New CAST AI product addresses gaps in Kubernetes security

Kubernetes operations and cost management startup Cast AI Group Inc. has today introduced Cloud Security Insights, a new security analysis tool designed to address gaps in Kubernetes security without requiring any additional steps on behalf of users.

Cloud Security Insights integrates into CAST AI’s cloud optimization platform to offer a comprehensive suite of tools for automating Kubernetes cost reduction, cloud resource provisioning and security monitoring. The service includes support across Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft Azure.

Features of the new service include Kubernetes configuration checks to ensure clusters are configured according to best practices for pods and workloads. Users are provided with details on individual checks and resources through CAST AI’s user interface.

On the security side, vulnerability scans offer an overview of potential issues that might appear as container images are downloaded from public registries. Cloud Security Insights also offers round-the-clock visibility into Kubernetes cluster configuration, container image vulnerability detection and security recommendations arranged and presented in order of priority.

For developers, the new service reduces the need to secure containers by making the Kubernetes technology adoption journey secure and errorless. The service offers guidance through best configuration practices, simplifying daily tasks related to security in cluster prioritization and remediation.

Security specialists are provided with a tool that ensures developers are aligned with the latest best practices, minimizing potential security risks. Business executives can also use CAST AI to understand immediately the full scale of security issues, where they exist and how to mitigate them.

“With CAST AI, our customers now have a unified, automated platform to manage their Kubernetes clusters which not only secures their cloud-native workloads, but also reduces their cloud costs and eliminates overprovisioning,” Leon Kuperman, chief technology officer at CAST AI, said in a statement. “Our customers typically see a reduction in their cloud bills by at least 50% after running cluster analysis. With the addition of Security Insights, they receive strategic recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities, with no additional steps or effort required.”

CAST AI Security Insights are available at no cost to anyone running CAST AI’s free cloud cost savings reports. The service is also being rolled out into general availability to paying customers.

CAST AI is a venture capital-backed company that has raised $18 million, according to Crunchbase. Investors include Samsung NEXT, Cota Capital, Tesonet, Florida Funders and DNX Ventures.

Image: CAST AI

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