Sony Cuts 2,000 Jobs with Camera Factory Shutdown

Mellisa Tolentino | October 19th

In today’s mobile news roundup: Sony shuts down Japanese smaera plant; Google reveals new Samsung Chromebook; BlackBerry dropped by consulting firm; and New Android Trojan found on Google Play. Sony shuts down Japanese camera plant Sony Corporation announced today...»

Who Will Wow Us Most? Apple, Google & Microsoft Gear Up for October Reveals

Mellisa Tolentino | October 19th

The end of October is an incredibly busy month for the tech sector, with rival platforms including Apple, Google and Microsoft launching competing services to boost their respective ecosystems. For months we've known that Microsoft will be officially...»

Yahoo Pulls Out Of Korea, Conditions “Too Difficult”

Mike Wheatley | October 19th

Yahoo has just announced that it plans to dump the Korean search market, as part of new CEO Marissa Mayer’s ongoing efforts to realign the firm’s global business and streamline its operations. Mayer was hired back in...»

How the Xbox, Surface Tablet Fit Into Microsoft’s Windows 8 Strategy

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

Microsoft's known for its enterprise software, but with the cloud impacting the way we do business and pleasure, the Redmond company is shifting strategies around the consumer.  The upcoming Windows 8 platform will appeal to your employee and...»

LinkedIn Update More than Just a Pretty Face

Maria Deutscher | October 18th

Social media remains an important aspect of our personal and business lives, bridging the enterprise and consumer market with broadening expectations.  And as companies like LinkedIn and Facebook continue seeking ways to make a profitable business of social...»

Color Failed Because of Bad Press

Mellisa Tolentino | October 18th

Color Labs, the photo-sharing app founded by serial entrepreneur Bill Nguyen, is in a rocky place at the moment.  Since last year’s $41 million series A funding, we haven't heard much about the mobile app, but rampant...»

Why is Verizon Capturing All Customer Data and Recording Usage?

Isha Suri | October 18th

Verizon Wireless is proudly saying that it knows everything (read again, everything!) about its customers, their habits, gender, age, interests, and most demographic details. It’s because the telecom company is monitoring the app and data usage, and...»

New Switches, Servers Driving Evolution to 10 Gb E

Bert Latamore | October 18th

While the excitement, and most of the press, in data center and in particular networking technology is focused on virtualization and the emerging Software-Led Infrastructure, hardware still matters, writes Wikibon Networking Analyst Stuart Miniman in...»

Telerik Launches New Win8 UI Controls & VS 2012 Productivity Tools for XAML & HTML Developers

Isha Suri | October 18th

Telerik has been in news lately for providing lots of updates and tools, and the latest one includes its Q3 2012 collection of development tools targeted to developers focused on building Win8 apps, Visual Studio 2012 and data...»

ReVuln Discovers Vulnerability in Steam That Opens Gamers to Remote Exploits

Saroj Kar | October 18th

The Steam gaming platform offers thousands of free and paid PC games to download. These include well-known titles such as Counter Strike, Half-Life or Fallout New Vegas. Many gamers use the Steam cloud service to comfortably and...»