Bored with Apple, Samsung Declares War on Facebook Instead

Mike Wheatley | June 13th

Samsung getting fed up of copying making phones perhaps? Or do they genuinely believe they can do what the likes of Google and Apple have miserably failed to achieve? Either way, reports...»

Latest Big Data Trends Revealed with Jaspersoft Q2 Index

Maria Deutscher | June 13th

Business intelligence software firm Jaspersoft operates, a community site that, among other things, allows developers to download open-source big data technology. That covers pretty much all of the Apache projects associated with...»

Analysis: Hortonworks Plays it Smart by Partnering for Mainstream Adoption

John Furrier | June 13th

Much of the challenge for any early market player, particularly those in open-source software, is the ability to deliver solutions with broad appeal to mainstream customers in a timeframe that meets market demand. Hortonworks is...»

Ford Completes the Focus Electric Circle with MyFord Mobile App

Mellisa Tolentino | June 13th

Ford Motor Co., the American multinational automaker, announced the MyFord Mobile iPhone app and  to complete the circle of the Ford Focus Electric. At first, Ford was talking about giving consumers the option of...»

Dell Speaks On Dividend Payout, Cost-Cutting and Fresh Focus on Data Centers

Kristen Nicole | June 13th

In a meeting with analysts, Dell Inc., one of the largest personal computer makers remaining in the market, founder Michael Dell stated that the company would focus more on data center gear, cutting costs, and...»

George Crump Discusses Dell and the Future of Storage in theCube

Maria Deutscher | June 13th

George Crump of Storage Switzerland attended this week’s Dell Storage Forum and stopped by theCube for a chat with Wikibon’s Dave Vellante. In just over 20 minutes the two analysts managed to cover a...»

Flame and Stuxnet Malware were “Parallel Projects”

Mike Wheatley | June 13th

Security experts have revealed that the creators of the Flame malware and the notorious Stuxnet worm, the two deadliest malicious programs ever discovered, likely collaborated with one another during their development, to the extent...»

Your Complete Guide to Hadoop: Issues, Ecosystem and More

Bert Latamore | June 13th

Is your company interested in Hadoop? Want to look like an expert to your boss? Wikibon Principal Research Contributor Jeff Kelly has published a comprehensive assessment of the state of Hadoop and the five...»

Samsung Furthers NFC Campaign With Tec Tiles

Mellisa Tolentino | June 13th

Today’s mobile news round up features Siri getting behind the wheels of cars, Samsung’s new NFC stickers, Sony unveils new Xperia’s, and more. Siri to be integrated in cars At the WWDC, Apple announced that a...»