UPDATED 11:49 EST / JANUARY 14 2021

A series of Logitech devices featuring the Rally Bars and other cameras, black, sleek, rounded, with lenses and speakers covered with fabric and plastic. APPS

Logitech launches new Rally Bar videoconferencing hardware solution

Computer peripheral manufacturer Logitech International S.A. today announced the next generation of enterprise videoconferencing solutions with the new Logitech Rally Bar and Logitech Rally Bar Mini for small rooms.

For large rooms, Logitech has released Logitech RoomMate, a computing appliance that allows customers to run video conferencing services on Logitech conference cams such as Rally Plus without the need for personal computer.

With these new products, clients can do away with complex setups and management and have a solution that is ready out of the box with minimal setup. “From ease of use and manageability, to bringing scale to businesses, we want to make products bigger and better, while reducing complexity,” said Scott Wharton, general manager and vice president of Logitech Video Collaboration.

Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini technical features include 4K optics with motorized pan and tilt, allowing both camera platforms to scan the entire room with up to five-times optical zoom, which can be enhanced up to 15-times with digital zoom.

Using advanced audio engineering software, both video bars also feature ultralow distortion speakers to propagate room-filling sound to every corner of the room. They also use beam-forming microphone arrays designed to pick up voices as clearly as possible with maximum clarity for large rooms with the capability of focusing on the speaker.

The wall mount also includes an anti-vibration suspension that minimizes speaker vibrations that can travel through walls, stands and tables to maintain audio clarity.

Both video bars will also benefit from Logitech RightSense technology, an artificial intelligence viewfinder solution that uses a second camera dedicated to computer vision. The camera detects human figures and processes where they are in real time, thus enhancing the precision of the pan and shift of camera movement control so participants are always in view and in focus even if they’re moving about the room.

Logitech Rally Bar will be shipping at the end of the first quarter of 2021 and will come with built-in support for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Zoom Rooms appliances, with Zoom available immediately. Rally Bar Mini and RoomMate availability will follow.

Pricing for Rally Bar starts at $3,999, Rally Bar Mini starts at $2,999, and Logitech RoomMate starts at $999.

Image: Logitech

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