Netflix Brings Cluster, Application Management to Amazon Web Services with Asgard Open Source Tool

Matt Weinberger | June 25th

Netflix is continuing its habit of releasing cloud tools to the open source community with the announcement that the source code for Asgard, the video provider's web interface for application deployment and Amazon...»

appMobi Spreads the Gospel of HTML5, Sees Facebook as Key to Mobile App Discovery

Kristen Nicole | June 25th

HTML5 is of growing interest to mobile developers in particular, but many questions have been raised about this gaining standard and its ability to unify our mobile experience.  Mobile development tools maker appMobi  recognizes...»

Windows 8: Meaner and Tougher On Security

Mellisa Tolentino | June 25th

There’s so much hype regarding Microsoft’s Windows 8 which will be released later this year.  The new and improved OS boasts of a new interface that would streamline the experience across PCs and mobile devices such as tablets...»

Accenture Closes Three Deals in One Week

Maria Deutscher | June 25th

IT consultancy Accenture had a pretty good run last week, according to a Trefis report that says the company closed three high-profile deals in just seven days. Accenture’s first agreement was with Nordea, the largest banker in...»

CPU Flaw Makes Intel Easy Target for Hackers, Cisco Patches Security Holes

Cherr Aira | June 25th

We have already entered the cloud era with several organizations joining the troop of public cloud adoption. But just like in any other transitions, there is the “fear” of something new or something unknown. To cloud and virtualization,...»

Drobo Mini: A great idea with one big missing feature

Scott Lowe | June 25th

This week, Drobo took the cover off of a product that’s been in development for quite some time: The Drobo Mini.  As is the case with all Drobos, the Mini features the company’s proprietary BeyondRAID technology, but it...»

UK Royal Society: Open Data is the Key to the Second Scientific Revolution

Alex Williams | June 25th

The UK Royal Society is a fellowship of the world's most brilliant scientists. Founded in 1660, its members have included Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. Distinguished thinkers Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking...»

Skype for Android Hits 70M Downloads

Mellisa Tolentino | June 25th

Skype, the VoIP acquired by Microsoft last year that connects millions of people everyday, has been doing well in its mobile revival efforts.  It's  Android app alone has reached over 70 million downloads in Google...»

Microsoft Acquires Yammer, Head-Scratching Ensues

Harmony Tapper | June 25th

In one of the worst kept secrets of 2012, Microsoft has announced today that it will be acquiring Yammer for $1.2 billion.  Yammer, a social enterprise software startup, is to become part of the...»

Boxopus Brings Torrents Out of the Cloud and Directly Into Your Dropbox

Kyt Dotson | June 25th

It’s strange that the function of peer-to-peer technology doesn’t often combine directly with cloud efforts because the strategy behind p2p fits so neatly into the jigsaw of the cloud. It certainly does combine behind the scenes more often...»