Fresh from InterOp 2012: Google SPDY, Huawei Launch

Maria Deutscher | May 7th

Inter Op 2012 has barely started but already new products and announcements are being released at the Las Vegas gathering. A few managed to beat the flood, sending out their releases ahead of everyone...»

RIM Fesses Up to Boring Anti-Apple Camapaign

Mellisa Tolentino | May 7th

News regarding the Wake Up campaign involving a flash mob protest in front of Apple Store in Australia, a teaser page with a timer, posters, billboards, the words “Wake Up” at the bottom of Bondi...»

Will Motorola Win a $4 Billion Annual Stake in Microsoft?

Maria Deutscher | May 7th

Google is facing a fair share of legal trouble, a big portion coming from the Oracle case that’s been heating up recently. Microsoft in turn is being pursued by Motorola over alleged patent infringement, the...»

Training Software for the Increasingly Complex World of IT

Alex Williams | May 7th

In a recent MarketScape report, IDC reported that 80 percent of IT managers believe effective training is critical to the success of a project. At the same time, nearly a third of IT budgets are set aside...»

Angry Birds Still Rules As Draw Something Fades Into the Background

Mellisa Tolentino | May 7th

A recent study done by Lightspeed Research concluded that smartphone users are more likely to use their device for fun then tablet users, citing that 73% of smartphone users access social sites via mobile...»

Scalify Raises $2 Million for Peer-to-Peer Cloud-Gaming Networking

Kyt Dotson | May 7th

Melbourne-based gaming start-up Scalify is looking to amplify their efforts to bring peer-to-peer networking to the gaming community after an infusion of $2 million in investment from Starfish Ventures. According to an article in VentureBeat, the start-up...»

Malware on Android for the First Time Poses Threat to Corporate Networks

Saroj Kar | May 7th

Trojans and malware on Android are a constantly recurring theme. While some argue that there is no real threat at all, others feel that preventive measures are needed to safeguard their mobile devices. Now, for the first time, a...»

Dell Announces A Linux Laptop Designed for Developers

Klint Finley | May 7th

A few years ago Dell began offering the Ubuntu distribution of Linux on its desktops and laptaps, but quietly dropped the option from its online store in 2010 (though it's still possible to order certain machines...»

Video Game Uses the Crowd-Sourced Gaming to Help Doctors Diagnose Malaria

Kyt Dotson | May 7th

Researchers at the University of California are seeking to make gamers the next line of defense in the fight against malaria via a free Internet-based pattern recognition game that has players play “pick the infected blood cell....»

Oracle vs Google is Much Bigger than Android APIs

Maria Deutscher | May 7th

Oracle, which acquired Sun in 2010, is waging patent warfare against Google. The claim is that Android illegally makes (and now apparently no longer does) use of several Java patents, and because of that...»