google Cloud executive and Craig McLuckie is teaming up Kubernetes pioneer Joe Beda to launch Heptio Inc. with a goal of making software containers mainstream in the enterprise. McLuckie (above) will be chief executive of the new venture, which has raised $8.5 million from Accel Partners LP and Madrona Venture Group. Accel General Partner Ping […]

Podcast: analyzing the Trump election results on the Silicon Valley Friday Show

In my weekly podcast this week, the Silicon Valley Friday Show, we had as featured guests Tom Joyce, a former executive with EMC Corp., Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co. and Dell, and Bullpen Capital founder Paul Martino, our venture capitalist of the week. The disruption this week, of course, was the presidential election of Donald Trump. I wanted […]

Understanding the Internet of Things marketplace

The Internet of Things has great promise and is transforming businesses overnight. As General Electric Chairman and Chief Executive Jeff Immelt put it recently at Dell EMC World, “Yesterday we went to bed an industrial company and today we woke up as a software company.” But with that promise comes great peril as well. Connected […]

Silicon Valley Friday Show podcast: TechTruth fellows chart the future of journalism

This week’s Silicon Valley Friday Show podcast (episode 5), recorded in Houston at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Women in Computing, features young journalists in the TechTruth Fellowship sponsored by SiliconANGLE Media and The GroundTruth Project. The fellows, who produced news stories from the conference and did reporting for upcoming features, are Karis Hustad, Pooja […]