Big Data’s Moving To India In A Big, Big Way

Mike Wheatley | October 8th

Been shopping in Wal-Mart recently? Then you might find it unsettling to know that you were probably being watched, and not just by the security guards on the lookout for shoplifters. As American companies’ voracious appetite for information on...»

It’s More than Just Bad PR for Apple, Foxconn and the iPhone 5

Maria Deutscher | October 8th

From worries over iPhone 5 shortages to factory riots, there's no shortage of drama for Apple and its manufacturing partner Foxconn. SiliconANGLE editor-in-chief Mark Hopkins hopped on the News Desk this morning to discuss the latest on...»

China’s Biggest Malware Host Pledges To Fight Cybercrime

Mike Wheatley | October 8th

The world’s largest malware host has announced it plans to clean up its act following a high-profile investigation into its activities by Microsoft., a Chinese-registered web hosting company, earlier saw its domains seized by the...»

HTC ‘Ya Later – What Chance a Comeback Now?

Mike Wheatley | October 8th

2012 has proven to be a nightmare year for HTC, and now things have just got a whole lot worse with Taiwanese smartphone maker’s third quarter profits slumping by a record-breaking 79%, well below its previous forecasts and...»

Kinect for Windows SDK Now Available Worldwide, Seeks Commercial Growth

Mellisa Tolentino | October 8th

The Kinect for Windows Team announced that the latest Kinect for Windows runtime and software development kit (SDK) are now available today as well as the availability of the Kinect for Windows sensor in China. “I look forward...»

Data Protection Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought, Says Intel

Maria Deutscher | October 8th

[caption id="attachment_121797" align="alignright" width="300"] John Furrier speaking with Jim Greene, Sr. Security Engineer for Intel at Intel Developer Forum, 2012.[/caption] When it comes to security architecture, many developments in the stack seem to be an afterthought, particularly in the...»

Oracle’s Virtualization Strategy: Will it Succeed?

Saroj Kar | October 8th

Gartner predicts the cloud computing market will be worth $58 billion this year, as compared to $50 billion last year worldwide.  That means big opportunities for top industry players including Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and others, all developing a...»

Angry Birds Joins this List of Best Star Wars Parodies

Mellisa Tolentino | October 8th

Rovio teased Angry Birds fans last week when they tweeted a photo of a hooded figure with a simple “Who could this be? Check back tomorrow for a hint!” teaser. Soon, it was unveiled that the hooded figure...»

Huawei & ZTE Labeled “Security Threat” By US Committee

Mike Wheatley | October 8th

American firms are being advised not to do business with China’s two leading telecom companies because they pose a significant national security risk, warned a US congressional panel. The House Intelligence Committee recommends that the two firms - Huawei...»

Motorola Kills Off Webtop, Won’t Be Missed

Mellisa Tolentino | October 8th

Today’s mobile news roundup: Motorola announces death of Webtop; House Intelligence Committee warns US companies from doing business with Chinese tech firms; HTC profits drop to record low; users blamed for iPhone 5 purple photo haze; and Nokia...»