VCE and SAP Strengthen Ties with Latest Title

Maria Deutscher | November 7th

VCE, a startup that offers a cloud-in-a-box offering based on components from backers EMC, VMware and Cisco, has become an SAP technology partner. This means that Vblock is now certified to run the business software...»

Verizon Takes a Step Forward

richardbennett | November 7th

PC Magazine broke a very interesting piece of news Saturday about a new system Verizon has developed for their wireless network. Briefly put, this system presents an API that allows applications to signal their bandwidth and latency...»

Rackspace Launches OpenStack Private Cloud

Alex Williams | November 7th

Rackspace is making its first steps toward a support-centric model with its new OpenStack based private cloud. The new service is built on a Rackspace developed reference architecture that uses OpenStack "Diablo" software release as its project code....»

Infographic: A History of the Modem

Steven Hodson | November 7th

I still remember my very first modem, and the pound of flesh that it cost to buy it. But hey, I was on the cutting edge, and I upgraded as often as I could. Of course, running one of...»

Firefox 8 Arrives Early as IE Tries Freebies to Lure Users

Mellisa Tolentino | November 7th

Browser preference is based on a lot of things--it could be because it’s your default browser on your device, or a friend suggested one, or maybe you've discovered the best through trial and error.  If...»

National Geographic Amazes Mall Shoppers with Augmented Reality

Steven Hodson | November 7th

Recently NatGeo combined forces with Appshaker to put together a touring augmented reality show that visited shopping malls around Hungary where people could interact with everything from T-Rex to an astronaut walking around in his space suit. This is...»

PC Gamers Change Your Pants: Steam’s Forums Hacked

Kyt Dotson | November 7th

And by pants, I mean passwords. It looks like reports have been flying all morning that Steam’s forums have been hacked. Steam is an online community and gaming service that provides digital downloads of popular games from the currently...»

MIT Server Becomes Host to Seething DoS and Vulnerability Scanner Suite Infection

Kyt Dotson | November 7th

Recently, a server at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been found host to a heavy duty suite of attack tools and used for vulnerability scanning and compromises. Researchers at Bitdefender caught it attempting to inject malware code...»

Feed the Elephant: Cloudera Raises Another $40 Million for Hadoop War

Klint Finley | November 7th

Cloudera announced today that it raised $40 million in series D funding from Greylock and Accel amongst other returning investors. This is a nice big round to help Cloudera keep up the Hadoop wars with Horton...»

Disney Teams with YouTube Because They’re So Cool

Mellisa Tolentino | November 7th

YouTube recently launched their online original channels to keep their audience interested, while Disney-ABC Television Group seems intent on extending its digital footprint.  Disney's signed a few deals with online video distributors these...»