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Software-defined networking project OpenContrail rebrands as ‘Tungsten Fabric’

Juniper Networks Inc.’s open-source OpenContrail project to create a software-defined network is being rebranded. The project, housed by the Linux Foundation, has been renamed as “Tungsten Fabric” in an effort to encourage more outside developers to contribute.

Tungsten Fabric is designed to be a scalable, multicloud platform that provides a single point of control, observability and analytics for networking and security. The project is already a fairly mature one, with integration with several popular cloud technologies including Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, OpenStack and VMware.

Tungsten Fabric also boasts a vRouter, which is a high-performance virtualized router that can connect to applications running in software containers and virtualized environments and on bare-metal servers.

“We’re pleased to create Tungsten Fabric with a neutral governance under The Linux Foundation,” said Arpit Joshipura, the foundation’s general manager of networking. “The set-up allows Tungsten Fabric to collaborate with other Linux Foundation and Networking projects.”

Tungsten Fabric bears a lot of similarities with a second Linux Foundation-hosted networking project called OpenDaylight. Juniper pulled out of that project to focus on building the original OpenContrail in 2015, but Randy Bias, its vice president of technology and strategy, said he believes there’s room for both projects to prosper.

“We see customers deploying both OpenDaylight and Tungsten,” Bias said at the Open Networking Summit in Los Angeles this week. “People want choices for the right program in the right place and we want to give them that choice.”

Tungsten Fabric has already been deployed by wireless network operator AT&T Inc., among other companies. “We expect this move to foster greater innovation, and we support Tungsten Fabric’s commitment to open networking,” said Chris Rice, AT&T’s senior vice president of Domain 2.0 Architecture & Design.

Juniper will continue to sell a commercial version of the Tungsten Fabric platform called Juniper Contrail.

Image: Linux Foundation

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