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Dynatrace fortifies security and automation for cloud-native development

Application performance management company Dynatrace Inc. is already enhancing the Application Security Module it released only in December.

Improvements announced today include extending Dynatrace’s machine learning-based risk assessment for applications running on Node.js, which is a popular runtime environment for programs written in JavaScript. Dynatrace is also extending automatic software vulnerability detection in environments managed by the Kubernetes container orchestrator from workloads to the platform itself, making for faster remediation of vulnerabilities.

The Application Security Module provides real-time, continuous runtime application self-protection capabilities for cloud-native applications both in production and pre-production, the company said. Security and compliance concerns were the two biggest factors inhibiting organizations from embracing cloud-native elements such as containers, Kubernetes and serverless computing, according to a recent 451 Research Inc. survey.

DevSecOps is a type of agile development that places significant security responsibility in the hands of developers with the goal of baking security into code from the start. Dynatrace’s Application Security Module provides real-time, continuous runtime application self-protection capabilities for cloud-native applications in production and pre-production, the company said.

Dynatrace also announced the addition of a Cloud Automation Module to its core Software Intelligence Platform. This module can be used to orchestrate the application development lifecycle process, including automating code tests and quality checks against an organization’s service level objectives, the company said. Orchestration is powered by Keptn, an open-source project curated by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

The Cloud Automation Module leverages artificial intelligence principles and automation to provide automated quality checking of pre-production applications against Service Level Objective-based quality metrics and closed-loop remediation of releases that fail in production, including roll-back capabilities and automatic release inventory. A version comparison feature enables developers to continuously evaluate the performance of individual release versions and automatically restore the most stable version if problems are found.

Both modules will be available within 90 days. Pricing is published on the company’s website.

Image: Pixabay

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