More Probing From The SEC and EU for MoMo, Groupon

Mellisa Tolentino | April 3rd

You’d probably think that in this day and age, giant tech companies can pretty much do whatever they want, like acquire other companies, or alter their terms of service.  But no, there are regulators who...»

Are You Available? Cloud Uptime a Year After the Great Amazon Web Services Outage

Klint Finley | April 3rd

"Can we take availability off cloud concerns list?" Krishnan Subramanian, principal analyst at the newly formed Rishidot Research, asked at the beginning of last year. Google had just announced a new SLA that removed exemptions...»

Pinterest Executive Shakeup One of Many Recent Growing Pains

Kristina Farrah | April 3rd

It's been confirmed that Pinterest CEO Paul Sciarra is leaving the company and will be replaced by co-founder Ben Silbermann. This move follows Sciarra’s decision to take a 6-week break.

While Sciarra


HVD: Cloud Desktops Come Of Age

Matt Weinberger | April 3rd

It's almost funny. Virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, was supposed to be a panacea for what ails the modern IT department. Properly built, configured and deployed, VDI can boost agility, save energy, and enable a...»

6 Infrastructure Automation Tools at a Glance

Klint Finley | April 3rd

"Infrastructure as code" is one of the primary mantras of the DevOps movement. Virtualization and the elastic provisioning of resources via cloud computing are two important ingredients of a fully programmable infrastructure. Automation tools are the other...»

Will Apple Release the iPhone 5 in June?

Mellisa Tolentino | April 3rd

Today’s mobile roundup features the EU antitrust probe on Motorola Mobility, iPhone 5 in June, more news regarding the Android platform and more. iPhone 5 by June? During an interview in a Japanese TV show, a Foxconn...»

Six Years In the Making: Can Google Drive Compete with Dropbox?

Cherr Aira | April 3rd

Like many other stealth projects from the search giant, Google Drive has summoned a great deal of attention even before its official launch date is announced. It was reported that in a few weeks...»

Earlybird Takes On European VC Scene with $700M Milestone

Maria Deutscher | April 3rd

Earlybird, the venture capital firm with an investment portfolio based in Europe, announced the $100 million first close of its fourth venture fund. That’s about the half way point for their target sum of $200...»

Citrix Gives Cloudstack to the Apache Software Foundation and Turns its Back on OpenStack

Alex Williams | April 3rd

Citrix is turning Cloudstack over to the Apache Software Foundation and aligning closely with Amazon Web Services in a move that will force the very green OpenStack movement to take another look at...»

SecOps: Where Security Meets DevOps

Klint Finley | April 2nd

Today at DevOpsDay Austin Puppet Labs VP Tech Operations, author and recovering security professional James Turnbull gave a presentation on DevOps and Security. I've embedded his slide below, but the key point that he made...»