As Promised, NetFlix Open Sources Chaos Monkey

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

Content streaming and movie rental service Netflix  utilizes cloud computing to power its core operations. In fact, the bulk of Netflix's infrastructure is cloud-based, and it is one of Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) largest customers. Netflix has...»

Enterprise Migration to the Cloud Still Has a Long Way to Go

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

The public cloud is picking up momentum, but many large enterprises are still hesitant about jumping aboard the public "as-a-service" bandwagon. Dan Lamorena, a director for Symantec’s storage and availability management group, explained,

“You may not see

Gartner Raises 2012 Cloud Spending Forecast

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

Citing a “stabilized” outlook, research firm Gartner expects enterprises to spend 3 percent more on IT, a slight increase from the 2.5 percent growth it noted in a report published earlier this year. Gartner estimates...» When It Comes To The Enterprise Cloud, Context Is King

Matt Weinberger | July 31st

In a blog post yesterday, Quinton Wall, Director of Technical Platform Marketing and general developer evangelist for, makes the case that the App Store economy is here to stay - and that the enterprise cloud developers...»

Hotmail is dead – Viva!

John Casaretto | July 31st

Anyone lost track of which version of Hotmail is still out there?

Well, some relief is coming because Hotmail is being replaced by Microsoft’s new service  The change is in the midst of a massive wave of new

Azure Outage Caused by Networking Glitch, GM Says

Maria Deutscher | July 31st

Microsoft is one of the latest companies trying to clean up reputation damage inflicted by an outage of its cloud services. Mike Neil, the general manager in charge of Microsoft’s Windows Azure, wrote a ...»

appMobi Launches Free HTML5 Packaging Service

Maria Deutscher | July 31st

appMobi announced openBuild this week, a free cloud service that makes it easier for HTML5 developers to optimize their apps for all the different app stores out there. While HTML5 may be able to run both iOS and Android,...»

Top Analytics Tools for Pinterest: Pinfluencer and More

Mellisa Tolentino | July 31st

Pinterest used to be just another photo-sharing, social networking site, but entreprenuers soon realized it's potential as a great business tool.  Yet Pinterest still lacked some features to make it the ultimate marketing platform, as we've discussed...»

Big Data for the Business World: Making it Work for You

Mellisa Tolentino | July 31st

We’ve been hearing a lot about ‘big data’ these days so it made me think if everyone really understands what big data is and what’s the big deal with it.  For example, as a CEO how would big...»

What We can Learn from What Netflix Learned from the AWS Failure

Kyt Dotson | July 31st

Late in June (last month) the Amazon Web Services suffered a catastrophic series of failures often now referred to as an “AWS Storm” and Netflix found themselves caught up in the middle of it as their own...»