What to Expect from Apple at WWDC 2012

Maria Deutscher | May 29th

Apple launched the landing page for WWDC this week – its annual developer conference that features workshops, various sessions and most importantly a keynote that is generally perceived as the main highlight of the...»

Piecing Together Facebook Mobile: Acquisitions, Rumors, Ads and Android

Kristen Nicole | May 29th

Since going public, news surrounding Facebook has focused on mobile: how will Facebook roll out its mobile strategy?  How will Facebook justify its recent string of acquisitions, namely Instagram for $1 billion?  How do...»

“Flame” Virus is the Latest Greatest Cyber Weapon Discovery

John Casaretto | May 29th

Wired.com is reporting that Russian security researchers from Kaspersky Labs have found a sophisticated computer virus that is infecting computers in Iran and other Middle East countries.  Indications are that the virus appears to be designed to gather...»

The Goods on Open Source? It’s the Collaboration

Will Schroeder | May 29th

If you ask me what the single most important benefit of an open source systems is, I would unhesitatingly say “accelerates collaboration and hence innovation” through extended communities. Not only is it fun to work...»

Mobile Web Explosion Changes the Internet Game

Harmony Tapper | May 29th

Smartphones have revolutionized the way that people use the internet, with phone manufacturers creating web browsers such as Safari for mobile devices.  Ina Fried of allthingsd reports that mobile devices make up nearly 20...»

Brocade on the State and Future of Networking – Customer Choice is Key

Josette Rigsby | May 29th

The Cube’s John Furrier and Dave Vellante sat down with Jason Nolet, Vice President Data Center and Enterprise Networking Group, Brocade, at this year’s EMC World about the state of the networking market and where...»

Facebook’s Latest Acquisition Could be Face.com

Maria Deutscher | May 29th

Word has it that Facebook has caught the scent of yet another high-value acquisition target. It is rumored that the social network plans to acquire facial recognition startup Face.com for a sum ranging between 80 and...»

Strange Big Data: Humans vs. Machines

Kristina Farrah | May 29th

Alongside the rise of technology spreads the dilemma that computers might one day take over and enslave humanity. That may sound a bit beyond the pale, but perhaps it can actually happen.  We’ve


10Gen Raises $42 Million to Bolster MongoDB and Battle for the Database Market

Alex Williams | May 29th

The disruption in the database market is fully apparent today with the news that 10Gen has received $42 million in funding from New Enterprise Associates and existing investors. 10Gen develops MongoDB, the open-source NOSQL database. It...»

ProInsights Tops this Week’s Tablet Business Apps

Maria Deutscher | May 29th

This week Mint updated their app with new features from the site, and a LinkedIn visualization tool for Android called ProInsights made it to a top spot on the list. iPad Mint The company behind the popular...»