Center For Study Of Existential Risk To Assess “Terminator” Threat

Mike Wheatley | November 27th

The “rise of the machines”, or robots rising up to take over the world and wipe out humanity has been a popular theme in the science fiction world for decades, but does mankind really need to live in...»

Google Launches Petition Against German “Link Tax”

Mike Wheatley | November 27th

Threatened with new copyright laws that would force search engines to pay for ‘snippets’ of content displayed on aggregators like Google News, the world’s biggest search engine has launched a campaign to prevent the laws from being enacted. Google...»

Through the Looking Glass with Google’s Alternate Reality Game Ingress

Kyt Dotson | November 26th

The concept of the Alternate Reality Game (or ARG) was popularized across gamer culture with the “I Love Bees” viral marketing campaign by Microsoft that was meant to raise hype for Halo 2 in 2004....»

Garantia Boosts AWS with Major NoSQL Upgrade

Maria Deutscher | November 26th

Garantia Data, is making its Redis offering available to developers who are running their apps on Heroku, AppFog and AppHarbor. Garantia is an up-and-coming NoSQL startup that offers cloud services based on Memcached and Redis, two popular in-memory key value stores.  The...»

Six Enterprise-Grade Firewalls for Your Corporate Network

Maria Deutscher | November 26th

Security firms are starting to address the requirements of next generation applications with their software, responding to trends such as BYOD, the cloud and big data. Modernization introduces more complexity to the corporate network, and contributes to...»

Breaking Analysis: Purgatory for Early Windows Phone 8 Users, Stuck with Windows 7.8

Molly Sassmann | November 26th

Microsoft’s ecosystem strategy is under the microscope after a Windows phone update has failed to come to fruition, and Microsoft has officially declared that it will support its initial Surface release for only four years. Early...»

Breaking Analysis: PKNIC’s Weaknesses Exposed in Pakistan Cyber Attack

Molly Sassmann | November 26th

Google, Apple, Ebay and Yahoo were among almost 300 sites affected by a hack attack in Pakistan. The attack was focused on highly critical vulnerabilities at PKNIC.  SiliconANGLE Contributing Editor John Casaretto compared PKNIC to...»

Software-Led Infrastructure Brings Revolution in IT Infrastructure

Bert Latamore | November 26th

With the evolving software-led infrastructure (SLI), IT is on the verge of a revolution as great as that driven by the Internet in the last two decades, writes Wikibon CTO David Floyer in his latest...»

The Future Of Gaming: From GamePad to PS Vita

Mellisa Tolentino | November 26th

Nintendo finally launched Wii U, their next generation gaming console, that features the GamePad.  The GamePad is what sets the Wii U apart from other gaming consoles since it can act as a secondary gaming screen...»

Court Documents Reveal Operation Payback Cost PayPal Almost £3.5m

Isha Suri | November 26th

Four Anonymous hackers recently took down the websites of PayPal and Ministry of Sound with a huge volume of messages and requests, otherwise known as a DDoS attack. The entire act was carried out under the name...»