The Need for AI Behind Google’s Search Engine Overhaul

Mellisa Tolentino | March 15th

How often do you spend countless hours in front of your computer looking for answers on Google?  Yeah, I’m always told that Google is my friend and if I need to look for anything and...»

Creators of Wizard101 to the 2012 Keynote Digital Kids Conference in April

Kyt Dotson | March 15th

The massively-multiplayer online (MMO) gaming industry has proven itself to be a powerful vector for pulling people together to play video games and for the enterprise to capably make money. Families have always been a large consumer...»

SXSW 2012 Recap: Keynotes, Social Media and Startups

Cherr Aira | March 15th

SXSW Interactive came to an end yesterday. The five-day event started on a high note and ended with a bang. Big names and startups alike migrated to the capital city of Texas to spot potential...»

Cisco Revamps its Video Strategy, Buys NDS for $5BN

Maria Deutscher | March 15th

Cisco just announced the latest multi-billion acquisition in the IT industry: they've revealed their plans to buy out NDS Group, a provider of video streaming technology, for a resounding $5 billion. Cisco had several video-related initiatives...»

Don’t Be a Hero, Be Good At Your Job

Klint Finley | March 15th

"The guy who sucks, is somehow the hero, because it takes time," writes Michael Stahnke, a community manager at Puppet Labs. "The guy who doesn’t look busy, because he did it right the first time,...» Social Isn’t Just For Sales and Marketing

Matt Weinberger | March 15th

Here at the San Francisco stop of the Cloudforce touring conference, is extending play to be all things cloud to all people with the introduction of its Salesforce Rypple social performance management and...»

EMC Leading the Storage War with Record Sales, IDC Says

Maria Deutscher | March 15th

Storage giant EMC has earned its title, according to the latest IDC report on the storage market. The research firm found that sales in this particular industry reached an all time high of almost...»

Presidential Candidates Are Doing the Obama

Mellisa Tolentino | March 15th

The U.S. Presidential election is just a few months away, and campaigning has come a long way since 2007.  Before, during the campaign period, you’d see thousands of fliers, posters, leaflets etc. making their way...»

New Media Minute: One-third of U.S. Adults to Own a Tablet by 2016; What it Means for Online Video Ads

Art Lindsey III | March 15th

Forrester expects that 112.5 million adults, or one-third of the adult population, will own a tablet by 2016, a revision of its previous forecast of 82.1 million. That's a huge jump, but it's not just from the iPad3 announced last week....»

Infineta Gets Thumbs Up from Ovum

Maria Deutscher | March 15th

Infineta Systems, a WAN optimization company that set its eyes on ‘big traffic,’ managed to impress Ovum – an independent research firm that provides IT analysis. The latest Ovum Technology Audit  focuses on Infineta,...»