Facebook IPO Buzz Spurs Investor Enthusiasm Across Verticals

Maria Deutscher | May 4th

Here's a hefty number for ya: $96 billion. That’s the valuation amount Facebook, the massive social network with a user base of over 900 million, is hoping to reach after its May 18 initial public...»

YouSendIt Hits the 30M User Mark, Reaches other Milestones in Q1

Maria Deutscher | May 4th

YouSendIt has been doing remarkably well in the past 12 months, according to some new data that the company released about its growth and other achievements in the first quarter of fiscal 2012. YouSendIt didn’t...»

The Perfect Geek Gift for Mother’s Day

Mellisa Tolentino | May 4th

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and many of us struggle with ideas for what to give the woman who birthed and raised  us.  There's always flowers, gift certificates, jewelry, dinner or the simple pleasures of...»

Is Encryption the Answer to Data Security in the Cloud?

Bert Latamore | May 4th

The near simultaneous advent of cloud, true mobile, and big data technologies has hugely complicated data security, a problem that many companies are only beginning to understand, says Securosis Analyst and President Mike Rothman. This growing realization is helping...»

Cisco Gets Deeper into Data Analytics with Truviso Buy

Maria Deutscher | May 4th

Networking solutions maker Cisco announced that it will be acquiring a firm called Truviso for a sum that has not be disclosed; the deal is expected to finalize sometime in the fourth quarter. The...»

The Samsung Galaxy SIII – Full Specs and Early Reactions

Mellisa Tolentino | May 4th

Samsung finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy SIII in their Unpacked event at London’s Earl’s Court last night.  So for those of you missed the launch, here’s an overview of what the new Galaxy offers. ...»

Google’s Android Lost Revenue In 2010

Mellisa Tolentino | May 4th

Today’s mobile roundup features the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, Android losing money in 2010, the latest information on dropped calls experienced by mobile subscribers and more. Samsung Galaxy SIII Samsung finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy SIII at...»

Kanban Hackers Extend Rally ALM Tool at Hackathon

Klint Finley | May 4th

This week agile application lifecycle management vendor Rally held a hackathon in Boulder, CO to celebrate the new version of the company's App SDK, which gives developers full access to all artifacts and can take you...»

#Antisec Mastermind Anarchaos Indicted in Lulzsec Cases

John Casaretto | May 3rd

Jeremy “Anarchaos” Hammond has been indicted in the revised Anonymous/Lulzsec case, as charged by a federal grand jury.  The case includes the attacks against Stratfor and the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  While Hammond was one of the...»

Ross Mayfield Sells 2 Companies in One Week: SocialText and SlideShare

Klint Finley | May 3rd

Ross Mayfield, founder of the enterprise social network platform Socialtext and VP of business development of SlideShare had both of his companies acquired this week: Socialtext to Bedford Funding and SlideShare to LinkedIn. Mayfield, who ...»