How to Mobilize India? Cheap Tablets.

Do you want a tablet but don’t have enough money to buy one of those high-end tablets available in the market today?  Here’s some good news for you.  There’s a new $35 tablet, the catch is, you can only get it in India.

The new Aakash UbiSlate 7Ci comes equipped with WiFi so you can connect to the internet but if you’re living in India, you can avail of the $64 upgrade and have yourself a cellular Internet package of $2/month for 2 GB of data which translates to roughly 25 emails, 25 websites, 2 minutes of streaming video, and 15 minutes of voice chat a day.  It also features voice search, so it might help pacify your need for something similar to Apple’s Siri.

It features a 7.5-inch display, a front facing VGA camera, and a Cortex A8, 1Ghz Processor.  According to reports, it’s as fast as an iPhone, so it can’t be too bad.  It runs Android but the version hasn’t been specified yet.

The cheap tablet is part of the Indian government’s move to technologically mobilize the country.  The first batch of the affordable tablets will hit universities around India sometime this month and via a “special offer”, DataWind, the carrier and maker of the tablet, will offer broadband for a monthly cost of US$1.78.  And for those living in remote areas where electricity is sparse, they can get a solar charger for the Aakash UbiSlate 7Ci.

Full specifications of the tablet is not available on their site yet so it will be a bit hard to compare it to other high-end tablets available in the market.  But once they’re available, you can bet that SiliconANGLE will compare the Aakash UbiSlate 7Ci to them, just because we can.  And who knows?  Maybe the tablets will become available in the US or other parts of the world.

Mellisa Tolentino

Staff Writer at SiliconANGLE
Mellisa Tolentino started at SiliconANGLE covering the mobile and social scene. Over the years, her scope expanded to Bitcoin as well as the Internet of Things. SiliconANGLE gave Mellisa her break in writing and it has been an adventure ever since. She’s from the sunny country of Philippines where people always greet you with the warmest smile. If she’s not busy writing, she loves reading, watching TV series and movies, but what she enjoys the most is playing or just chilling on the couch with with her three dogs Ceecee, Ginger, and Rocky.


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  1. This one looks good. It’s undeniable that tablets now are really most buy in the market. And this one in India is more cheaper. I hope that I can also find high end tablets too that is more affordable for an student like me.

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