Hadoop for Big Data in Cloud is Inevitable, Says MapR

Tavis J. Hampton | August 13th

The use of Hadoop to manage big data in the cloud has gained momentum in recent times, but according to MapR, the choice to use it is not just a possibility; it is an inevitability....»

Hewlett-Packard’s Massive Job Cuts Won’t Affect India

Maria Deutscher | August 13th

Back in May hardware giant HP announced plans to cut 8 percent of its global workforce, or 27,000 employees, by 2014. We ranked it as one of the worse tech layoffs in 2012, right up there...»

Hacking as a Lucrative Play: Malicious Hackers Making Over $10,000 a Week

Isha Suri | August 13th

Why do you think why hackers are Lulzsec and Sabu are so active in their cyber attack activities? Is this just to satisfy their zeal for outraging someone’s privacy, or something else? Well, it’s about money as well. Recently,...»

SQL Injection Attacks Rise as Hackers Go for the Money

Mike Wheatley | August 13th

Hacking used to be a much more honorable ‘profession’ back in the good old days, when spotty-faced teenage geeks would compete with each other to see how many websites they could deface with flashing messages like “H@X0rs Rulez”. But...»

Marginalizing Customers Hurts Brands: The Powerful Voice of Social Media

Guest Author | August 13th

We live in interesting times. Like most people in the world I know what it’s like to have received a poor customer experience from a large company and to feel powerless in receiving a positive outcome.  Traditionally, the...»

Gauss Becomes the Next Big Topic in Nation-state Cyber Surveillance Realm

Isha Suri | August 13th

Accompanying Stuxnet, Flame, and Duqu, Gauss has become the latest cyber-surveillance operation in the entire cyber espionage scenario. Gauss is a nation state sponsored banking Trojan, and was discovered by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that was working...»

The New Cloud Marketplace Makes for Very Driven Vendors

Maria Deutscher | August 13th

The tactic behind the one-stop shop is building up a lot of traction, not just for traditional IT but also the cloud, although it conveys a somewhat different meaning in this space. Specialized marketplaces enable customers to browse...»

Fresh iPhone 5 Rumors: Apple Press, Framework and Supply Chain Leaks

Amber Harris | August 13th

Apple is rumored to hold a press release on the week of September 12, according to AllThingsD. Rumors about the iPhone’s framework have also been circulating. Although details about the expected agenda of the release have not yet been...»

Global Outsourcing is Sluggish: European Debt Crisis and “In-Sourcing” to Blame

Maria Deutscher | August 13th

The Everest Group published its second Market Vista report for the 2012 fiscal year, which reports the state of global outsourcing based on public data that the consultancy collects. The Q2 installment reveals a slow-down in...»

Classifieds Don’t Come with Credit Checks but They Can Check Your PayPal

Saroj Kar | August 13th

Vendalism, the free online classifieds and auctions site, announced the integration of PayPal verification features for buyers and sellers to link their verified PayPal account to eliminate scammers from the free sellers website. The new features make it...»