Dell Taking Low Profits “In Stride”

Josette Rigsby | May 27th

The last few months have been quite the roller coaster ride for Dell. The company’s stock prices have fallen 17 percent to $12.49 - the largest one day decline the company has seen...»

Cisco on the Next-Gen Datacenter

John Casaretto | May 25th

Cisco’s Dominic Delfino is the Senior Director for the company’s datacenter portfolio and he sat in on #theCube at EMCWorld 2012 with Stuart Miniman for a discussion that covered the evolving datacenter, EMC, and Cisco’s role in the...»

How To Train Your Data Scientist

Matt Weinberger | May 25th

Yes, maybe there's a significant skills gap in the big data and analytics market. And with enterprises everywhere looking to reap the benefits of actionable large-scale business intelligence, we can't wait forever for formalized education to bring...»

EMC’s Chuck Hollis on IT Transformation

John Casaretto | May 25th

Chuck Hollis, EMC Vice President and Global Marketing CTO sat in on theCube this week at EMCWorld 2012, where he shared some of the latest coming from EMC with Dave Vellante.  Hollis is always a great source for...»

Microsoft Windows Azure Is So Popular, It’s Turning Customers Away

Matt Weinberger | May 25th

Capacity planning is a huge headache for the IT professional, no matter the scale: Too much capacity, and you're wasting money and resources, but too little and you're risking a shortage.  Prospective Microsoft Windows Azure...»

Amazon Web Services Launches Export Service for VMs but Getting Application Data Out Remains Elusive

Alex Williams | May 25th

Amazon Web Services has announced a service that allows customers to export previously imported EC2 instances back to on-premise environments. That's a shift that will send ripples throughout the market and bolsters the argument for...»

SuccessFactors Transitioning to HANA by Q3

Maria Deutscher | May 25th

SAP’s HANA in-memory big data appliance has come a long way in the past twelve months, and HR subsidiary SuccessFactors evidently had enough confidence in the platform to migrate its Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning...»

PayPal Changes the Game, but Isn’t the Only Player

Harmony Tapper | May 25th

When PayPal debuted in cyberspace in 1998 it was a novel move towards a globally connected e-commerce society by allowing business and users to make and send payments directly through the internet.  PayPal radically...»

EMC Far Ahead in Understanding Public, Private Cloud Services

Bert Latamore | May 25th

When Colt Technology Services, a UK-based worldwide cloud service provider and on-premise systems supplier, talked to its EMC rep about what it really needed from its hardware provider, Colt was “fully expecting them [EMC]...»

Sony Patent Reveals Weird Gameplay Rewind Advertisement Scheme

Kyt Dotson | May 25th

The folks over at discovered an odd Sony patent filed last July that would enable an advertiser to display an advertisement while a video game is playing (allowing it to continue running in the background) and...»