Angry Big Data: Mapping Protests Around The World

Mike Wheatley | September 19th

Since the emergence of a controversial movie ridiculing the Islamic prophet Mohammad sparked uproar in the Middle East, resulting in the death of the American ambassador after the storming of the US consulate in Benghazi, protests have...»

Cloudant to Provide Cloud Database Service to GAIN Fitness

Isha Suri | September 19th

NoSQL data layer as a service provider, Cloudant, has announced that personal training mobile app, GAIN Fitness has selected it to replace PostgreSQL, in order to provide more scalable application performance to their rapidly growing user base. GAIN...»

Inventive Redditor Builds Xbox 360 Into a Laptop Case and Walks into a Bar

Kyt Dotson | September 19th

Interestingly, it’s not a joke, yet that is the punch line for this inventive marvel. Most game consoles are a little bit less-than-portable—that’s why the mobile market is awash with handhelds that act like consoles but run in their...»

Microsoft Enables IntelliTrace for DevOps

Isha Suri | September 19th

Microsoft recently announced that it has enabled IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2012 for DevOps, which will help the developer community to track coding issues easily and effortlessly. Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is already shipping for the last three...»

Reddit Co-Founder Faces 13 Felonies for Data Theft, $1 Million Fine and 35 Years in Prison

Cherr Aira | September 19th

The number thirteen could possibly be the least favorite number of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz. Following four felonies in 2011, the Federal Government has filed nine more charges against the activist coder for breaching hacking laws when...»

Microsoft Making Virtualization Easier, Cheaper for SMBs

Bert Latamore | September 19th

Despite the obvious advantages, many SMBs are hesitant to virtualize their servers because of the complexity that introduces into the environment. They just do not have the resources to add the skill sets required to...»

Windows Azure Mobile Services Aim to Simplify App Development

Tavis J. Hampton | September 19th

Microsoft recently announced Windows Azure Mobile Services, an app infrastructure stack that will allow mobile developers to focus on developing their app rather than the infrastructure. In doing so, Microsoft is trying out...»

How Facebook Gets Hacked

Mike Wheatley | September 19th

Yesterday it was revealed that a UK-based information privacy company is offering the world’s first social media insurance plan to cover against Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts being hacked. The chance to receive a lump sum...»

Ericsson Sees Brocade as Collaborator in Creating Network of the Future

Bert Latamore | September 19th

“The amount of data hitting mobile and fixed networks is going to grow at a dramatic pace over the next five years,” Sony Ericsson VP of Advanced Technology Solutions Glenn Laxdal said in...»

Sony Unveils A Curvy, Super Slim PS3, Not the PS4

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

I’m not a hardcore gamer but I do play some games on Sony’s PlayStation 3.  I really enjoy playing the Little Big Planet franchise, I just adore the little sock puppets as you can dress them up whichever...»