Three Alternatives to Amazon Glacier

Matt Weinberger | August 22nd

This week, Amazon Web Services rocked the longterm mission-critical data backup market with the launch of Amazon Glacier, an extremely-low-cost, purposely-low-performance, high-durability cloud storage offering that's gunning for those enterprises that are still using tape for archival...»

Apple-Samsung Trial Awaits Jury Deliberation

Mellisa Tolentino | August 22nd

Today’s mobile news roundup features: Apple and Samsung’s closing arguments; Opera’s new partnership with Google; Israel’s WiFi donkeys; and unlimited 4G offerings. Apple and Samsung deliver closing arguments Presiding Judge Lucy Koh asked Apple and Samsung to try and settle...»

Ahead of VMworld 2012: VMware Licensing Changes, New Hardware and Software

Maria Deutscher | August 22nd

VMworld 2012 is just around the corner and already demonstrators, VMware itself, are starting to unveil their updates in hopes of attracting attendees to their booths. One of the biggest news that have been made public so far is...»

Windows 8: Metro Out, Augment Licensing In

Maria Deutscher | August 22nd

A couple big changes will be introduced with Windows 8 that future users and developers ought to be aware of. For starters, Metro is no longer the designated name for the tile-based interface design that will be featured...»

Consumer Apps Prove to be a Big VC Investment

Amber Harris | August 22nd

Consumer apps has proved to be one of the largest venture capital investments for the first half of this year, worth $1.009 billion in value, with $3.9 billion invested in mobile companies worldwide. Non-software, like devices and infrastructure, still...»

Experts Debate Strategy in Hadoop Turf Wars

Tavis J. Hampton | August 21st

The theory goes something like this: an open source project is somewhat like an unclaimed turf in a gang war. The gang that can claim the turf will essentially control all flow of cash and...»

RNC and Partners Create a “Convention without walls” on YouTube

Maria Deutscher | August 21st

Ahead of the Republican Party’s Tampa convention on the 27th, organizers are busy putting together a digital “convention without walls” on YouTube with the help of social tools and WiFi. The RNC partnered up with


Building a Data-Driven Service for Startups

Amber Harris | August 21st

Max Marmer, a 21-year-old college dropout from Stanford has created an online service called Startup Compass, based in Palo Alto, that allows newly ripe companies to compare themselves to other companies in other areas. The data enables them to...»

Groupon Loses Investors As They Battle PETA

Mellisa Tolentino | August 21st

Groupon is facing troubled times as at least four of their investors, including Silicon Valley veteran Marc Andreessen, head for the door.  They're losing faith in the once promising company. Andreessen’s firm, Andreessen Horowitz, was responsible for $40 million...»

The Next Great Tech Entrepreneurs Will Live By The Cheetah Code, New Film On African Innovation

Kathryn Buford | August 21st

Editor's Note: Portions of this article have been excerpted from The Cheetah Code Press Release and writings by Jon Gosier. Jon Gosier, founder of MetaLayer (audience choice winner of Strata’s 2012 startup showcase), is combining...»