Google Drive is Official and Wins as the Most Anticlimactic Launch of All Time

Alex Williams | April 24th

The actual announcement of the launch of Google Drive appeared this morning on the company's French blog. Google quickly deleted it. Now they just officially announced it. That seals it. The Google...»

Offerpop Fan Profiles Optimize Timeline, Tracks Influencers

Saroj Kar | April 24th

Offerpop, the social content marketing provider that runs promotions across Facebook and Twitter for brands, released a new feature called Fan Profiles to stimulate e-commerce sales. The suite of Facebook marketing apps is built...»

Android Chief Crumbles In Court, Admits Java APIs Are Copyrighted

Mellisa Tolentino | April 24th

Quick recap: Oracle is suing Google for allegedly infringing their Java patents and used them in the development for the Android platform.  Last week, CEOs from both parties gave their testimonies.  Oracle insists that executives...»

Three Open Source-Based Cloud Alternatives to OpenStack

Matt Weinberger | April 24th

Maybe you're waiting for OpenStack to mature. Maybe you're testing OpenStack internally but want to see what else is out there. Or maybe you're just curious. Regardless, now that we've taken a look at...»

Say Hello to MintChip and Goodbye to the Canadian Economy

Luke Massey | April 24th

Digital currencies and payment systems are big news these days. Everyone from governments to private companies to groups of hackers and geeks compete to invent the next killer app in payment systems. Creating a successful digital currency offers...»

Yammer Adds Universal Search, Takes a Step Closer to Being the Information Cortex

Klint Finley | April 24th

Today Yammer announced a few new features, most notably the ability to return search results from external applications from within Yammer. Yammer has been been working to build integrations with other business applications such as SAP, Netsuite,...»

Samsung App Says It’s the Galaxy S3 We’ll See on May 3

Mellisa Tolentino | April 24th

Today’s mobile news roundup features Google’s rumored cloud service launch today, Samsung's growing trail of clues for their May event, Nokia’s poor credit rating and more. Google Drive today? According to some sources, the much awaited Google...»

XaaS: 10 Recommendations for the Road to Anything-as-a-Service

Alex Williams | April 23rd

Accenture has published a study for traditional businesses that face a future where they will have to consider offering almost anything-as-a-service (XaaS). Where the Cloud Meets Reality: Scaling to Succeed in New Business Models, consists of...»

XtremIO Acquisition Would Make Sense for EMC

Alex Williams | April 23rd

Rumors circulating that EMC is buying XtremIO gives a sense that Flash is about to get a real boost in the mainstream market. XtremIO play is a bit different than other flash providers in the market....»

Use IRC to Improve Collaboration in DevOps Groups

Klint Finley | April 23rd

A while back we asked what tools your DevOps team uses to collaborate. IRC, Skype other chat tools were high on the list. It's clear that text chat is an important tool for collaboration. In a recent...»