Mobile Monday News: Apple-Samsung Case Called “Ridiculous” by Aussie Judge

Mellisa Tolentino | July 23rd

Today’s mobile news roundup features the following: the Samsung and Apple battled dubbed ridiculous by Aussie court; Apple’s stunted growth; Permanent iPhone unlock for AT&T subscribers; Intel not porting Android for Clover Trail tablets; and...»

Your Favorite iPhone 5 Rumors: Readers’ Picks

Mellisa Tolentino | July 23rd

Some of you may already be sick of reading about iPhone 5 rumors, but we just can’t get enough.  But even if the rumors are better than what Apple releases, I’m sure we'll see hoards...»

Budget Squeeze and Big Data Dreams: CIOs Struggle with Services Shift

Bert Latamore | July 23rd

CIOs are struggling with the impact of cloud services according to the results of the inaugural Wikibon/ServicesAngle IT Transformation survey, but the largest problem is not the obvious one. Over the past year, writes Wikibon...»

Trapit Tops This Week’s Business Tablet App Roundup

Maria Deutscher | July 22nd

Trapit is an AI coupled with a newspaper app that aggregates content that the user is interested in from around the web and not just from social networks. This is where the artificial intelligence kicks...»

The Cloud is Still Big, and so is Cloud Piracy

Maria Deutscher | July 22nd

The Business Software Alliance and research firm Ipsos Public Affairs published a report about the state of cloud services in the consumer space and within the enterprise. The study polled 15,000 computer users in 33...»

This Week in Big Data: Social Data, Visualization and Log Management

Maria Deutscher | July 21st

There were a few interesting analytics-related updates this week, starting with Salesforce’s new service. The popular SaaS provider debuted Radian6 Insights, a tool that promises to analyze social media data and present it in such...»

Do You Trust Facebook or a Grocery Store with your Data?

Saroj Kar | July 21st

Despite the rise of Facebook, the fact remains that companies like Google, Amazon generate more confidence with consumers. At least that's what a recent a report says, by location-based marketing firm Placecast, conducted online by...»

Google Acquires Sparrow Mac/iOS Mail Client, Gmail Integration Coming

Matt Weinberger | July 20th

Google has announced the acquisition of Sparrow, the developers of the highly popular e-mail client for Apple OS X and iOS, as the search giant (presumably) moves to revamp its approach to mobile Gmail. "We care a lot...»

YouTube Presents Face Blurring Tool, Helps Activists Protect Identity

Isha Suri | July 20th

Google recently announced that it will now be offering a face blurring tool for the video uploads on YouTube. While this has been done while taking activists and citizen journalists into consideration, the tool will not be limited...»

Dell Puts Aside $60M for Big Data Storage Startups

Maria Deutscher | July 20th

Michael Dell was one of the speakers at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, and he elaborated on the newest element of his company’s storage company. Dell is evolving. The hardware vendor, which makes most...»