Can Data Science Save the US Economy?

Saroj Kar | August 3rd

In times of global economic crisis, there is an unstable situation in the labor market. Innovation is considered a savior in our current economic uncertainty, as nations shift their prominence in a worldwide marketplace where intellectual resources become...»

Microsoft Allegedly Tells Developers To Stop Calling It “Metro”

Matt Weinberger | August 2nd

For the last year and change, Metro has been the magic word at Microsoft, as it gears up to drastically refine the desktop experience with Windows 8. But reports are coming in that developers...»

Microsoft revamps OWA for Exchange 2013 release

John Casaretto | August 2nd

Have you ever wished Microsoft’s Outlook Web Access worked more like the Outlook desktop version? Mac users, Tablet users, mobile phone users certainly come to mind. Microsoft has constantly been evolving and improving their web interface...»

Dear Mark Zuckerberg Open Letter Slam By Young and Up & Coming Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell

John Furrier | August 2nd

Dalton Caldwell @DaltonC is the founder of, a social platform that is pivoting after Facebook offered to buy it or kill it.  Dalton is the creator of imeem, a social music site that was...»

Think Like A Programmer: Programming Languages in Bite Size

Cherr Aira | August 2nd

For non-techie individuals, programming languages are totally from another planet. Who cares about the complex patterns and codes of SQL, Java, C++, or Ruby--and the long list goes on? We should. Essentially, programming languages are designed for machines...»

Two-Thirds of Software in iOS App Store Are Zombies

Isha Suri | August 2nd

We all have fun playing zombies games on our smartphones and computing devices. But ever heard of games or software acting as ‘Zombies’? Well, a recent finding by German mobile analytics firm Adeven has revealed that around ...»

Keeping up with Big Data: An IT Tale of Two Architectures

Guest Author | August 2nd

If there is one topic in computing, networking and storage that is commanding attention these days, it's Big Data.  We read about it in the media, we hear about it at conferences and seminars, we learn about it...»

Can Laws Help Governments Build Standards Around Data Transparency?

Saroj Kar | August 2nd

The government lacks transparency and can’t go dumping large quantities of data in poorly presented states, says the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) in its report on the government's transparency agenda. The PAC chair, Margaret Hodge, has said the...»

Four Billion Hours of YouTube Viewed Each Month

Mike Wheatley | August 2nd

We all know that YouTube is pretty popular these days, but do you have any idea just how popular it is? That’s hard to quantify of course, but let’s just say that if the latest estimation of over...»

RIM 4G LTE PlayBook Out on August 9, Will Open Source BB10

Mellisa Tolentino | August 2nd

There were rumors going around last week that Research in Motion will soon be unveiling a 4G LTE PlayBook.  IT was reported that they were getting ready to unveil the 4G tablet as early as July 31...»