Cool Ideas for Cutting Down on Data Server Cooling Costs

Mike Wheatley | September 7th

One of the biggest – yet least talked about – challenges facing data centers today is the amount of energy they consume in order to process and store the masses of big data generated by big businesses around...»

Mind Control: Tomorrow’s Technology, Today

Mike Wheatley | September 7th

We’re still a few years away from possessing the psychic capabilities of Professor X, but nevertheless human mind-control techniques have come a long way since our favorite paraplegic superhero made his debut back in the 1960s. SiliconANGLE previously...»

Microsoft’s Windows Azure Making Inroads – The Quiet Storm Ahead

John Casaretto | September 6th

The cloud market as we know it will certainly be changing as Windows Azure is on the uptick.  It is true that the cloud platform has not traditionally been in serious competition with the large...»

CipherCloud Claims to have Revolutionized Data Protection

Amber Harris | September 6th

CipherCloud believes it has created the first configurable encryption gateway to secure data that's in transit, in use and dormant in public and private cloud environments with the new CipherCloud Connect AnyApp. The company believes that Connect AnyApp...»

Surge 2012 Registration Opens: Birds of a Feather Flock for DevOps

Isha Suri | September 6th

Surge 2012 conference that gathers the best minds in the Web on a common platform will be held on Sept 27-28, 2012 at Baltimore, MD. The event will showcase practitioner-oriented sessions presented by some of the most established...»

LinkedIn Goes After Brands with “Timeline” Design, Mobile Update

Mellisa Tolentino | September 6th

Social networking site, LinkedIn, unveiled a new look for Company Pages today, which probably won't make Facebook too happy.  The revamped LinkedIn company pages resembles Facebook’s Timeline. Anyway, what does the new LinkedIn offer? For LinkedIn members, the revised...»

Nokia Caught Faking Lumia 920 Video, Issues An Apology

Mellisa Tolentino | September 6th

Nokia launched two new smartphones yesterday, the Lumia 920 PureView and the Lumia 820.  The star of the show was, of course, the 920 PureView.  What sets this smartphone from the rest of the Lumia phones is the...»

Developers Need to Wait for Windows Phone 8 SDK Until Later This Year

Isha Suri | September 6th

Unlike what Microsoft originally promised, Windows Phone 8 software development kit (SDK) will now be available later this year. The estimated time of delivery for Windows Phone 8 SDK was this summer season, but now, the full SDK...»

QLogic’s Mt. Rainer Adapters Bring Flash into the Mix

Maria Deutscher | September 6th

Networking equipment maker QLogic unveiled Mt. Rainier, a host bus adapter technology that brings server-based caching to the SAN in the data center. It resides inside clustered or non-clustered servers and creates a scalable, shared SANcache that can be used by all the...»

SAP CEO Wants 1 Billion People to Use his Company’s Software

Maria Deutscher | September 6th

SAP co-head Bill McDermott has big plans for his company as a whole. In a Churchill Club session at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto, the chief executive said that SAP’s goal is to reach one billion...»