Is a Security Vulnerability Requiring a Global Amazon Web Services Reboot?

Alex Williams | December 7th

This morning, thousands of Amazon Web Services customers received notice that their instances on the cloud service are scheduled for reboot.  "Routine ugrgade," is the given reason but cloud experts believe it appears more than...»

The Social Scene in China: The Bitter Taste of Forbidden Fruit

Kristen Nicole | December 7th

When Facebook says that they won’t stop until every single organism on the planet has a profile, that includes a serious effort to make friends in China. But the world’s most populous nation is building...»

MapR Releases v1.2 of its Hadoop Distribution

Maria Deutscher | December 7th

MapR released the latest version of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, introducing a number of significance enhancements.

“MapR Distribution Version 1.2 vastly expands the selection of developed and deployed applications," said Jack Norris, vice president of

Tata Communications Deal with SuccessFactors Looks More Interesting Following SAP Acquisition

Alex Williams | December 7th

Last week, Tata Communications offered up some news about its new Human Capital Management (HCM) technology which exemplifies a change in roles that systems integrators have traditionally operated. The news now looks even more...»

New Relic, Tier 3 for Enterprise Integration

Maria Deutscher | December 7th

Subscription-based app monitoring software provider New Relic has teamed with enterprise cloud platform provider Tier 3 to integrate New Relic Standard into Tier 3’s systems management dashboard and API.  The partnership is meant to provide...»

RSA Keeps Phishing Attacks at Bay after Internal Breach

Maria Deutscher | December 7th

EMC security subsidiary RSA released some figures about RSA FraudAction, the company’s widely deployed anti-phishing service in recognition of a recent milestone. FraudAction helped block the 500,000th online attack launched against its customers, a number that adds...»

Using Linked Data and Open APIs to Bridge Modern Development with Pre-Cloud Apps

Alex Williams | December 7th

The concept of linking and synchronization is most often associated with the Web, collaboration tools and mobile apps. Gmail is in sync with my Android smartphone. When I edit a Google Doc, my colleagues see...»

It’s a Name and Numbers Game for Warring Mobile Industry

Mellisa Tolentino | December 7th

Apple has been trying to product-block competition in the US as well as other countries, riding a case for patent infringement.  They were successful in some instances, but their competition doesn’t easily backdown....»

Verizon Takes On Pay TV, 4G & Mobile Payments

Mellisa Tolentino | December 7th

Verizon Communiations Inc. is said to be cooking up a plan to take on Netflix and traditional cable TV providers.  Verizon currently offers FiOS, a bundled package of internet access, telephone and TV service...»

How Intel Could Win in Tablets and Cell Phones By Protecting Developers Against Patent Wars

Tom Foremski | December 7th

Brooke Crothers, at CNET, reports that Intel is stepping in to help manufacturers create ultrabooks, and it has a $300 million fund to help integrate key technologies such as touch interfaces and battery technologies.
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