Flashback Trojan Estimate Drops as Security Experts Flay Apple for Slow Response

Kyt Dotson | April 12th

I grew up with the Mac vs. PC debate in full swing with a strange sort of sectarian dichotomy between the fans of Apple and everyone else. One of the biggest things that would be brought up, especially...»

Live Broadcast from EMC VSPEX – Big Deal in Convergence Infrastructure @SiliconAngle.tv

Maria Deutscher | April 12th

Today storage giant EMC announced the VSPEX Proven Infrastructure cloud reference architecture line-up. It’s a big deal for several reasons. VSPEX has been developed in collaboration with Brocade, Cisco, Intel and VMware as well as...»

SunGard Rolls Out Hot Patching Service for PaaS

Maria Deutscher | April 12th

SunGard made an addition to its SunGard Availability Services managed IT suite, in the form of a new service designed to streamline the process of rolling out updates to live client environments. The idea behind...»

Simplifying Converged Infrastructure Solves Crowded Ecosystems for IT Vendors

Maria Deutscher | April 12th

The converged infrastructure is a fast-growing arena, expected to become an industry worth over $400 billion by 2017.  The stakes are high as more companies seek simplification in this sector, and the major IT vendors...»

SolidFire Adds OpenStack Support with Early Release

Maria Deutscher | April 12th

SSD-based storage systems maker SolidFire has added integration with the OpenStack cloud OS, and its block storage now works with the Nova service included in the latest Essex version of the platform.  It’s an...»

Google+ Redesign Promotes Easier Sharing, More Hangouts

Mellisa Tolentino | April 12th

Google is all about change and innovation -- making things easier and run smoother.  They recently released updates for the Chrome OS and Google Play Music.  And just yesterday, they announced more changes on...»

Apple May Lose Antitrust Lawsuit, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 Priced to Sell

Mellisa Tolentino | April 12th

Today’s mobile news roundup features the antitrust lawsuit against Apple, Samsung to release the Galaxy Tab 2, and Intel pushing for standardized laptop batteries. Apple may lose antitrust lawsuit from US Gov’t Yesterday the U.S. Justice Department...»

Quality and Support – The Key to Customer Loyalty [REPORT]

Saroj Kar | April 12th

April has been deemed customer loyalty month, in case you were wondering. To highlight customer loyalty, ClickFox revealed the results of a recent study on the relationship between customer loyalty and company performance. As it turns out,...»

Convergence is a Gold Mine But the Riches are in the Platform

Alex Williams | April 11th

We're about two years into a new time for the enterprise. This week it feels like we have reached a turning point that will define the next generation of infrastructure and platforms. I spent the day...»

CISPA May Not be SOPA but It’s Got That Itching, Burning Sensation

Kyt Dotson | April 11th

Right now, there’s a lot of talk going around about HR 3523, a bill called CISPA (for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and while it’s good that Congress is looking into this country’s failing vision on...»