AMD Makes Play For Windows 8 With Z-60 ‘Hondo’ Processor

Mike Wheatley | October 9th

Advanced Micro Devices has taken its time, but finally it’s thrown down the gauntlet in its bid to carve out a piece of the tablet space with its new Hondo processor chip. AMD says that its new...»

Early Investment Preps Intel to Monetize the New Datacenter

Maria Deutscher | October 9th

[caption id="attachment_121905" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo courtesy of Intel[/caption] There's a definite shift in the datacenter, a trend that's forcing companies to rethink architecture and applications across the stack.  For Intel it's been quite a journey, but one the chip...»

Why is the Government In Your Big Data?

Mellisa Tolentino | October 9th

Everyone contributes to Big Data in one form or another.  If you love posting on social media sites, then you contribute to Big Data in social media.  Almost everything we do on a daily basis has something to...»

Windows 8 Phone Gets Ready For Take Off: Pre-Orders To Begin Oct. 21

Mike Wheatley | October 9th

Today’s mobile news roundup: AT&T to start taking pre-orders for Windows 8 phones later this month; Google/Samsung planning co-branded, 10-inch Nexus tablet; Apple begins shipping 5th generation iPod Touch; and one lucky Japanese consumer accidently receives a Nexus...»

Alteryx Adds Cloud Uplink with New Analytics Platform

Maria Deutscher | October 9th

Big data firm Alteryx debuted Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.0, the latest version of its flagship product. The new release introduces Alteryx 8.0, an internal app marketplace that gets the decision makers back in the loop. The new feature...»

Who Knew? Americans Prefer Privacy Over Data Tracking

Saroj Kar | October 9th

The footsteps of a user on the Web are not erased with the digital wind, but are tracked by thousands of programs that draw many conclusions about their gender, age, habits or purchasing power.  These data flows from...»

Thismoment Update Bakes In Dynamic Social Marketing for the Enterprise

Kristen Nicole | October 9th

Dynamic is the word of the day.  If I’d known how many times John Bara, CMO of Thismoment, was going to use the word “dynamic” during our phone conversation earlier this week, I would’ve counted.  Because according to...»

How Will Rackspace Hosting OpenStack Cloud Computing Certification Affect DevOps?

Isha Suri | October 8th

Rackspace Hosting has initiated a new effort to help the cloud community grab some attractive certifications, in the form of OpenStack Fundamentals. This offering is based on teaching materials that hosting company developed internally for a course called...»

3D Printing Innovation May Be Hindered By Patent Trolls

Mellisa Tolentino | October 8th

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just make your own products at home with your computer and then just print them?  I’m talking about the huge role 3D printers would play in making consumers lives easier. 3D printers...»

Big Data’s Moving To India In A Big, Big Way

Mike Wheatley | October 8th

Been shopping in Wal-Mart recently? Then you might find it unsettling to know that you were probably being watched, and not just by the security guards on the lookout for shoplifters. As American companies’ voracious appetite for information on...»