The End of a Story: Google Buzz

Saroj Kar | October 19th

Google has announced that it will abandon Google Buzz, which lets you share information with friends without having to create new networking contacts. End of service will take place in mid-January 2012. This decision is taken in...»

Android Addiction–More Ice Cream Sandwich, Please?

Mellisa Tolentino | October 19th

I’ve gushed about Android 4.0 a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich earlier, but I think I haven’t done it any justice.  So just bear with me, I just can’t get enough of this new OS, just like the...»

Online Jobs Spike in Q3: Animators, Mobile Apps Developers, and Content Writers Wanted!

Cherr Aira | October 19th

Freelancing online jobs are perhaps the best alternatives that could alleviate the lack in formal employment as a consequence of weak economic health. This is an avenue that many skilled talents have explored for added income or become...»

PlayStation Vita To Land On EU and US Soil February 2012

Mellisa Tolentino | October 19th

We all know by now that the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s latest offering in the handheld gaming arena, will be available in Japan by December 17, 2011, barely making it for the holiday sale.  The sad part...»

Is OmniTouch Microsoft’s Next Kinect Moment?

Steven Hodson | October 19th

Microsoft  has a knack for showing off some pretty interesting technology. Some of it is kind of on the "WTH! are they thinking" side; but then come things like Kinect, which has taken...»

Mobile, Personal Storage Roundup: Latest Fuss around Android, Services

Maria Deutscher | October 19th

Two of the most dominant trends in the personal cloud today include mobile, which has become a constant since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007, and cloud-based storage solutions, which ties in directly with the on-the-go...»

Are You Craving For The Ice-Cream Sandwich On the New Galaxy Nexus? You Should

Mellisa Tolentino | October 19th

Yesterday, NTT Docomo prematurely leaked info regarding the Samsung-Google event in Hong Kong.  Honestly?  You can’t really expect that something that big would be kept a secret, do you? So what does the new Galaxy Nexus have that...»

Millennial Media Unwraps Toolbox with New SDKs, Dev Site

Maria Deutscher | October 19th

Mobile ad network Millennial Media released version 4.5 of its Android and iOS SDKs yesterday, and rolled out an update to its developer site, The new SDKs feature a few enhancements, most notably support for iOS...»

Crowdpark Raises $8M to Develop “Social Betting”

Kristina Farrah | October 19th

Berlin-based Crowdpark brings yet another social game genre that allows users to bet and compete against each other in betting events using virtual currency, making it a pioneer in the so-called social betting


Pivot3 Launches New VDI Appliance Line for VMware Environments

Saroj Kar | October 19th

Pivot3, a provider of unified storage and compute appliances, unveiled the Pivot3 vSTAC VDI appliance for VMware view environments.  The new tool offers a stackable virtual desktop infrastructure along with high-performance compute and storage...»