5 Technology Advancements That Define This Year’s CES Gadgets

Alex Williams | January 10th

The reduced technical complexity in a camera, ultrabook or smartphone means stripping out mechanics. These stripped down gadgets are for the most part connected devices with a simple UI  that people can touch and swipe....»

DachisGroup Launches Social Media Monitoring SaaS

Klint Finley | January 10th

Social business consulting firm DachisGroup today announced its social media monitoring tool called Social Performance Monitor. It's the firm's first subscription service and another example of how service companies are expanding to productize services and own more...»

Cisco Hasn’t Given up on Video Yet, Launches New Products at CES

Maria Deutscher | January 10th

Earlier this month networking giant Cisco pulled the plug on umi, the company’s somewhat overpriced line of video teleconferencing set-tops.  It was designed for the use of both consumer and business users, which may...»

Microsoft Makes Waves with Kinect for Windows Debut Starting February 1st, 2012

Kyt Dotson | January 10th

Redmond based Microsoft recently announced the due date of its Kinect for Windows project that will bring their much-vaunted hardware out of the gaming console and into the arena of the PC platform. The hardware and software is...»

Boycott SOPA Supporters With New Android App

Mellisa Tolentino | January 10th

Quick Recap: Last year, lawmakers were so intent on finding a solution to stop piracy.  They came up with  Protect IP Act or PIPA, Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA, and finally ...»

The Smartest Home on the Block

Mellisa Tolentino | January 10th

How would you feel if every piece of appliance in your home were “smart”?  Like a refrigerator that tells you which foods to eat and avoid, or if a food is nearly expired and updates...»

RIM Gets Back to Basics: CES Demos Focus on Business Users, Cloud

Mellisa Tolentino | January 10th

Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry devices, has been awfully quiet for some time now.  2011 wasn’t kind to RIM, with the service outage, slow OS update, flopped tablet and a lot more...»

Broadcom and Qualcomm Commit to HomePlug

Maria Deutscher | January 10th

Broadcom and Atheros, Qualcomm’s networking division, published a joint release announcing the two companies’ support for the HomePlug electronics power line standard family. This willingness encompasses the newly sanctioned HomePlug AV2 as well, which...»

Four Questions to Consider When Choosing a Home Generator

Jay Livens | January 10th

A business colleague recent tweeted a question about choosing a home generator. He was concerned about recent power outages in New England and worried that they would continue in the upcoming months and years. He was looking...»

Connected Drivers Get a Speed Pass at CES: Best New Apps, Services

Mellisa Tolentino | January 10th

The 2012 International CES conference is in full swing.  Exhibitors from different sectors of the tech world flocked to Las Vegas to show off their soon-to-be launched products.  But of all the various products showcased...»