The Value of Node.js and DevOps [Video]

Maria Deutscher | January 26th

Theo Schlossangle, the founder of service provider OmniIT and the CEO of Circonus, the maker of an app monitoring SaaS, attended this week’s Node Summit and gave his take on the value that can be...»

Embracing Change to Become the IT Champion

Brian Curry | January 26th

"No one ever got fired for buying IBM," was the adage of enterprise IT decision-makers in the 1990s. Banking on the IT giant was the safest bet you could make, and if a new IT...»

Nintendo Announces a Darker Financial Forecast as Wii-U Appears on the Horizon

Kyt Dotson | January 26th

Japanese gaming behemoth Nintendo has reported a gigantic financial loss of 48.4 billion yen for the last three quarters of 2011 making this their first annual loss in 30 years. PCMag has furnished an article about Nintendo’s...»

Intel Shopping Spree Continues with Digital Patent Buys

Isha Suri | January 26th

Intel has signed an agreement with RealNetworks to buy a significant number of its patents and its next generation video codec software. RealNetworks is the creator of innovative applications and services that make it easy...»

Unhappy iPhone Owners, HP’s Next Step with webOS and Android Tablets Play Catchup

Mellisa Tolentino | January 26th

Apple As rumors of the iPhone 5 launching by summer proliferate across the internet, reports of unhappy iPhone owners surfaced the web. According to a report from Reuters, Apple is not strict in accepting damaged products...»

Enter the Penguin – Linux Coming to Windows Azure

Alex Williams | January 26th

Microsoft's transformation to a cross-platform services provider tells a story about a company that realizes abundance, not scarcity, is driving the market. During Microsft's dynasty days, its Windows operating system dominated the software landscape. It could squelch competition by...»

Joseph Jaffe Launches Evol8tion, Matching Startups with Blue Chips

Kristina Farrah | January 26th

Seeking to change the way brands work with the help of startups via early stage participation and ventures, Joseph Jaffe launched Evol8tion (startupsforbrands). It's a new agency that will match early stage


Rhapsody Buys Napster Service, Enters European Market

Saroj Kar | January 26th

The streaming pioneer Rhapsody has bought Napster International for its campaign to extend its music service subscriptions beyond the US market. Rhapsody, which had already bought Napster's U.S. division last year, will take...»

New Backup Solution from Coraid and Veeam

Maria Deutscher | January 26th

Coraid formed a technology alliance with Veeam to run the latter’s backup software on its EthernetDrive SAN storage. “Server virtualization drives dramatic changes in storage requirements, forcing companies to think carefully about their architecture and...»