Fab.com Celebrates Anniversary With Llustre Acquisition, UK Office

Mellisa Tolentino | June 19th

Fab.com, the e-commerce company with a focus on modern design for daily flash sales, is celebrating their anniversary with an acquisition.  The acquisition speaks to the company's goals for global growth as it reaches...»

Strange Big Data: A World Without the Web

Mike Wheatley | June 19th

It’s amazing to think, but a little over twenty years ago none of us were connected even remotely like we are now. The internet has changed the way we live beyond all comprehension – it’s...»

Dell’s New Linux Laptop Built For Developers Will Query Github Repositories for Profiles

Alex Williams | June 18th

Dell's new Linux laptop built for developers will query github repositories for profiles that are shared and extended among people using the open-source laptops. In a blog post update about "Project Sputnik," Dell's Barton George...»

NetApp Needs Some Missing Pieces To Keep Pace

Alex Williams | June 18th

NetApp has gone from an underdog in the market to one of the big players. They have kept with innovations to some extent through leadership with unified storage and new reference architectures. But to keep...»

Build Your Own Splunk-Like Central Log Management Tool With Open Source Software

Matt Weinberger | June 18th

In the age of big data, log management is becoming an absolute necessity, as developers, operations, and, yes, DevOps have to deal with and process huge amounts of machine-generated data. Many organizations have turned to...»

EqualLogic on Storage, Virtualization and the Future

Josette Rigsby | June 18th

The Cube’s Stu Miniman and Dave Vellante sat down with Travis Vigil Executive Director Equalogic, Dell at this year’s Dell Storage Forum to chat about EqualLogic’s growth and evolution since joining Dell (full video...»

Intel Powers Up Supercomputers with Xeon Phi

Maria Deutscher | June 18th

High performance computing environments are a point of interest for several chip makers, and Nvidia in particular has been capitalizing on the huge potential of GPUs in such environments.   These chipsets are compromised of hundreds...»

Is Apple’s Map App Better than Google’s? Let’s Compare

Mellisa Tolentino | June 18th

It was no surprise when Apple announced at the WWDC 2012 that iOS 6 will no longer feature Google Maps, with grand plans to push their own map and navigation app.  The two are...»

Facebook Gets In Your Face.com

Mike Wheatley | June 18th

Following weeks of speculation, it’s finally been confirmed that Facebook has another takeover in the works. They’re about to acquire the Israel-based startup Face.com, a company that specializes in the development of facial recognition...»

Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick Joins Forces with KnowBe4

Kyt Dotson | June 18th

Clearwater, FL-based cybersecurity outfit KnowBe4 provides training for business and enterprise groups on what to expect when an attacker (be it malware or a person) attempts to gain access to their systems. They have joined forces with previously...»