Schmidt Seeks Talks With French President Over Google Copyright Row

Mike Wheatley | October 29th

More details have come to light regarding Eric Schmidt’s 'French connection' planned for this week. It’s been revealed that the Google is so concerned about the possibility of France introducing a bill that would make it pay for content,...»

Hadoop Co-Creator Doug Cutting: We’re Evolving Analytics, Visualization

Saroj Kar | October 29th

Doug Cutting, the co-creator of Hadoop, has changed the way that companies think about, and utilize Big Data. The open source project that he started has made its way to the world's leading enterprises such as Amazon, eBay,...»

Kim Dotcom Announces “Raid-Proof” Megaupload Plans

Mike Wheatley | October 29th

Kim Dotcom has just revealed plans to relaunch a new and improved, “raid-proof” successor to his Megaupload service, exactly a year after the original site was shut down by US authorities. Rumors surrounding Megaupload’s second-coming have been doing...»

Building Big Data: What Choice Do You Have?

Mike Wheatley | October 29th

One of the most understated impacts of big data in our lives is just how much it can influence the choices we make. For example, retailers and product sellers from just about every industry these days are using...»

Hurricane Sandy and the Big Data of Disaster Prediction

Kyt Dotson | October 26th

The science of meteorology is a game of numerous big numbers, a great deal of data from myriad sources, and historical regressive analysis of past events to understand the future. Right now, the East Coast is looking at...»

Obama Ready to Compromise on Cyber Security Executive Order

Isha Suri | October 26th

We got to hear that the President Obama is willing to compromise on the cyber security executive order, and is preparing to implement some of the provisions of the 2012 Cyber Security Act (CSA), after it failed...»

Google App Engine Hit By Service Disruption; Web Traffic Plummets

Mike Wheatley | October 26th

Google’s App Engine has suffered a major service disruption, with thousands of customers being unable to access the platform-as-a-service. Techcrunch reports that the service started having problems earlier this morning. As of 0730 Pacific Time, anomalies were being...»