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Bryan Thompson and Valerie Da Fonseca, HPE Discover Barcelona, 2023 CLOUD

Becoming hybrid by design: The path to seamless cloud operations

The migration of workloads to cloud-based services has the potential to transform an organization’s IT environment by leveraging the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while also transitioning from capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

Organizations have unintentionally become hybrid by moving workloads to the public cloud, but it’s a challenge to achieve the same experience across all of a company’s environments, according to Valerie Da Fonseca (pictured, right), senior director of worldwide hybrid cloud sales at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. Artificial intelligence and data privacy are being impacted by hybrid technology, and it’s important to address the challenges and benefits.

“How do you understand all your different environments? What is the unified cloud, the cloud operating model that you want to build?” Da Fonseca asked. “You can bring that same experience in your data centers, in your [colocations], on-prem, at the edge and get that same benefit and experience across. That’s really what we think, is that you need to become hybrid by design if you want to get to those benefits and solve those challenges.”

Da Fonseca and Bryan Thompson (left), vice president of product management for HPE GreenLake cloud services, spoke with theCUBE industry analysts Rob Strechay and Rebecca Knight at the HPE Discover Barcelona event, during an exclusive broadcast on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. They discussed how HPE is focused on providing a cloud experience with tooling, automation, self-service, data locality and performance for informed workload placement decisions. (* Disclosure below.)

Understanding customer needs

Understanding the requirements for security, data locality and performance is essential for making informed workload placement decisions, including for AI workloads, according to Thompson.

HPE engages with businesses to bring intelligence and AI skills to them, especially in the realm of hybrid cloud, he explained.

“The same tooling, automation experience that my constituents are looking for,” Thompson said. “Now, I can deliver in these form factors based on geo locality of data, or price performance, or security, or any other mechanism. I think that’s been important in enabling that cloud experience for customers to do it in a more informed and deliberate nature rather than by accident.”

Here’s the complete video interview, part of SiliconANGLE’s and theCUBE’s coverage of the HPE Discover Barcelona event:

(* Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for the HPE Discover Barcelona event. Neither Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., the main sponsors of theCUBE’s event coverage, nor other sponsors have editorial control over content on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

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