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Security-as-a-service startup ContraForce launches into general availability with $2M in funding

Security-as-a-service startup ContraForce revealed today that it has raised $2 million in seed funding from DataTribe and has launched into general availability.

Founded in 2020 by industry security and cloud experts from Armor Defense Inc., McAfee Corp. and Intel Corp., ContraForce offers no-code security automation that focuses on securing small and medium-sized enterprises that lack resources and expertise to defend themselves. The company says its offering helps security and information technology teams at SMEs to work smarter, allowing them to implement automated operations that effectively combat cyberattacks. 

With a mission to empower IT and security teams and enable them to be more efficient, ContraForce also delivers security compliance with its service. Security compliance is a critical feature in an age where customers, regulators and insurance companies are putting increasing pressure on smaller businesses not only to be secure but also to prove it.

The company argues that it’s no longer acceptable for smaller organizations to be a step behind in their security and compliance. Hackers are increasingly targeting smaller businesses with ransomware or as an entry point into a supply chain.

Because small businesses typically have limited resources to cope with a cyberattack, those attacks can represent an existential risk. ContraForce allows small and mid-sized businesses to manage this risk with what it says is an easy-to-use, self-service platform to automate threat detection, response and compliance.

Under the hood, ContraForce’s security and compliance solutions map security vulnerabilities to the industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK framework. The platform creates and adapts security detection and response capabilities in real-time, ensuring the environment is secured in hours across the cloud, network, endpoint and users. An organization without dedicated security personnel can respond to threats without learning or writing complex security detection code and response workflows.

“By providing a sort of security and compliance ‘easy button’, ContraForce is filling a really significant gap,” John Funge, managing director at DataTribe, said in a statement. “Just because an organization is small does not mean that it does not possess vital data, IP or access to strategic networks.”

ContraForce launched at the Y Combinator Summer 2021 Demo Day in August. Alongside the launch, the company also raised $125,000 in pre-seed funding from Y Combinator, according to Crunchbase.

Image: ContraForce

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