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Google OnHub adds support for IFTTT: Recipes to automate your life, where to buy

Google introduced its OnHub smart wireless router — a router that delivers fast Wi-Fi, easy setup, and software that regularly updates itself — in August last year . In addition, OnHub provides support for over 100 devices at one time, including lights, thermostats, speakers, etc. In the months that followed, OnHub was updated with Guest Wi-Fi, automatic band steering, and the On.Here interface.

Now OnHub becomes the first router to support IFTTT, allowing you to set up triggers when certain devices connect to the OnHub network. With support for automated Recipes from IFTTT, OnHub owners will be able to connect to the 300-plus programs and apps supported by IFTTT.

From receiving automated notifications when loved ones connect to the OnHub network to switching on lights or the thermostat when you arrive home, there is a wide range of IFTTT Recipes that can help you automate your life.

We look at a small selection of these Recipes, how you can start adding them to your OnHub and where you can buy an OnHub if the new IFTTT feature has sparked your interest.

Here are just 10 of the IFTTT Recipes that you can add to your OnHub.


a (specified) device joins the OnHub network send a Gmail message.(when your kids get home from school and connect to the network, you will be alerted that they are home)
a device [connects to] [disconnects from] the network turn [on] [off] your Philips Hue lights.
a Chromebook connects to the network turn on WeMo Switch.
a device connects to the network set Nest thermostat temperature.
at a select time every day prioritize a certain device.
a device connects to the network play Stone Cold Steve Austin entrance music.
new sound or motion prioritize Nest Cam.
BMW arriving soon prioritize a certain device.
a device connects to the network set the temperature of the GE water heater.
your favorite team’s game starts on ESPN prioritize a certain device.

How to create IFTTT Recipes

To get started creating Recipes, register and log in at IFTTT > connect to the OnHub channel > start adding your Recipes.

Recipes are split between Triggers and Actions. For Triggers, the Trigger will fire every time a device connects, or disconnects, to OnHub. For Actions, the Action will prioritize a device for one hour on the OnHub network.

Check out the various OnHub and IFTTT Recipes in action in the video below.

Where to buy an OnHub

If the introduction of IFTTT has inspired you to give the OnHub a try, you can buy it from a variety of stores, including TP-Link Store, Best Buy, Frys.com, Micro Center, Newegg and Walmart for $199.99. While Amazon has the OnHub on sale for $182.50.

Image credit: Google

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