YouTube Now Safe for Schools with Special Content Channels

Saroj Kar | December 12th

Starting today, Google offers a fresh take on YouTube for schools, students and teachers with “YouTube for Schools.” It's a new network whose primary purpose is to present video content for training students, without the...»

Microsoft Embraces Node.js, DevOps and Hadoop with new Azure Release

Klint Finley | December 12th

Microsoft announced an update to its Azure cloud service that adds support for developing on Azure using Node.js, among other new features and improvements Microsoft is also offering a limited preview of its Apache Hadoop...»

QLogic Offers Extended Warranty for 10GB Adapters

Maria Deutscher | December 12th

Networking gear vendor QLogic extended the five-year warranty available with its Fibre Channel adapter to its 10Gb Ethernet adapters – specifically the QLogic-branded 3200 Series Intelligent Ethernet adapters and 8200 Series converged networking adapters (CANs)....»

Microsoft Forces Its Way To Your Living Rooms with Xbox Live TV

Cherr Aira | December 12th

After series of setbacks following Bill Gates’ departure in 2009, Microsoft is looking to wake up from the dead by reinventing the usual television experience—something that has become a staple element of the society and favorite pastime of just...»

Dwolla Will Unveil Paradigm Shift in Business on December 15th

Kyt Dotson | December 12th

The now-famous, social media fueled finance network Dwolla is set to entirely change the way that they do business on Dec 15, 2011. This upcoming celebration and unveiling will be hosted in Des Moines, IA at a location...»

Intel Slashes Outlook Due to Thailand Disaster

Maria Deutscher | December 12th

The flooding in Thailand has led to a decline in output for the local hard-drive manufacturing industry, which has become a sore spot for hardware manufacturers considering the plants in the nation  ship the majority...»

What webOS Means for Android’s Dominance

Mellisa Tolentino | December 12th

As last week came to an end, Helwlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman announced her company's plans for webOS - they're going the open source route.  And it looks like this could shake Google’s world, with...»

Hortonworks: Half the World’s Data Will be on Hadoop in 5 Years

Alex Williams | December 12th

Editor's Note: Wikibon Analyst Bert Latamore recently participated with his colleagues in an interview with Hortonworks CEO Eric Baldeschweiler. The following is a profile by Bert and analysis of the market provided by myself,  Alex Williams, and ServicesAngle...»

Perfect Timing for Facebook IPO? Outsourcing Risks to New Investors

Tom Foremski | December 12th

Mark Zuckerberg is everywhere: Interviews on prime time US and foreign TV; features in leading newspapers and magazines -- it's one almighty PR push: Facebook is prepping for an IPO. The reason for the publicity blitz is

Jive Goes Public Tomorrow and Thanks to SAP and Oracle It Looks Pretty Good

Alex Williams | December 12th

Jive Software will make its debut tomorrow on the NASDAQ, and thanks to SAP and Oracle it looks pretty good. Jive is a collaboration technology company. It emerged as one of the early entrants to the social...»