UPDATED 09:00 EDT / FEBRUARY 20 2018


Datical database automation enhancements speed application assembly

Datical Inc. today is rolling out version 5 of its platform for automating database releases to keep them in synch with applications.

The new release improves collaboration in DevOps environments, in which software developers team directly with information technology operations staff, by enabling developers to manage and rework database code changes continuously in the same way that they would application code changes but without manual tinkering. Datical 5 security has also been improved with better protection of database credentials in order to safeguard and improve auditing capability for internal and regulatory reporting.

Datical manages application database changes alongside application code and keeps everything – including code, people and processes – in sync as new releases move from development to production. That has traditionally been a manual process, a fact that can create bottlenecks in highly automated DevOps shops.

The new release improves collaboration between development and operations teams through a collection of real-time views and dashboards that illustrate the status and velocity of database deployments. Developers and database professionals can track changes to the database across the release pipeline, simulate the impact of changes before deployment and enforce rules to ensure audit and compliance requirements are met, the company said.

Developers can now check in an updated version of any database code that needs rework. That’s in contrast to the more common method of requiring database administrators to undo previous changes in order to introduce new ones. Datical automatically backs out unwanted database changes and intelligently applies updates.

A new centralized credential store enables organizations to adopt a standardized approach to managing database credentials, with Datical providing appropriate access to the centralized management interface. The company said this makes it easy to organize users and enforce privileges for viewing deployment status or making database changes.

Availability is planned in the second quarter. The Datical platform is licensed on a logical partition basis. Pricing wasn’t disclosed.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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