Yammer Rolls Out New Real-Time Collaboration Features

Klint Finley | November 9th

 Yammer announced a new version that incorporates three new features: Yammer Pages, Yammer Files and Yammer Ticker. Yammer Pages is a document collaboration tool that Yammer CTO Adam Pisoni describes as a cross between Google Docs and a wiki....»

Barnes & Noble Questions Agenda of Microsoft Patent Deals

Mellisa Tolentino | November 9th

Microsoft Corp. had been busy making licensing deals with ODMs using the Android platform.  Companies such as HTC, Samsung, Quanta and Compal Electronics are just a few of the companies that signed a patent licensing deal...»

Hadoop World Day 1: A Booming Big Data Ecosystem

Mellisa Tolentino | November 9th

Hadoop World’s first day started with a lot of buzz as the Hadoop ecosystem flourishes.  Cloudera CEO Mike Olson kicked off the conference with a brief history lesson, and how companies are now embracing...»

Adobe Shares Fall With Budget Cut, Flash Termination

Mellisa Tolentino | November 9th

Adobe Systems, the company known for creating graphic programs and of course the Flash player, announced that they will be cutting 750 jobs from their workforce in North America and Europe in an effort...»

Amazon Web Services Opening its Seventh Data Center in Oregon

Alex Williams | November 9th

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is opening a new data center in Oregon, arguably one of the most popular regions in the world for the new wave of data center development. The AWS data center is...»

Tableau Brings Data Visualization to Hadoop

Alex Williams | November 9th

Through a partnership with Cloudera, Tableau Software has built a Hadoop connector for doing big data visualization. The new connector uses Hive to collect data across distributed nodes. That data is then pulled into Tableau...»

DataDirect Networks Gets Fresh with WOS 2.0

Maria Deutscher | November 9th

Big data-focused storage solutions provider DataDirect Networks announced the newest version of its Web Object Scaler, which features big performance improvements and data protection enhancements.

“As more organizations move toward cloud paradigms, there is an exponential

Google To Continue Assisting Android Partners In Legal Issues

Mellisa Tolentino | November 9th

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has spent the past three days touring Asia, spreading Google's gospel in South Korea and ending in Taipei.  During his South Korea visit, Schmidt voiced his dismay on Microsoft’s patent...»

Lookout Mobile Drives Global Front, Partners with Telstra

Saroj Kar | November 9th

Security is one of those things that we should think about when it comes to our tablets or smartphones.  Just think about the amount of sensitive information stored on your handset, and the many apps...»

SAP Opens a Mobile App Store – the CIO Friendly Variety

Alex Williams | November 9th

SAP is building out an app store. The apps are available to be viewed as demos. Customers then purchase the apps through SAP internal sales or SAP partners. The development is being driven by SAP and its...»