Breaking Analysis: Twitter Gets the President’s Vote

Molly Sassmann | November 8th

Obama was not the only winner on Election Night. Twitter was celebrating with more than thirty-one million election-related tweets on Tuesday night, making Election Night "the most tweeted about event in U.S. political history," said...»

The Eyes Have It at the Lund’s Prototype Digital Learning Classroom

Kyt Dotson | November 8th

Humanities Lab of Lund University in Sweden is working on groundbreaking educational research using eye tracking technology to enhance learning in collaboration with researchers from the University of Tübingen/Germany. The prototype classroom will use the eye tracking technology...»

Lenovo Takes On Apple, Samsung Beyond China

Mellisa Tolentino | November 8th

As mobile devices function more and more like personal computers, it cannot be denied that the demand for PCs is significantly declining.  But remarkably, the waning interest in PCs doesn’t seem to affect Lenovo much, as they are...»

Breaking Analysis: Hack/Reduce Launches In Boston – Can the East Stay On Top of Big Data Revolution?

Molly Sassmann | November 8th

Hack/reduce is launching in Boston today, and the idea here is to open up a facility where big data hackers and big data entrepreneurs can come together to share computer resources and office space and...»

Artificial Intelligence App for Kids Coming Soon!

Cherr Aira | November 8th

What do you get when you marry the brains of Pixar Alums and SRI Talent? An artificial intelligence app for kids. Martin Reddy and Oren Jacob teams up to create a project that can turn children’s fantasy...»

Breaking Analysis: Hitachi Enters SSD Market – Should Intel Be Worried?

Molly Sassmann | November 8th

Intel, EMC and IBM have all released either hardware or software upgrades this week. Intel has just released its third generation enterprise-class solid state drive series. According to Wikibon Co-Founder and CTO David Floyer, "The latest...»

The Cassandra Way, According to DataStax VP

Maria Deutscher | November 8th

DataStax vice president of products Robin Schumacher and marketing head Lara Shackelford has a very solid take on big data as it stands today. The two executives believe that Apache Cassandra.  The open-source platform on which their...»

Microsoft Announces Windows Azure Store Preview

Isha Suri | November 8th

Microsoft has just announced the preview of its Windows Azure store, giving developers a good reason to smile. By offering this preview, Microsoft has allowed developers to taste the Windows Azure and its features, which includes catalog of...»

Rumors of a Microsoft Surface Phone Stirring Major Buzz

John Casaretto | November 8th

Is a Microsoft Surface Phone on the way? A recent Wall St. Journal report said that Microsoft is making its own smartphone.  Based on "people familiar with the situation", it is said that the...»

Developers May Need New PCs to Use New Windows Phone 8 SDK

Mellisa Tolentino | November 8th

Microsoft unveiled the new Windows Phone SDK 8.0 and it’s already getting mixed reviews.  A lot are pleased because the new SDK version offers more capabilities to develop apps but some are complaining that developers may need...»