Open Compute Project’s Open Rack Spec Aimed At Modernizing The Server Rack

Matt Weinberger | May 3rd

The Open Compute Project, the Facebook-helmed community initiative with the self-appointed mission of promoting more efficient, environmentally-friendly data center designs and architectures, used this week's Open Compute Summit in San Antonio to launch the Open Rack specification...»

ManageEngine Releases a Cloud Social Network for IT

Maria Deutscher | May 3rd

ManageEngine makes admin tools for corporate IT, and is now offering a social network for the engineers and administrators that use them. Social enterprise is big these days.  Jive just updated its popular platform...»

The Pirate Bay Experiences Traffic Boost After Block; Youth Look into Privacy via VPN

Kyt Dotson | May 3rd

In what can only be expected to be a reflection of the Streisand Effect phenomena—the more you try to hide something on the Internet, the more people will spread it around—the UK High Court’s move to force...»

VMware Cloud Gets an Upgrade with Socialcast, View and Project Octopus

Maria Deutscher | May 3rd

VMware has been upping its cloud game by launching one initiative after another in recent weeks, and it all adds up to some notable developments in the enterprise space. Today VMware reveals the fruits of its...»

Amazon Seeks Their Own Sitcom Television Programs

Saroj Kar | May 3rd

The pioneer of e-commerce is going to greatly expand their range of video content. Amazon on Wednesday announced plans to launch its own comedies and children's television programs to digital transmission, and requested contributions from developers. The Internet giant...»

VMTurbo Updates Offering, Adds Partners

Maria Deutscher | May 3rd

VMTurbo is a company that makes some pretty sophisticated workload management software for virtualized environments. Its flagship product is VMTurbo Operations Manager, which is available in version 3.1 as of this week. The platform works by...»

BYOD and Mobility Shape Big Data, Cloud Revolution

John Casaretto | May 3rd

Mobile devices and the BYOD movement are elements of a significant wave of proliferation of a whole new infrastructure paradigm.  Virtual offices and remote employment scenarios continue to take hold in the enterprise.  The ubiquitous availability of mobile...»

5 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest, from Work Out Guides to Tutorials

Krystin Lewis | May 3rd

Pinterest is an online pin board where you can show off photos by “pinning” them for the purpose of sharing them with others. It serves as a great tool because unlike other picture sharing sites,...»

The Problem with “Open” Science

Will Schroeder | May 3rd

One of the tragedies of the modern age is that we have to prepend the word “open” onto science in order to differentiate Open Science from the regular kind -- you know, the kind that’s...»

Malware Hits the Mobile Web, Targets Android Handsets

Mellisa Tolentino | May 3rd

Fandroids are plagued with malware left and right.  Their device can get infected from downloading apps in Google Play but especially from unofficial third-party app stores.  But the worst part is, drive by download...»