Hysolate delivers centrally managed secure endpoint VMs as a service

Hysolate Ltd., a Tel Aviv-based provider of isolated virtual workspaces, today announced a version of its product delivered as a service.

The Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service is intended for companies that need to control employee workstation security closely in remote work environments by providing operating system-isolated endpoints that can be managed centrally from the cloud.

Hysolate addresses some of the shortcomings of remote work technologies such as virtual private networks and desktop-as-a-service. VPNs don’t prevent infected devices from connecting to the corporate network, making them a potential entry point for malware.

During the pandemic, many organizations have found that installing endpoint security on home devices has been difficult or impossible. Home personal computers are also often used by multiple people and for multiple purposes, creating a risk that sensitive data stored there could be inadvertently shared or that malware attacks could spread to the business from the field.

The company is betting that these vulnerabilities are here to stay. It cited a recent survey it underwrote that found that 60% of enterprise chief information security officers said they had to restrict employees from browsing some websites needed to do their jobs, including those that host email accounts. The survey also found that 70% of CISOs restrict remote employees from installing applications and 80% are reluctant to provide administrative rights on their corporate devices.

Hysolate’s technology creates centrally managed virtual machines on endpoint devices that include networking, clipboard and policy-level management of such functions as access control and application management. Employees have full access to applications and websites without posing a security risk because everything is contained within the managed VM.

The service is a lightweight product that can be quickly provisioned on existing machines. Developers, security researchers and IT administrators can be gain privileged access in a safe environment. There is no need to purchase additional operating system licenses and endpoint instances can be pre-configured with a set of centrally managed applications, networking policies and security features. Hysolate said the service can be deployed at large scale in minutes.

Development of the service was fueled by $10 million in new funding led by Planven Investments SA, with participation from existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners LP, Innovation Endeavors LLC and Team8 Labs Ltd. The company has raised a total of $33 million.

Pricing wasn’t specified.

Photo: Unsplash

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