UPDATED 08:00 EDT / AUGUST 11 2023


Cloud-based workspace collaboration startup Genemod launches new AI solution

Cloud-based workspace collaboration for biopharma startup Genemod Inc. today launched a new artificial intelligence solution designed to turbocharge lab productivity and secure global collaboration.

Genemod AI uses machine learning algorithms to facilitate collaboration in the realms of electronic lab notebooks and inventory management. The new solution includes features to perform tasks such as streamlining documentation, providing secure, traceable backups accessible from any location and to manage large quantities of data effectively.

The company argues that the past couple of years has underscored the importance of remote access to automated workflows and data, something that is claimed to have become a significant workplace expectation and will continue to drive the digital transformation of laboratories. A recent survey by Agilent found that a majority of respondents expressed the desire for quicker results, superior quality, improved data integrity and optimization of current workflows. Genemod AI has been designed in response to these needs.

The company says it’s aiming to transform laboratory expectations into a reality, enabling labs to perform at their full potential. The solution also addresses issues wherein many laboratories have been slow to adapt to digital transformation, often due to a lack of awareness about the tools required to effectively transition into the digital era.

“In this era of evolving science, our understanding of life sciences and biology is deepening,” co-founder Jin Choe said. “This requires more complex experiments, new tools and technologies, and automated data acquisition and analysis processes.”

Choe added that single-cell omics, spatial omics and time-dependent measurements are becoming increasingly prevalent, bringing large and complex datasets that need efficient management. Omics are areas of biological study defined by the investigation of the entire complement of a specific type of biomolecule or the totality of a molecular process within an organism.

Genomod is a venture capital-backed startup, having raised $6.2 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. Investors in the company include Dolby Family Ventures LLC, Futureland Ventures LLC, Defy.vc LP, Vulcan Capital LLC, LDV Partners LLP, Canaan Partners LLC and Omicron Media LLC.

Image: Genemod

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