UPDATED 10:30 EDT / FEBRUARY 02 2010

Does Apple have Another iPad Waiting in The Wings?

imageOk, Techcrunch is known for breaking tech news first and MG Siegler is known for the new kid on Techcrunch’s block with spunk, but iPad part II, really? Would Apple tease us with an entry level iPad for the Mainstream and then hit us at WWDC with a bigger MAC OS version?

I truly hope so because as much as some bloggers try to fit the word "Amazing" around the new iPad, it’s not. It’s under powered and too simple to use in any real business fashion, seriously. It’s a relevant question though because today I was cornered by two users asking if my "powers that be" will consider giving them tablets to work with instead of laptops. Let’s entertain that thought.

If the Mac Tablet is to be a reality in the business world, it will have to multi-task first and foremost. Most companies today use a mix of native and web based programs so to not have them all open at the same time to cross reference each other would be a deal-breaker. I visited one day trader to find four lcd screens full of moving graphs and data flowing back and forth, can the new ipad handle that? No… Can the rumored iPad part II do that? Hopefully.

How about power? 1ghz of speed is cool for surfing and using the web based version of Photoshop.com, but can you really "work" with that? Not really, If you think Indesign choked before try using it on an old Macbook. This shows that Apple has to put a beast of a CPU in their next iteration if they want to be sleek and attack the business marketshare at the same time.

Two answer the first question: yes I do believe their is another bigger, stronger Apple Tablet waiting in the wings. Can we afford when it comes out? That’s another question for later (June 2010).

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