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Marco Palladino, co-founder and chief technology officer of Kong Inc., talks multicloud and the company's new API gateway solution. INFRA

Demystifying the multicloud: Kong’s one-click solution to API management

While multicloud is today’s de-facto operating model, certain complexities still plague companies and development teams — particularly in artificial intelligence and application programming interface management.

Enter Kong Inc. and its dedicated API Gateway. The solution exists to simplify API infrastructure management across multiple clouds and regions with a one-click deployment mechanism.

“Today we are announcing a new capability of Konnect, the ability to press one button and deploy [a] global multicloud, multi-region gateway infrastructure across the world,” said Marco Palladino (pictured), co-founder and chief technology officer of Kong. “This is your typical SaaS gateway infrastructure but with a twist. There are some technology innovations that we have built that make these quite unique in the landscape. Of course, it is being powered by Kong Gateway.”

Palladino spoke with John Furrier, theCUBE Research executive analyst, during an exclusive interview from SiliconANGLE Media’s studio in Palo Alto. They discussed the multicloud paradigm and Kong’s cloud-native API management platform. (* Disclosure below.)

One-click deployment for unparalleled multicloud ease

Kong’s one-click deployment mechanism is built on Konnect, its cloud-native API management platform. Its management capabilities span across API gateways, ingress controllers, service meshes and AI gateways across diverse cloud environments. Beyond technical prowess, the platform also shows the potential to streamline operations with cross-cloud platform support, according to Palladino.

“We’re shipping at [general availability] with AWS support across a variety of regions,” he said. “In a couple of months we’re going to be announcing Azure. Then, before the end of the year, we’re also going to be supporting [Google Cloud]. This is important because every organization in the world, especially the top Fortune 500s, are already powering applications across more than one cloud.”

In the company’s vision for deployment, organizations manage their multicloud workloads using an identical dashboard with the exact same protocols, irrespective of what cloud provider is in play. In doing so, organizations can maintain a cohesive, secure, flexible and scalable deployment as they push to multiple clouds simultaneously.

Regarding scalability, Kong has built a suite of capabilities into the platform for auto-scaling, private networking and seamless provisioning. Termed “autopilot,” workloads are automatically scaled up or down according to the incoming request frequency. The concept of “press one button and deploy” signals Kong’s commitment to empowering organizations to focus on innovation rather than infrastructure maintenance, according to Palladino.

“The way it works — and it’s available today, so anybody can go and check it out — we can go on Konnect, we can provision a control plane and we can attach a dedicated cloud gateway to the control plane,” Palladino said. “We choose the conversion that we want to run. We choose if we want auto-scaling, yes or no. We choose what clouds and what regions. Then we choose if we want our cluster to be public or private.”

Navigating the AI frontier

In expanding its portfolio of capabilities, Kong has added AI gateway support. With AI becoming increasingly intertwined with API traffic, the need for a robust gateway solution that can seamlessly manage AI workloads is more pronounced than ever, according to Palladino. The chief concern when incorporating AI has been maintaining the reliability and congruence of enterprise data.

“APIs transfer data, so it’s a critical piece of the infrastructure,” Palladino said. “The reason why we built it in a dedicated compartmentalized way is because we understand these requirements and we do not want to run everything on a shared infrastructure where there is a possibility of having more than one customer running on the same underlying servers. We wanted to separate that because we wanted to give the best technology [whether] in the cloud [or] as a SaaS service.”

For the future, Kong remains committed to infrastructure innovation and a user-friendly approach. From public cloud gateways to hybrid and edge deployments, the company aims to provide organizations with a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to their evolving needs. With the promise of simplified infrastructure management and accelerated digital transformation, the dedicated cloud gateway solution heralds a new era in API management.

“Typically, we work with customers that are seeing the limits of what they’ve built up until now,” Palladino said. “They decide the time is right to standardize on an end-to-end platform that can give them that unified control plane to manage all of the APIs with automation in such a way that the platform team doesn’t become the bottleneck but the developers can self-serve some of those API policies without having to ask all of the time.”

Here’s theCUBE’s complete video interview with Marco Palladino:

(* Disclosure: Kong Inc. sponsored this segment of theCUBE. Neither Kong nor other sponsors have editorial control over content on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Photo: SiliconANGLE

A message from John Furrier, co-founder of SiliconANGLE:

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