DDN Jumps on Open Compute Bandwagon with Object Scaler

Maria Deutscher | May 18th

Data-driven storage provider DataDirect Networks revealed its official admission to the Open Compute Project: Web Object Scaler is now certified to run Open Compute server and storage systems. OCJ is an initiative conceived by Facebook to...»

Accenture Unveils New Insurance SaaS

Maria Deutscher | May 18th

Service provider and business software maker Accenture has extended its Life Insurance Platform suite of offerings with a cloud-based interface that covers a lot of ground. The new component unveiled this week supplements the...»

SAS and Capgemini Track Tax Fraud with Analytics

Maria Deutscher | May 18th

Business analytics software maker SAS and Capgemini, an IT consultancy, are working together to offer governments a solution that spots tax-related fraud by crunching data and detecting suspicious patterns. At the same time,...»

Pinterest Joins the List of $1 Billion Dollar Enterprises

Saroj Kar | May 18th

Call it the Facebook effect in the wake of the largest hi-tech IPO offering.  Pinterest is the lastest to enter the exclusive club of companies valued at $1 billion dollars thanks to the recent investment...»

Cloud Apps for a Smarter, Secure Home

Mellisa Tolentino | May 18th

These days, we want everything to be connected, and we want to be able to pull data from wherever we are.  But one of the most important ways connected devices are helping consumers in their...»

Facebook IPO Mania – Intoxicating Yet Elusive – Similar to the Netscape Moment for Silicon Valley; Bubble? No; Future Yes!

John Furrier | May 17th

On the eve of the Facebook IPO which will be the largest in technology IPO history. Living in Palo Alto, California I can't help feel proud and excited about the big day tomorrow. ...»

Chef is Cooking With 715 Contributors in the DevOps Kitchen

Matt Weinberger | May 17th

As I write this, I'm wrapping up my visit to ChefConf 2012, the inaugural user conference for the very popular Chef open source server configuration automation tool, where it was announced that over the...»

Policy Pressure from the White Forces NASA to Cut Back Commitment to OpenStack

Matt Weinberger | May 17th

NASA is cutting its contributions to the OpenStack community due to the White House "cloud first," policy. It seems ironic. OpenStack is all about the cloud. But NASA never intended to become  cloud platform and now that...»

Day Three Recap: SAP Sapphire 2012

Josette Rigsby | May 17th

The Cube’s coverage of SAP’s annual Sapphire Now 2012 in Orlando, FL continued on day three of the conference. This year’s event was another opportunity for SAP to promote its transition from...»

Facebook IPO Sets Sights on $1 Trillion as Zuckerberg Inspires His Engineers

Saroj Kar | May 17th

Facebook's IPO is the biggest thing to hit the stock market this week (this decade, really). The company name has been filling the headlines with speculation regarding their IPO offering, a billion-dollar figure, and the...»