SAP Makes a Move on End Users with Collab and Analytics

Maria Deutscher | June 14th

Business software make SAP is targeting business users and entrepreneurs in particular with a number of newly announced initiatives that rely heavily on partnerships. The firm revealed an update for the SAP StreamWork enterprise...»

Foreign Remittances Go Digital: Celebrating Families

Guest Author | June 14th

Nothing says family like money and - probably - the quintessential American experience is captured by the immigrant worker who sticks a few dollars in an envelope, glues on an airmail stamp and sends that...»

Klout and Hadoop, the Pros and Cons

Sam Silverman | June 14th

Everybody wants to improve their Klout score, a value that represents a user’s influence across their social network. And while Klout describes to its users how the number is calculated, few people understand how the...»

Amazon, Microsoft Strengthen Video Streaming Services

Saroj Kar | June 14th

Amazon's catalog of online streaming videos keeps growing. Amazon has announced licensing agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios to include hundreds of classic films and TV series for free streaming on its Prime Instant Video service. With the new addition...»

Humans Make Poor Spam Filters – LinkedIn Alert Ignored by Thousands

Mike Wheatley | June 14th

In yet another setback for LinkedIn, it’s been revealed thousands of email alerts sent out by the company in response to last week’s password scandal have been wrongly marked as spam. The news probably...»

Apache Cassandra Meets Hadoop at DataStax

Bert Latamore | June 14th

“This whole Hadoop thing is really catching on,” says Matt Pfeil, Co-Founder and VP of Customer Solutions for DataStax, the company behind the productization of Apache Cassandra. Cassandra, Pfeil explained in an interview...»

The Car is the Next Connected Device – New App Market Emerges

Saroj Kar | June 14th

We live in an ongoing technological revolution that helps us do our work efficiently, and provides a platform to move another step forward all the time. In the world of automobiles, there is also an...»

NetApp Makes Big Data Push with Hadoop Box, Data Protection

Maria Deutscher | June 14th

NetApp stepped up its big data play a notch at this week’s Hadoop Summit, where it introduced a couple of new offerings that will undoubtedly reinforce the company’s foothold in this space. The first ...»