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Descope introduces new features to enhance user onboarding and self-service

Passwordless authentication company Descope Inc. today announced new capabilities that are designed to help customers offer secure, frictionless onboarding and self-service experiences to their users.

The new features include embeddable user management widgets, plug-and-play connectors with HubSpot Inc. and Segment.io Inc. and the ability to easily A/B test user journey flows and measure results.

Descope argues that, be it individuals or businesses, customer expectations around onboarding and self-service have shifted over the past few years, with customers expecting frictionless and personalized onboarding. According to Descope, those customers also want to be able to invite their teammates to a given app, manage permissions, set up single sign-on connections and perform a variety of other administrative actions on their own without needing to talk to support or open tickets.

The tasks desired by customers are closely tied to customer identity and access control, which can make them quickly become complex and time-consuming to implement. Descope’s latest product enhancements are about making that process easier, with a focus on streamlining the onboarding process and improving self-service options for end users.

The new additions include embeddable widgets for user management tasks such as inviting team members and assigning roles, A/B testing for optimizing onboarding paths, analytics to understand user journey effectiveness and drop-off points, self-service workflows for setting up SAML and integration with marketing platforms for seamless identity synchronization. Combined, the features are claimed to make it easier for customers to offer a secure, efficient, and personalized user experience.

“Many business processes are built around iteration based on customer feedback, but customer identity systems have tended to stay static because they are usually complex to implement and modify,” said Slavik Markovich, co-founder and chief executive officer of Descope. “Our new self-service and experimentation capabilities will help customers rapidly prototype and test out new auth methods or onboarding sequences without touching their app’s codebase.”

Descope is a venture capital-backed startup, having last raised a round of $53 million in February 2023. Investors include Lightspeed Venture Partners LLC, GGV Capital LLC, TechAviv Founder Partners LP, Circa Capital Corp. and J Ventures.

Image: Descope

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