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Enhancing SOC efficiency: ManageEngine introduces ‘Vigil IQ’ for accurate threat detection

ManageEngine, the systems management arm of Zoho Corp., today introduced a dual-layered threat detection system that it claims empowers security operations center teams in organizations with improved accuracy and enhanced precision in threat detection.

Called Vigil IQ, the new feature, part of ManageEngine’s Log360 threat detection, investigation and response component, combines the power of accuracy and precision in threat detection. With a dynamic learning capability, Vigil IQ adapts to the changing nature of network behavior to cover more threat instances, spotting threats that get overlooked due to manual threshold settings to improve the detection system’s reliability.

ManageEngine argues that though a quality SOC ensures people, processes and cutting-edge technology function well, enterprise security is made difficult by staffing shortages and solution orchestration complexities.

“In a recent ManageEngine study, a majority of respondents revealed that their SOCs are understaffed,” said Vice President Manikandan Thangaraj. “These resource-constrained SOCs grapple with significant obstacles, such as process silos and manual investigation of alerts, which are often non-threats, low-priority issues or false positives.”

Vigil IQ offers proactive, predictive analytics that leverages analytics based on historical data patterns to predict potential security threats, allowing for the implementation of proactive measures before incidents occur. The predictive intelligence is said to reduce drastically the mean time to detect threats.

Contextual intelligence in Vigil IQ enriches alerts with deep contextual information, providing security analysts with comprehensive threat insights. The enriched alerts with non-event context accelerate the mean time to respond by delivering pertinent, precise information, the company said.

“Vigil IQ ensures genuine threats are discerned from false positives.. [and] facilitates targeted threat identification and response,” Thangaraj added. “This advanced system significantly improves the accuracy of identifying threats, streamlining the detection process and allowing SOC analysts to focus their valuable time on investigating real threats.”

Image: ManageEngine

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