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10 ‘hidden’ iOS 10 features Apple didn’t reveal at WWDC

It has been a week since Apple hosted its Worldwide Developer’s Conference and revealed the latest features for iOS 10 that will be coming our way in September. While Apple unveiled new features for Message, Maps, Photos, a Siri SDK, revamped Apple Music and more, it is normally the ‘hidden’ features that get users the most excited.

These features are normally revealed the days and weeks after the launch once the developers have downloaded the iOS 10 beta 1 and had some time to explore the new operating system.

Note: Even though some of these features have been discovered in the beta version of iOS 10 there is no guarantee that they will make it into the final release due out in September.

Here’s a look at 10 of these hidden features in iOS 10.

Never forget where you parked

It will now be easier to locate your parked car when using iOS 10 Maps. When using Maps to navigate to a location, it will drop a pin where you park your car and send you a notification. When you are leaving the shopping center, office parking etc. Maps will have your car’s location marked as a recommended destination.

‘Delete’ default apps

While the default app isn’t actually deleted from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch it is possible to remove the icon from the Home screen as well as the user data, default links, etc. It isn’t possible to remove all of Apple’s default apps, but it is possible to remove the majority of them, including Calendar, Calculator, Stocks, Maps, iTunes Store, and more. For more information about removing default apps, read our iOS 10 tip about ‘deleting’ default apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Optimize your storage

In order to avoid old music files that you haven’t listened to for ages taking up space on your device, it is now possible to automatically free up space with the new Optimize Storage setting.

Go to Settings > Music > toggle Optimize Storage to On. You will be able to set up a storage limit for your music (between 1 GB – 8 GB) and iOS 10 will delete old music in order to keep you under this limit.

Receive alerts for unsecured networks

When you connect to a new Wi-Fi network in iOS 10 you will receive alerts if the network is open, unsecured, or is using older protocols.

Send read receipts on an individual basis

In iOS 10, you can choose who in Messages you send read receipts to. Simply tap the ‘i’ icon in the top right of the conversation > toggle Send Read Receipts to On.

Improve your sleep routine

If you are having trouble getting into a good sleep routine, then the new Wake Alarm setting may be able to help. You will set how many hours of sleep you want to get and not only will it wake you up in the morning but it will also alert you when it is time to go to sleep.

Easily unsubscribe from mailing lists

If you use Apple Mail in iOS 10 you will now be able to easily unsubscribe from newsletters with the dedicated unsubscribe button. Like other email apps, you can simply open the relevant newsletter that you no longer want to receive and tap the unsubscribe button, no need to tap on links or create specific filters.

The ‘Slide to Unlock’ prompt is no more

A feature that has been around since the beginning is no more. In iOS 10 when you want to unlock your iPhone or iPad you will press the Home button, which will then allow you to enter your passcode. If you have Touch ID setup then pressing the Home button will unlock your iPhone automatically with your fingerprint.

Adjust the light intensity of your flashlight

Using 3D Touch, a hard press on the flashlight icon in Control Center will bring up three light intensity options: Low, Medium, and High. You can then choose the light intensity for your flashlight to better suit your surroundings.

Use your camera and listen to music simultaneously

If you have ever tried to open the camera app while listening to music in previous versions of iOS you will know that the task automatically paused your music. In iOS 10 it will now be possible to take a still photo while continuing to listen to your favorite song.

If you decided to download the iOS 10 beta 1, but are now unhappy with the instability and drain on your battery it is possible to downgrade to iOS 9.3.2 by following our simple guide.

Source: Life Hacker

Image credit: Alexas_Fotos; Flickr

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