Bitcoin Weekly 2014 July 23: Bitcoin Girl, Winklevoss Bitcoin Index API, NYC Yellow Taxi and Bitcoin, Newegg 10% promotion, and more

Kyt Dotson | July 23rd

Recent weeks have seen some fairly good adoption news for Bitcoin with new businesses climbing on board—most important computer giant Dell—and the market price has stayed relatively stable, residing within the $610 to $630 band. The last...»

Review: Surface Pro 2 skillfully bridges tablet-laptop gap

Bert Latamore | July 22nd

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a tablet on steroids, the coolest, best designed laptop replacement to hit the office. Not for casual users, this machine says its owner...»

4 top cloud storage services for managing files

Mike Wheatley | July 22nd

Convenience is the most often-cited benefit of the cloud, and for good reason. Few things are easier than syncing files and accessing them on multiple devices, be it a PC, smartphone or tablet device. But what...»

MIT CDOIQ promises strong overview of Big Data issues

Bert Latamore | July 21st

TheCUBE this week goes to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the Chief Data Officer Information Quality (MDOIQ) conference Wednesday and Thursday, providing comprehensive coverage of the challenges of Big Data, from ensuring data...»

Dell becomes the largest ecommerce merchant to accept Bitcoin

Kyt Dotson | July 18th

In what could be the biggest splash in Bitcoin history to date, computer legend Dell just announced that the company will accept bitcoins. To do this, Dell has integrated with Coinbase and the entire process...»

Bloodiest job cuts in tech history

Mellisa Tolentino | July 18th

An internal Microsoft memo revealed that the software giant is cutting 14 percent or 18,000 of its workforce.  Over the years, Microsoft has amassed 127,000 employees, with 30,000 coming from its acquisition of Nokia.  New CEO


Observers say Microsoft layoffs had better be a one-time thing

Mike Wheatley | July 18th

Microsoft's plan to slash 18,000 jobs that was announced this week was met mostly with approval by market watchers, but they cautioned that the cuts need to be a one-time event and not the beginning...»

How and why flash is eating the world | #CubeConversations

Maria Deutscher | July 18th

By now, the industry has more or less reached a consensus that solid-state memory is a game changer for enterprise storage, but the question of exactly how big of an impact it will have on the way organizations...»

Microsoft Lays Off 14% of Company #NokiaFail

John Furrier | July 17th

In possibly the most awkward moment in the company's history, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella dropped the bomb (formal memo) to employees: The company will fire 14 percent of its employees, or roughly 18,000 people.  Microsoft's...»

Is the chief data officer a passing fad? | #CubeConversations

Maria Deutscher | July 17th

Data analysis is as much about people and processes as it about the technology that makes separating the signal from the noise possible in the first place. But while the overwhelming majority of organizations have adjusted to the...»