Breaking Analysis: A Timeline of the Autonomy Acquisition

Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins | November 20th

[caption id="attachment_126722" align="aligncenter" width="502"] Please click image for video.[/caption] CNBC has been doing a pretty decent job getting first hand perspectives from the players involved with the big news out of HP today, with regard to the alleged...»

Guilty Verdict for iPad -AT&T “Hacker” Weev

John Casaretto | November 20th

Andrew Auernheimer, also known as “Weev” was found guilty today in a federal case being tried in a in New Jersey federal court where the personal data of more than 114,000 iPad owners was harvested. ...»

Breaking Analysis: Big Data Hits the Bigtime?

Molly Sassmann | November 20th

Europe is trying to address privacy issues with a proposal that's been termed the "right to be forgotten." Currently, users' internet actions, whether they be Facebook updates or online purchases, are collected by various parties....»

The Cloud Review: Big Investments, File Sharing Buzz

Maria Deutscher | November 20th

The past week had a few interesting updates, most notably that two vendors not known at all for veering away from their core markets made a couple of big investments in the cloud. First is Oracle. The database giant...»

Breaking Analysis: Nokia’s HERE Test Drives the iPhone, Oprah’s True Tablet Preference Surfaces?

Molly Sassmann | November 20th

Nokia's new maps application "Here" for iOS is available today in the App Store. SiliconANGLE News Desk Editor Kristen Nicole gave a brief review on it, saying that it's reminiscent of Nokia's old Symbian operating...»

Sony Opens Doors To More Developers With PlayStation Mobile SDK

Mellisa Tolentino | November 20th

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. recently announced the initiation of the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program that includes the official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK which kicks off the development of apps that can be used on devices...»

Democrats Doubling Down on Big Data

John Casaretto | November 20th

This year, we've witnessed the value and the power of Big Data in politics. We've seen the phenomenon throughout the last few weeks, from Nate Silver, to the failure of Orca – through...»

Here Comes the Joyent7 – The First Fabric-based Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Isha Suri | November 20th

Joyent recently released the Joyent7, the first fabric-based cloud infrastructure platform that will help enterprises and cloud service providers to fulfill their ever increasing cloud management needs. Joyent7 has been designed to deliver the performance required...»

Hiperos Automates Information About FCPA Risk Into Actionable Intelligence

Kyt Dotson | November 20th

I normally write about cybersecurity and the cultural implications of software, technology, and policy on how people approach their own security—succeed or fail. However, running a business securely is more than just properly vetting employees, putting locks...»

Exclusive: Autonomy Missed Revenue by 90% – The Big, Bad Data – Crime of the Century

John Furrier | November 20th

HP has confirmed to me that their $8.8 billion write-down related to Autonomy has a big time accounting scandal tied to it and Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch.     According to a source, the Autonomy...»