What you missed in the Smart World: Anti-glasshole gadgets, all-seeing robot vacuums

Mellisa Tolentino | September 15th

The past week in the Smart World saw the launch of an all-seeing robot vacuum, several new health gadgets including the Apple Watch, and a Wi-Fi guard against glassholes. For those who missed last week’s Smart World Series, here’s a...»

Apple Watch: 3 key points of interest for developers

Rachel Schramm | September 15th

Developers, start your engines. The announcement of Apple, Inc.'s first smartwatch this week opens up a whole new avenues of application development. Dubbed the Apple Watch, this new device has unique features, functions, and a compact interface that...»

What you missed in Cloud: incumbents tapping startup resourcefulness for an edge

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

It’s been a good week to be a cloud startup, especially for Amplidata Inc., which landed $10 million in funding from one of the biggest names on the enterprise storage block to help...»

Opinion: IoT feeding frenzy beginning to look a lot like dot-com

Paul Gillin | September 15th

Remember the dot-com craze of the mid-1990s, when startups like Webvan Group, Inc. raised more than $1 billion for services that barely got off the ground? It’s all about to happen again. The Internet of Things (IoT) is gearing...»

What you missed in Big Data: the numbers don’t lie

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

More than 90 percent of executives at organizations that are actively leveraging analytics in their production environments are satisfied with the results, according to a poll of more than 4,300 technology and business ...»

Apple Watch vs Galaxy Gear S and other top smartwatches of 2014

Mellisa Tolentino | September 12th

There are high hopes for the wearable tech market, despite the design shortcomings that have yet to keep consumers interested in current connected devices. A natural evolution of smartphones and fitness trackers, the smartwatch has become a frontrunner to catalyze the would-be...»

The exClone Project: Now even you can become immortal

Mike Wheatley | September 12th

“There is no such thing as death. People die only if we forget." Immortality has long been a dream of humankind; even since before Juan Ponce de Leon sought the legendary "Fountain of Youth," the ancients pondered...»

HP gobbles up Eucalyptus to strengthen cloud biz

Mike Wheatley | September 12th

In a shock announcement this morning Hewlett-Packard Company has revealed it's buying up Eucalyptus, the open-source hybrid cloud software maker that's been such a hit with customers of Amazon Web Services. HP has acquired Eucalyptus ostensibly...»

Big screen, small battery: iPhone 6 Plus shortcomings

Winston Edmondson | September 11th

With the introduction of its first phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Inc. is conceding that Steve Jobs' one-size-fits-all iPhone policy was wrong. Much has changed since the 2011 IFA Berlin exhibit show, where Samsung Electronics Ltd. announced that...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2014 September 10: eBay’s Braintree partners with Coinbase, Satoshi Nakamoto email hack, and Gem.co API early access

Kyt Dotson | September 11th

This week the stand-out news for Bitcoin is still eBay Inc. subsidiary Braintree opening up its service to allow merchants to take BTC payments via Coinbase. The move presents a significant new milestone in Bitcoin mainstream adoption and...»