Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson is a Senior Editor at SiliconAngle and works to cover beats surrounding DevOps, security, gaming, and cutting edge technology. Before joining SiliconAngle, Kyt worked as a software engineer starting at Motorola in Q&A to eventually settle at where he helped build a vast database for pet adoption and a lost and found system. Kyt is a published author who writes science fiction and fantasy works that incorporate ideas from modern-day technological innovation and explore the outcome of living with those technologies.

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Euclid Analytics taps Oracle Responsys to personalize retail shopping

Shopper behavior analysis firm Euclid Analytics Inc. today announced an integration with Oracle Corp.’s Responsys personalized automated email marketing platform to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping. Closing this gap would be particularly lucrative for physical stores because a lot of people use smartphones in stores. According to a study commissioned by Euclid Analytics, […]

Talk to me: IoT devices must tell consumers how they use data

More and more everyday items, from health wearables to smart beds to cars, now generate and send user data to third parties. As these Internet of Things devices proliferate, potentially betraying consumer habits and health information to faceless agents, privacy is no longer as simple as reading a short paragraph on what’s collected and who […]

Microsoft and Tierion link up on blockchain certificate technology

Software giant Microsoft Corp. and blockchain technology company Tierion Inc. today announced a collaboration to build a system of distributed proof of integrity and existence for data. The resulting platform will be used to allow people and organizations to secure control of identity and related data — thus creating a framework for digitally signed certificates, receipts […]

Using virtual reality to make Big Data analysis as immersive as games

Data analysis and visualization startup Virtualitics LLC just announced the launch of a new tool that will allow researchers to better understand data using virtual reality and augmented reality. The new tool, unveiled Thursday, combines the use of VR and AR with machine learning and Big Data analysis to allow data scientists to immerse themselves in […]

Bitfury Group raises $30M for Chinese blockchain expansion

The Bitfury Group, a world leading Bitcoin and blockchain infrastructure provider, announced today that Credit China Fintech Holdings Limited will invest $30 million in the company as part of a joint venture into the China market. As a company, the Bitfury Group provides a full range of blockchain-powered software and hardware infrastructure.  Over the years, […]

See how someone else uses virtual reality with Zeality’s ‘reaction videos’

Virtual reality social publishing company Zeality Inc. is introducing a new feature to its platform that will let users save and publish their own experience in VR for other people to view. This feature is called “Re/Lives” and it mimics a popular YouTube fad called “reaction videos,” or when people film themselves “reacting” to other […]

Google confirms all new Chromebooks will get Android apps

All Chromebooks released in 2017 will be able to install and run Google Play Store and Android apps, according to an updated list from Google Inc., and so will a lot of older models. This change will greatly increase the capability of Chromebooks, and Chrome operating system devices, turning them from simple gateways to the web with […]

Google’s open-source virtual reality toolkit just got smarter

Google Inc.’s Tilt Brush virtual reality toolkit just got a lot better with the integration of the Unity Software Development Kit and the addition of a number of new scripts. Tilt Brush is Google’s free-form 3D painting tool that allows artists using a VR headset to create unique visual content. The first iterations of the software […]

GitHub, Flatiron School to offer free month of developer training for students

New York City-based coding boot camp Flatiron School announced a partnership with world-leading software repository GitHub to give student developers an edge with free training. With the Flatiron School on board, recipients of GitHub’s free Student Developer Pack, an extensive set of tools and resources for budding developers, will also receive one free month of […]

Raspberry Pi’s tiny new compute module shifts into overdrive

Pushing the envelope for embedded and Internet of Things devices, the Raspberry Pi Foundation just announced the launch of the next iteration of its “flexible form factor” personal computer-on-a-chip known as Compute Module 3. By “flexible form factor,” the foundation means extremely small: The entire Compute Module 3 (pictured) fits onto a circuit board the […]