Mobile Malware Hosted on German Server Shows Diversity of Fraud

Kyt Dotson | February 7th

The ecology of mobile malware is beginning to take root and grow into a real wilderness as malicious software authors continue to penetrate the market. Fortunately, we have numerous vendors working to protect people’s phones. Recently, many antivirus...»

Apkudo Launches New Android Analytics, MetroPCS First On Board

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

Apkudo, a company that offers developers solutions to amend the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem and run their apps on multiple devices without the need to rewrite, announced a new offering today. Apkudo Device Analytics...»

DevOps Dossier: PagerDuty

Klint Finley | February 7th

PagerDuty was founded by three operations veterans to solve what at first seems like a simple problem: sending server alerts to the responsible person. PagerDuty's "secret sauce" is that it not only aggregates notifications from...»

SAP Continues HANA Migration to SMB Application

Jeffrey Kelly | February 7th

SAP Business One customers – mostly small and medium-sized businesses – will soon have access to new real-time analytic capabilities via HANA, SAP’s in-memory analytic engine. The German company announced that it plans to release a “special product version”...»

Norton’s Latest Android Security App Launches Amidst Market Breach

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

During the holidays, the most popular gifts given or received were mobile devices and according to Google’s Andy Rubin, there were 3.7 million Android devices activated between December 24 and 25. But here’s the troubling...»

Those Free-to-Play Games Earn $60 per User Every Month

Kristina Farrah | February 7th

Gaming has undergone quite a revolution in recent years, garnering new methods of social and mobile access, and perhaps more importantly, new methods of monetization. Free-to-play gaming has been particularly influential in the


EMC’s Project Lightning Provokes Fusion-io Reaction

Maria Deutscher | February 7th

There have been a number of different speculations about Project Lightning ever since EMC’s most senior executives hinted towards an upcoming offering at last year’s EMC World. Wikibon’s Dave Vellante dug into the history...»

Leaked White Nokia Lumia 900, Instagram on Android?

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

It seems like Nokia inadvertently posted a photo of a white Lumia 900 on their Facebook page.  Though the description on the photo states that it’s the white Lumia 800, Nokia fans were...»

Anonymous Leaked Symantec Source Codes, Crippled Law Firm

Mellisa Tolentino | February 7th

Sorry everybody for being silent that much. You won't believe it but Symantec offered us money to keep quiet. @YamaTough

After weeks of silence, that’s the tweet that came from YamaTough, member of the hacktivist


VMware’s New “Cloud” Integrator: No More Wrangling Manuals….Really?

Alex Williams | February 7th

More often these days  I hear about the added complexity that hosting providers face when considering adopting an infrastructure of the "cloud variety." They all pretty much require a level of sophistication. Thus, it's no surprise...»