No room for Android: Facebook Rooms alternatives for secret chats

Mellisa Tolentino | October 24th

Satiating the rumor mill, Facebook has officially launched its own version of a secret chat app this week, called Rooms. The anonymous service is a standalone app that gives group creators full control over...»

How to setup Facebook Rooms: The ultimate anonymous chat app?

Mellisa Tolentino | October 24th

Facebook Inc. has officially introduced Rooms, an anonymous chat-sharing app that lets you create rooms for different topics in hopes of attracting others with similar interests. It is currently available for users in the U.S.,...»

How’s Hadoop doing in the enterprise? [Infographic]

Mike Wheatley | October 24th

Hadoop has come a long way from its humble orgins as Yahoo's answer to its search engine woes, evolving into a data management platform that's used by one in four enterprises. Named after an elephant toy...»

Bitcoin pegged sidechains whitepaper reveals new horizons for cryptocurrency

Kyt Dotson | October 23rd

This last summer Adam Back, developer of the Bitcoin algorithm HashCash, and Austin Hill, founder anonymous networking and privacy technology company Zero-Knowledge Systems, teased the idea of Bitcoin sidechains: a mechanism for transferring Bitcoins to a separate-but-connected...»

The 9 best female-friendly tech companies

Mellisa Tolentino | October 23rd

In an effort to help women achieve a work-life balance in favor of the enterprise, Facebook Inc. has started offering the option to cover the costs of freezing their female employees' eggs. Following suit,...»

Uber worth fighting for: Here’s 3 reasons for the protest

Eric David | October 23rd

Uber Inc. may be pushing its way into new markets every day with its popular ride-sharing mobile app, but many of its drivers are not happy with the direction in which the San Francisco-based company is heading. ...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 22: Gavin Andresen Reddit AMA, Bitcoin community vs. NYDFS BitLicense, and more

Kyt Dotson | October 22nd

The current trends in the Bitcoin show that while progress is slow, it’s constantly building momentum. Last week, Andreas Antonopoulos went before the Canadian Senate and gave an amazing 2 hour talk, this week Gavin Andresen went...»

Näkemiin (Goodbye) Nokia! We remember our favorite phones

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

The Nokia Oyj brand is iconic in the world of cell phones, but with Microsoft’s acquisition of the Finnish company's mobile business, the maker of some of the most popular handsets of 90’s and early...»

EMC welcomes a faster, more agile VCE back into its federation

Mike Wheatley | October 22nd

EMC Corp. has put an end to days of speculation by confirming its intentions to buy out Cisco Systems Inc's share of the Virtual Computing Environment Company (VCE). Once the deal...»

5 worthy wireless chargers (and 3 to watch out for)

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

Not many smartphones or tablets today have built-in support for wireless charging, but a growing market of wireless chargers could encourage manufacturers to incorporate such capabilities into their devices. If you’re gadget's already setup for wireless charging but can’t find a...»