A Metro Move for LinkedIn with Windows Phone Debut

Saroj Kar | May 16th

As the market share for Windows Phone still lags far behind iOS and Android, promotional campaigns implemented by Microsoft and Nokia seem to pay off in their own way.  The Windows Phone Marketplace is home...»

Changes in the East Coast VC Scene – Atlas Ventures Adopting Andreessen Horowitz Playbook With Chris Lynch Hire

John Furrier | May 16th

Venture Capital has been under massive change over the past 5 years.  We've seen the emergence of new "products" from angel, super angel, to new institutional firms like Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen Horowitz business model is the...»

VMware Unveils vFabric Suite 5.1 With New Add Ons

Maria Deutscher | May 16th

Virtualization solutions maker VMware announced the latest version of the vFabric Suite, a platform that’s meant to support Spring Java applications running on cloud infrastructure powered by the company’s power. vFabric 5.1 features several new...»

HOW TO: Export Your Instagram, Glancee and Lightbox Data

Mellisa Tolentino | May 16th

Facebook acquired quite a few companies these past weeks, and most of them were social content sharing  services that let you store huge amounts of data.  Not every acquisition means the end of their service,...»

NetSuite Introduces SuiteCommerce, Launches Commerce-as-a-Service

Matt Weinberger | May 15th

While theCube has been at SAP SAPphire 2012 this week, its competition at NetSuite used its own SuiteWorld event here in San Francisco to launch a new commerce-as-a-service (CaaS) product built on the brand new SuiteCommerce...»

PostgreSQL 9.2 Beta Adds JSON Support

Matt Weinberger | May 15th

The beta release of PostgreSQL 9.2, available to developers for testing as of yesterday, broadens its data type support to include the highly popular JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) open standard, according to a news item from...»

For SAP, It’s Now a Big Data World

Jeffrey Kelly | May 15th

In his keynote at SAPPHIRE this morning, SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe made three predictions. Two of them – that within five years we will live in a completely mobile, cloud-based world – were of the relatively safe...»

Hewlett-Packard Unveiles New Servers, Gets More Cloud Attention

Maria Deutscher | May 15th

Taking a small break from all the buzz surrounding HP Cloud Services, Hewlett-Packard reaffirmed the plus side of being a large vendor with strong relations.  Just 24 hours after Intel’s new server chipsets were...»

More from SAPphire 2012: HANA, New Services and Cloud Strategy

Maria Deutscher | May 15th

It’s Day 2 of SAPphire NOW 2012, and the steady flow of updates streaming out of the event still persists.  HANA hasn’t disappointed yet, and is in the center of the three day conference as...»

More Facebook Talent Buys in Mobile. What’s the End Goal?

Mellisa Tolentino | May 15th

Facebook acquires another mobile-centric photo sharing service, which begs the question, “What is Facebook really up to?” What’s Facebook’s plan? Facebook is getting aggressive with their acquisitions in recent weeks.  Aside from Lightbox, they also took...»