AI On The Rise: Siri vs Watson and Chat Bots

Cherr Aira | September 10th

The battle between Siri and Watson is starting to heat up as IBM wages interest in entering the mobile industry. A space ruled by Apple thanks to iOS and the array of best-selling gadgets, IBM has...»

DNS Attack Takes Down Millions of Go Daddy Sites

John Casaretto | September 10th

GoDaddy and its reported 48 million domain names were hit with what is reported as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack. Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by a single member of Anonymous,...»

GarrettCom Switches Open to Attack, Warns ICS-CERT

Isha Suri | September 10th

A researcher has discovered that some of the GarrettCom's switches are open to hacker attack, as there is a hard-coded password in a default account on the devices that may allow for quick control by malicious parties. Unfortunately, these...»

Basho Aligns with CloudStack and Everything Else

Josette Rigsby | September 10th

Basho, which created the Riak distributed NoSQL database, is the latest company to choose sides in the battle of open source cloud platforms - kind of. The company plans to contribute almost all of...»

How Can Data Help You Fall In Love with Your Next Job? CEO Darren Bounds Explains

Kristen Nicole | September 10th

I have a friend that's always on the lookout for a new job.  She's become a professional at resumes.  What's she after?  The job of her life, much like a mission to find love.  And as I observe...»

HP’s Out to Stop Hackers, Detect Fraud and Secure the Stack

Maria Deutscher | September 10th

HP has been trying to corner the enterprise cybersecurity market for about a year now, when this area first started drawing serious attention from the heavy-weights.  And lucky for HP, their latest security portfolio expansion brings the company...»

Google Stealthily Erases The Pirate Bay, BitTorrent from Instant Search Suggestions

Kyt Dotson | September 10th

Google has entered the Pirate Bay and BitTorrent fleet battle via submarine torpedo against the ever-popular technology by stealthily leaving words related to these items out of the autocomplete. When searching on Google, customers are given autocompletion suggestions...»

New Money Man for Groupon Amidst Rampant Chargebacks

Mellisa Tolentino | September 10th

Groupon announced that KPMG’s audit partner, Brian Stevens, will replace Joel Del Preto as Chied Accounting Officer and will report directly to Chief Financial Officer JasonChild.  As for Del Preto, he will continue to operate in his role as VP...»

AT&T Flexing its Cloud Muscles at Number One

John Casaretto | September 10th

AT&T is leading the march on hybrid cloud deployments. In recent coverage of AT&T at VMworld 2012 on theCube, the company’s service features and tactical advantages were discussed. The takeaway was that the company’s ...»

Apple Eyes Up Russian Market with Planned iTunes Launch by Christmas

Mike Wheatley | September 10th

It’s been a massively long wait – ten years all told – but finally the iTunes store is coming to Russia by the end of the year, and what’s more, it’s set to be significantly cheaper than its...»