The Dream of the 90s is Alive in the Flash Market

Alex Williams | May 25th

"Hey Dave, so you're back from Vegas." "Yeah, Alex, it was unreal." "Really?" "I have a lot to tell you." "You know, Violin Memory, right?" "Yeah." "Well, the founder, Don Basile, he came onto theCube this week at EMC World...»

EMC’s M&A Strategy Dictates XtremeIO and Syncplicity to Become $1 Billion Businesses

Alex Williams | May 24th

EMC guides its strategy according to what it calls its "triple play." It serves as a framework to run the company internally and guide its way in the market. According to EMC CFO and Executive Vice President David Goulden,that means...»

Fusion-io All About Flash Gaming, Drecom is Latest Client

Maria Deutscher | May 24th

Flash storage giant Fusion-io has been tapping the gaming industry lately, releasing case study after case study covering various companies’ use of its ioDrive solutions.  The newest is Drecom, a Japanese web portal that...»

Flash in the Cloud is Still Early in Innovation, Says Solidfire

John Casaretto | May 24th

David Cahill, Director of Strategic Alliances for Solidfire made an appearance on theCube at EMCWorld 2012.  Solidfire is a revolutionary player in the cloud architecture realm.  As the only all-flash array product that is focused exclusively to the...»

VMware Extends Desktop Virtualization Portfolio with Wanova

Maria Deutscher | May 24th

VMware signed an agreement to acquire an Israeli firm called Wanova, with the goal of enabling virtual desktop management on offline end point devices. This is according to a blog post from earlier this...»

Fear and Opportunity Drive Big Data in Business, Says Tom Roloff

Bert Latamore | May 24th

Big data is still in the strategy planning stage in most industries according to Tom Roloff, COO for EMC Consulting. But, he said in an interview in The SiliconAngle Cube from EMCworld 2012, companies...»

U.S. State Department Hacks al-Qaeda Webpages

John Casaretto | May 24th

An AP report has disclosed that the U.S. State Department launched the “hacking” of al-Qaeda sites in Yemen.  The article states that propaganda on the web pages was reversed to show altered versions of the ads that...»

EMC President Pat Gelsinger Materializes Data Infrastructure in theCube at EMC World 2012

Kyt Dotson | May 24th

Pat Gelsinger, President and Chief Operating Officer of EMC, dropped into theCube at EMC World 2012 to speak with John Furrier and Dave Vellante—he visits every year at EMC World and always brings a lot of interesting insights...»

Precog’s Raises $2M for Drag ‘N Drop Analytics Interface

Maria Deutscher | May 24th

This week a startup called Precog that it received $2 million in a first round of funding led by RP Ventures, only three months after it came out of stealth at the Strata conference. The...»

EMC CTO Discusses the Current State of Big Data

Josette Rigsby | May 24th

The Cube is providing continuous coverage of EMC World 2012 being held in Las Vegas May 21 – 24. The Cube’s Dave Vellante sat down with Bill Schmarzo, CTO Enterprise Information Management and...»