Symform Looking to Raise $11M for Two-Way Cloud

Maria Deutscher | April 25th

Cloud storage is far from being new.  Not in the consumer space where Dropbox and a few others rule, or in the enterprise.  Every last bit of potential has been extracted from this core concept,...»

Schmidt Says They Only Copied API Names, Not Implementation

Mellisa Tolentino | April 25th

Android Chief Andy Rubin crumbled in court on Monday as Oracle’s lawyer, David Boies hammered him with questions pertaining to Java and copyright infringement.  Rubin’s questioning was cut short as he took the stand...»

Pentaho Brings Data Insight Closer to Decision Makers with v4.5

Maria Deutscher | April 25th

Pentaho, a company that makes big data insight more accessible to the business user, released a new version of its flagship solution. Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5 works as a layer between Hadoop and the...»

Dell Revamps Precision Workstations for the Always-On Data Center

Josette Rigsby | April 25th

It seems Dell has been listening to the market and it customers. The computer maker released four new Precision workstations that have a strong focus on being highly dependable and easy to manage. Dell designed...»

Tim Cook Says No To iPad-Mac Hybrid

Mellisa Tolentino | April 25th

Today’s mobile news roundup features Apple’s stellar financial report, Ericsson’s strong Q1, an ITC ruling win for Motorola Mobility and more. Apple rocks Q2 as Cook hints on settling patent disputes and no to hybrid Apple reported...»

Google Drive Gives Businesses Another Reason not to Invest in IT

Alex Williams | April 24th

A study by Parallels Software found that 45% of small businesses do not have an IT department. Google just gave those companies another good reason why they will continue to do just fine without an...»

VMware Acquires Cetas, Weaponizes Cloud Big Data

Matt Weinberger | April 24th

VMware is getting into the big data game with the purchase of Cetas Software, a Palo Alto, California-based startup that provides a Hadoop-based analytics and business intelligence platform that can be deployed on...»

NetApp Adds Data-Awareness to Storage Software

Maria Deutscher | April 24th

NetApp upgraded its SANtricity software, used to power its E-Series storage systems, with a few new features generously seasoned with big data compatibility.  Channel partners are the main focus of this announcement. The additions to SANtricity...»

Yammer Update Adds Enterprise Apps, Expands Social Network Ecosystem

Saroj Kar | April 24th

Business social network Yammer gained a good deal of attention with its explosive year of growth, a notable $85 million in funding in early March, followed by the acquisition of Scottish startup oneDrum.  Today...»

Dell Reveals New Virtualized Network Offerings

Maria Deutscher | April 24th

Dell is making the most out if its Force10 acquisition, considering the news of several new upcoming offerings that aim to expand the hardware giant’s footprint in this area. First up is the MXL 40GbE switch...»