New Coder 2.0 aims to elevate onboarding and productivity in the cloud era

Remote development platform company Coder Technologies Inc. today announced the general availability of Coder 2.0, an open-source, cloud-native platform that allows developers to write, run and test their code on any device using a cloud development environment.

Coder 2.0 includes the addition of new Dev Container support, a template registry and integration with JFrog Ltd.’s Artifactory and Xray. The new release is designed to shift development from local workstations to cloud-based workspaces, significantly accelerating developer onboarding and productivity for developers and coders.

Code development environments, which have been growing in popularity thanks to the increasing complexity of today’s developer environments, comprise elements of a traditional integrated developer environment, such as code editing, debugging, code review and code collaboration. Where they differ is that CDEs are computationally faster, more streamlined and more secure than local development environments, reducing the need for manual configuration.

Coder 2.0 offers streamlined CDE workflows and improves the experience for developers and platform engineering teams by removing productivity bottlenecks. With Coder, users can enjoy the local development experience with the addition of the security, power and scalability of the cloud.

Features in the release include Envbuider for Dev Containers, an open-source project by Coder based on the Microsoft Corp. Dev Containers specification. Envbuilder is said to enable users to control their development environments without affecting infrastructure or requiring the work of DevOps and Platform teams.

The new template registry in Coder 2.0 serves as a central repository to discover and browse Coder configuration templates. The registry includes launches with hundreds of Coder-certified and community-contributed templates, making it easy to get started with Coder for various developer tooling and cloud providers.

Code 2.0’s integration with JFrog extends the security of software supply chains to the developer desktop. The feature includes single-click integration that delivers the ability to store Coder resources securely in JFrog Artifactory and expose Xray health and status information directly in the Coder user interfaces.

“Our mission is to enable developers to create self-serve development environments that they can access from anywhere, without the burden of hosting code on their laptops and without DevOps or platform engineering involvement,” Chief Executive Rob Whiteley said ahead of the release. “By expressing development workspaces as code, we pull the last part of development — the developer workstation — into the cloud era.”

Image: Coder

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