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With new platform, JFrog pitches end-to-end DevOps tooling

JFrog Ltd., a heavily funded startup responsible for a stable of widely used development tools, today launched an offering called JFrog Platform that it touts as an end-to-end toolkit for managing enterprise software projects.

JFrog is best known as the creator of Artifactory, an open-source binary repository manager. It serves a similar role as GitHub but in a different part of the development lifecycle. Whereas GitHub is used to store raw source code, Artifactory stores the binary files that are created when engineers compile their code into a functioning  program.

The open-source version of the tool is used by millions of developers worldwide. Over the years, JFrog has built out an ecosystem of complementary products around Artifactory that the newly launched JFrog Platform brings together in one integrated solution.

The platform pairs the binary repository manager with JFrog Pipelines, a continuous integration and continuous delivery or CI/CD product born from the company’s acquisition of startup Shippable Inc. last year. Using JFrog Pipelines, software teams can create automated software workflows that turn their raw code into binaries and then deploy those binaries to production. Also included in the platform is JFrog Distribution, a third tool that can be used to customize the manner in which binary files from an Artifactory repository are deployed to production.

Cybersecurity features are provided by JFrog Xray. It’s an automated scanner that analyzes a software projects for vulnerabilities and, when it finds one, either notifies administrators or blocks the vulnerable component from being deployed depending on the severity of the issue.

The JFrog Platform puts all these products behind a centralized interface that, according to the company, enables administrators to manage the development environment and set access rules in one place. There’s also a unified metadata model that enables the individual tools to stay coordinated with one another.

“Developers told us they required a more unified and centralized solution for next-generation DevOps automation,” Dror Bereznitsky, JFrog’s chief product officer, said in a statement.

By making it easier to manage JFrog Pipelines and the other products it has built around Artifactory, the company will increase their appeal to enterprises that need to take management overhead into account when weighing to deploy a new solution. Plus, the fact that all the tools are provided as part of a single solution simplifies procurement compared to buying them individually.

The JFrog Platform has a large addressable market: More than 6,000 companies already use JFrog’s products, including Amazon.com Inc., Facebook Inc., Netflix Inc. and Google LLC.

Photo: JFrog

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