RSA Proposes Splitting Passwords In Two To Foil Hackers

Mike Wheatley | October 11th

Following a spate of high profile password leaks over the last few months, including breaches at Sony and LinkedIn, consumers have grown concerned that their passwords might not be enough to deter cybercriminals from stealing their...»

Springpad Adds More Content Management on the Go: iPad, Android Tablet Updates

Mellisa Tolentino | October 11th

As more people rely on their tablets and smartphones for productivity, there is a constant search for the perfect tool to help them go about their daily tasks.  And apps like Springpad, the social, smart cloud-based notebook app...»

Lenovo Overtakes HP As #1 PC Maker; Unveils Three Hybrid Laptop/Tablets

Mike Wheatley | October 11th

Lenovo has apparently knocked HP off of its perch, surpassing the American firm to become the world’s number one PC manufacturer, according to new figures by research firm Gartner. Lenovo - makers of the iconic ThinkPad and IdeaPad...»

Softbank to Acquire Sprint for More than $12B

Mellisa Tolentino | October 11th

In today’s mobile news roundup: Softbank reveals plans to acquire Sprint; Microsoft Office 2013 coming to iOS and Android by first quarter of next year; HTC pulls out tablets in the US; and FCC approves Kindle Fire HD. Softbank to acquire...»

What Innovations Mark Hadoop’s Transition to the Enterprise? Cloudera Explains

Maria Deutscher | October 11th

Big data is here to stay and Hadoop has come to play a central role in this story, though  the enterprise readiness of this open-source analytics platform remains a hotly debated topic.  One company that's had a front...»

What Came First: The Cloud or Mobile Workers? SugarSync CEO Finds the Balance

Kristen Nicole | October 10th

The cloud may still be a vague and amorphous term, but it's become a bridge between consumer and enterprise like we've never seen before.  It's all thanks to mobile, which traverses the many different roles our daily lives...»

Walz Group Switches to Flexpod to Gain Agility, Meet Rigid Compliance Requirements

Bert Latamore | October 10th

A provider of critical document management fulfillment and regulatory compliance services to the legal and financial industry, including mortgage lenders, the Walz Group works under stringent compliance requirements including Dodd-Frank provisions for forclosures, and ...»

Stash 1.3 Arrives for Enterprise Git, Gets More Social

Isha Suri | October 10th

Stash 1.3 has arrived and is now more social with two new capabilities--pull requests and inline commenting. It lets developers share, work together as team, and make the entire process faster as well as seamless. Let’s drill some...»

High Court Halts Flawed Cybercrime Law in the Philippines

Cherr Aira | October 10th

The High Courts have spoken and the Anti-cybercrime Law in the Philippines is suspended. In response to 15 petitions, 14 justices unanimously voted to issue a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to stop the implementation of Cybercrime Prevention...»

Cold, Old & Bold – Real World Examples on Wide Range Use of Big Data

Guest Author | October 10th

While we mostly agree Big Data is that which constitutes some combination of the 4 V’s – it does have other attributes, which are generally driven by the specific industry and overall business use-case. According to Gartner Group’s...»