Teradici Upgrades ‘PC-over-IP’ Solution

Maria Deutscher | December 5th

Zero client solutions provider Teradici released PCoIP Firmware Release 3.5.0 and PCoIP Management Console 1.7, the latest version of its user virtualization software with enhanced functionality for the enterprise.  The main highlight is version...»

Someone Besides Samsung Faces US Ban – HTC Could Miss Out this Holiday

Maria Deutscher | December 5th

The biggest mobile device manufacturers have been filing patent infringement lawsuits against each other rather consistently for the past couple of years, and a few cases managed to stand out of the crowd these past...»

SAP’s Latest Buy Fits Well with Mobile, Analytics Strategy

Maria Deutscher | December 5th

Software maker SAP has acquired human resource management SaaS provider Success Factors for $3.4 billion, a premium of 52 percent over Friday's closing price and about 10 times more than the company’s annual revenue....»

Survey: Data Scientists Require Rigorous Training, Freedom From Bureaucratic Obstacles

Jeffrey Kelly | December 5th

While some view data science as a logical extension of traditional business intelligence (BI), the professionals that populate the two fields are startlingly different, according to the results of a new survey. The survey, which was conducted by...»

Dell Kills the Streak 7 as Phonemakers Revamp Strategies

Mellisa Tolentino | December 5th

Back in August, Dell bid farewell to the Streak 5, one of the smallest versions of Android tablets.  But it did not abandon the tablet race, as they still had the Streak 7 tablet,...»

Cloud Storage is Hot; HP Bundles Box.net (Gigabyte scale) and Nirvanix Takes Hybrid Clouds to Hawaii (Petabyte scale)

John Furrier | December 5th

Cloud Storage is hot and we are seeing big news today with HP and Nirvanix. These two announcements Box and Nirvanix highlight the contrast between two cloud storage startups Box (consumer) and Nirvanix (enterprise) cloud...»

Tappin Acquisition Signals Growing Demand for Cloud Access

Isha Suri | December 5th

GlobalScape, the Texas based developer of secure information exchange solutions, is expanding its mobile sharing capabilities by acquiring privately-held, Seattle-based mobile file sharing innovator Tappin.  Tappin, formerly known as HomePipe Networks, will bring technology for...»

Microsoft Debuts New Xbox 360 Experience: Energizes TV-Viewing, Social Gaming, Kinect Voice Control

Kyt Dotson | December 5th

Microsoft has fastened the armor on the Xbox, donned their helmet, and grabbed their jousting lance, and thrust their ever-popular console into the arena where it’s certain to dominate as the entertainment-center of the living room. Not...»

Box CEO Gives Insider’s Take on Consumerization of IT

Maria Deutscher | December 5th

Aaron Levie, the chief executive of enterprise cloud storage provider Box, provided his view on this emerging industry, its consumer market origins, and current state.  His firm focuses mainly on corporate clients, powering 82 percent...»

FCC and AT&T Rural LTE Kerfuffle

George Ou | December 5th

A lot of ink has been spilled in the past week since AT&T withdrew its FCC application for a merger with T-Mobile and the FCC released a staff analysis report.  AT&T’s Jim Cicconi