Five Reasons Why Golf Should Be Declared the National Sport for Netizens

Guest Author | December 5th

Leaving your 9 – 5 job to work from home is like jumping out of the fry pan into the fire. You make the move while hoping for some relief like getting rid of the hectic routines and...»

Sponsored Stories Cost Facebook $20M, But No Word on Revenue

Maria Deutscher | December 4th

Facebook is aggressively pursuing new growth opportunities to boost its revenue, and convince investors that it has the capabilities to monetize over 800 million active users worldwide. One of the company’s attempts is Sponsored Stories, a system that aims...»

Another Ego Boost for QLogic: Channel Strategy is Working

Maria Deutscher | December 4th

QLogic received quote the ego boost from Demartek, an independent research firm that found its 8Gb and 16Gb Fibre Channel offerings outperform that of competitors by a great margin. The results of the recent TPC-H benchmark study...»

Anonymous Shows Us Again: People Still Suck at Choosing Passwords in 2012

Kyt Dotson | December 4th

Back when I worked as a programmer and sysadmin for a nonprofit, myself and other admins would sometimes make new login credentials for members and often the first password was something like “changeme,” and connected to a...»

Integration is the Challenge in Big Data Implementation

Bert Latamore | December 4th

We see customers stopping Hadoop deployment after a pilot because they don't understand the roles that Hadoop, Autonomy, structured and unstructured data all will play,” says Tom Norton, director of the Technology...»

Trulia Uses New Google Maps API So You Make Smarter Home Purchases

Mellisa Tolentino | December 4th

Google recently released an updated version of their Google Maps Android API that gives developers access to their comprehensive maps to build Android apps. The updated API features vector-based maps that load quickly and enables users to...»

Breaking Analysis: Tumblr Hack – Mischievous or Malicious Attention Whores?

Molly Sassmann | December 4th

The blogging site Tumblr has been hacked by group called GNAA. The hackers created a worm that flooded users' dashboards with spam. This wasn't their first venture at hacking big sites, as SiliconANGLE Contributing Editor...»

Codero Hosting Builds for the Future – Adding Austin Office and SVP

John Casaretto | December 4th

Codero Hosting has added a third company office in Austin Texas.  The announcement also includes the addition of SVP of Product Development Chandler Vaughn to the company.  In a recent conversation with Vaughn, the...»

Ignoring Contrary IT Policy, One Fifth of Corporate Employees Share Files on Dropbox

Saroj Kar | December 4th

Do the companies use the storage service in the cloud? The vast majority of IT experts considered it as risk factor. IT has spent years working on desktop security and trying to prevent data loss over web...»

5 Tips To Keep Your Tumblr Account Safe

Mellisa Tolentino | December 4th

A lot of businesses use Tumblr on their company’s web page, and that’s cool, except for the fact that Tumblr has been compromised by the GNAA.   Several people and companies have recently reported that their Tumblr...»