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Trellix launches new AI-powered zero-trust solution for enhanced cybersecurity

Cybersecurity company Trellix today announced a zero-trust solution that provides native monitoring, protection and threat detection.

Called the Trellix Zero Trust Strategy Solution, the solution leverages Trellix’s artificial intelligence-powered XDR Platform to enable organizations to establish security hygiene and strengthen cyber resilience through faster adoption of a zero-trust framework. Trellix says ZTS provides the most comprehensive coverage available in a single solution, reducing risk, complexity and cost for organizations.

Features of the solution include identities, with Trellix partnering with leading identity vendors such as Okta Inc. and service providers such as Trustwave Holdings Inc., Illumio Inc. and Duo Security Inc. to help implement zero trust alongside the Trellix platform. The use of identifies with third-party support provides visibility, analytics and automation.

Trellix’s suite of prevention, detection, response and forensic endpoints included in the new solution, along with mobile security technologies, provide organizations with visibility and control over all devices. With the additional visibility, security operations centers can swiftly act before, during and after attacks.

The company’s Network Detection and Response protects critical network segments on-premises and in the cloud, detecting undetectable threats and stopping evasive attacks. For data security, Trellix Data Security solutions cover multiple zero-trust controls, including data monitoring, labeling and tagging, and encryption.

Trellix provides native cloud workload protection platform capabilities as part of the solution and has partnered with cloud security company SkyHigh Networks Inc. to extend data loss prevention to the cloud to cover cloud-native application protection, cloud access security broker and software-as-a-service protection use cases.

The solution also consolidates management and secures workloads from on-premises to the cloud, protecting workloads with machine learning, application containment, virtual machine-optimized anti-malware, “allowlisting,” file integrity monitoring and microsegmentation.

“The concept of zero trust – built on the principle of ‘never trust, always verify’ – is a goal state for operational security,” said Harold Rivas, chief information security officer at Trellix. “When implemented correctly, adhering to a zero-trust framework is a CISO’s biggest ally in protecting and securing critical assets from advanced cyberthreats.”

Trellix, formally named Musarubra US LLC, was formed in 2022 by Symphony Technology Group following STG’s acquisition of McAfee Enterprise and FireEye.

Image: Trellix

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