The Data Economy: Data standards needed to enable Industrial Internet

Jeffrey Kelly | April 24th

At its core, the idea behind the  Industrial Internet (II) is to bring all the world’s industrial equipment online to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial processes through large-scale data analytics and automation. For example, wind turbines outfitted with...»

AWS anounces support for Docker containerization in Elastic Beanstalk

Mike Wheatley | April 24th

The world's leading public cloud provider has just embraced one of the hottest new enabling technologies for migrating applications into the cloud. AWS has just announced support for the open-source Docker technology on its Elastic Beanstalk...»

Pure Storage Bags $225 Million in Funding at $3 Billion Valuation – IPO? No It’s Private Financing

John Furrier | April 23rd

Flash array storage startup Pure Storage announced a massive new $225 million Series F round that values the company at $3 billion and signals a growing trend toward startups raising private capital instead of testing the...»

Key to Red Hat’s business is ambition for OpenShift, OpenStack| #RHSummit

Maria Deutscher | April 22nd

Red Hat is not just a Linux company anymore. In the last few years the vendor has managed to extend its reach to every corner of the enterprise, from the network through the virtualization layer to the public...»

Dark days ahead for Big Data? Depends what you use it for…

Mike Wheatley | April 22nd

According to Gartner’s famed hype cycle, technologies typically follow a similar pattern, in which they're first discovered and immediately over-hyped, causing users to quickly become disillusioned, before finally finding...»

Ask Dr. Bitcoin: What are side-chains?

Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins, with Mike Wheately, Mellisa Tolentino | April 21st

As politicians continue to weigh in on what Bitcoin could mean to them and the economy in general, two enthusiasts are working on a project that could make mass adoption of the


Server SAN poised to disrupt storage markets

Bert Latamore | April 21st

Server SAN, software-defined storage directly attached to commodity servers, will disrupt the storage market, writes Wikibon CTO David Floyer in “The Rise of Server SAN”. In the hyperscale server provider marketplace,


Nike’s Fuelband runs out of steam: What next for Nike?

Mike Wheatley | April 21st

Last Friday a number of conflicting reports emerged about Nike, claiming that it's going to give up on its high-profile Fuelband fitness products, or else...»

OpenStack Icehouse: The cloud just got that much cooler

Mike Wheatley | April 18th

OpenStack officially released the latest distribution of its cloud computing framework, dubbed Icehouse, focusing mainly on consolidation and stability. However, it's added a few cool new features into the mix,...»

The politico’s crypto conundrum: To Bitcoin or not to Bitcoin?

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

Almost everything in the world is subject to some kind of government regulation, or has been otherwise tainted by politics. Now, as people begin exploring the possibility of having a unifying currency - one