Bitcoincard Puts Cryptocurrency in Your Wallet with a Mycelium Smartcard

Kyt Dotson | June 8th

The technological event horizon to make digital-currency possible (or at least digital-wallet transactions low impact) is coming up fast; we’re seeing it with the push for NFC and other technologies that enable secure transactions between mobile devices. However,...»

Apple to Block Sales of Galaxy S III in the U.S.

Mellisa Tolentino | June 8th

Another Apple-Samsung match sparked as the iPhone maker filed a lawsuit against the Galaxy SIII maker aiming to ban the sales of the new Galaxy device in the US. Last Tuesday, Apple filed a preliminary injunction against Samsung...»

Cloud Analyst Ben Kepes talks HP, Cloud, Big Data

John Casaretto | June 8th

Ben Kepes sat in on theCube at HP Discover 2012 for a quick cloud discussion with Wikibon’s Stuart Miniman and SiliconAngle’s Alex Williams. Full video below. At any given time, the cloud has been either...»

Major Design Changes for Rumored iPhone 5

Mellisa Tolentino | June 8th

WWDC is all set for next week and though the event is known for Apple software announcements, some are just fixated on the fact that there’s a possibility for a hardware launch.  Some believe...»

Don’t Expect to See the Red Hat of Hadoop, says Vertica VP

Josette Rigsby | June 8th

The Cube’s Dave Vellante and Jeff Kelly sat down with Colin Mahony, VP and General Manager, Vertica, at HP Discover 2012 to discuss big data and how Vertica, which Hewlett-Packard acquired in 2011, is...»

The March of Password Leaks Goes On Pulling in

Kyt Dotson | June 8th

Thursday, music site joined a parade of password leaks reported this week on SiliconANGLE and elsewhere including LinkedIn and eHarmony. A message appeared on the site Thursday speaking to the leak, and urging users...»

YouTube Uses Content ID System to Monetize—Not Penalize

Kathryn Buford | June 8th

With its new publishing deals, YouTube will turn the users it once punished, into marketing opportunities.  In the self-broadcasting/file-sharing era that makes it easy for fans to access, copy and distribute music at no cost,...»

HP on Customers and Innovation

John Casaretto | June 8th

Kfir Godrich, HP’s Head of Innovation sat in on theCube at HP Discover 2012.  He shared some of his insights on the CIO, the market and a look into strategies around cloud, big data,...»

Red Hat Unveils Open, Departmentalized IaaS Service

Maria Deutscher | June 8th

Open source powerhouse Red Hat debuted CloudForms today, an infrastructure-as-a-service solution for enterprises working with hybrid clouds.  The company is touting several advantages. One of the main advantages, not surprisingly, is that it’s completely...»

Brazilian University Embraces Wireless, BYOD, and IPv6

Sean Martin | June 8th

As part of theCube’s continued coverage of the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas today, Wikibon founder Dave Vellante met with two practitioners from HP customer, Sao Paulo State University in Brazil. Represented by network...»