SAP to Resell NetBase SaaS-based Social Media Analytics App

Jeffrey Kelly | December 12th

SAP has made another cloud-based deal, though this one a partnership and not an acquisition. SAP announced this morning that it plans to resell NetBases's Software-as-a-Service social media analytics application, which transforms Tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts and...»

Cloud Robotics : A Threat or Help to Humans?

Phoebe Mandap | December 12th

Robots are great, but cloud robotics are genius.  But what exactly is a cloud robot?  Here’s Mario Tremblay’s definition of this amazing development.

“For me, cloud robotics happens when we connect robots to the Internet and

Google Celebrates 84th Birthday of the Mayor Of Silicon Valley

Mellisa Tolentino | December 12th

Google creates Doodles to mark important events, birthdays of important people, etc. and to celebrate Robert “Bob” Noyce’s 84th birthday, they’ve created a microchip Doodle. Noyce is dubbed “The Mayor of Silicon Valley,” as...»

VMware’s Vision of the Social Enterprise: it’s All Mobile

Maria Deutscher | December 12th

VMware has attended a couple of events lately where company officials shed some light about the way they see how the cloud, and how user virtualization ties in to the social enterprise today, as well...»

RuFraud Apps Taint the Android Market, Google Removes 9 Apps

Mellisa Tolentino | December 12th

Last month, reports of mobile malware attacks were on the rise, especially on Android devices.  This led to Google Open Source Programs Manager  Chris DiBona ranting on his Google+ page stating how pissed...»

Top iPad, Android Business Apps: Analytics on-the-go with Woopra

Maria Deutscher | December 11th

The featured app in this week’s list is the newly launched Woopra, an analytics app for the iPad and iPhone that compresses a Google Analytics-like service into a tablet-optimized view with a lot of...»

This Week in Cloud: Services, Analytics in the Spotlight

Maria Deutscher | December 10th

This week it’s all about cloud services, and an interesting push by IBM to get into the analytics world. The first two developments pertain to the accelerating open-source trend within the as-a-service space, where this approach...»

HP Executives: webOS is a Platform, Not an Operating System

Klint Finley | December 9th

HP will transform webOS into a platform with the goal of creating a world-class HTML5-browser that would potentially compete more with Chrome and Safari than Android or iOS. The strategy would put HP on a path...»

Red Hat Introduces Open-Source Big Data Storage Solution

Maria Deutscher | December 9th

Red Hat further clarifies their intentions behind its acquisition of open storage management firm Gluster with the launch of the Red Hat Storage Software Appliance, a big data file system based on open-source technology. The offering,...»

The webOS Opportunity for RIM and the Overall Market

Bert Latamore | December 9th

webOS is a promising technology with great potential that until now has suffered from bad luck. Palm's last great innovation, introduced before the iPad,  could have been a competitor to the iOS. But Palm lacked...»