Nokia’s Former Symbian Developers Leave En Masse from Accenture

Alex Williams | April 3rd

Last year, Nokia decided that it no longer needed Symbian anymore. Nope. The home grown mobile operating system needed to go. Instead, Nokia decided Microsoft would serve as its shining light to face the iPhone...»

5 Pivotal Documents in the Evolution of the DevOps Movement

Klint Finley | April 3rd

"Most people are right in saying 'we’ve been doing DevOps for years.' That's mainly because there is not good canonical definition for DevOps," John Willis wrote recently. Rather than try to provide a definition of DevOps, Willis...»

Social APIs, Romance and Lessons for the CIO Trying to Manage all Those Data Silos

Matt Weinberger | April 3rd

Sometimes, it's necessary to build a new platform. But sometimes, app development is about the clever use of what you already have in front of you. And for the CIO  thinking how to integrate dozens of data silos, there...»

Cisco Expands in Brazil, Education Segment

Maria Deutscher | April 3rd

Brazil is a fast-growing IT market. Companies including Broadcom have expressed interest to strengthen their local presence, and now  Cisco is too. IT training and certification is a big emphasis for the networking gear maker, specifically  cloud...»

Square Gets Bolder With Two Google Execs On the Team

Mellisa Tolentino | April 3rd

Executive shakeups in Silicon Valley is nothing new.  It was just hours ago we reported that Pinterest CEO Paul Sciarra is leaving the company to work for Andreessen Horowitz as an entrepreneur-in-residence, to be replaced...»

Dell Boosts Services Portfolio with Clerity Buy

Maria Deutscher | April 3rd

Technology manufacturer Dell has already shared its intentions of pulling away from its consumer businesses, specifically its PC unit, instead re-focusing on the enterprise and the cloud. The reasons are quite clear – it...»

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Manages iOS, Android for Business

Mellisa Tolentino | April 3rd

Ontario-based Research In Motion officially launched the highly-anticipated BlackBerry Mobile Fusion - the company’s next-generation mobile device management (MDM) solution for enterprise customers.  Its ability to manage rival devices including iOS and Android marks...»

Instagram for Android Hits the Market, Lacks Certain Features and Tablet Support

Saroj Kar | April 3rd

Instagram, possibly the most popular photo sharing app on Apple app store of all time, has finally come to Android platform after more than a year of waiting and months of speculation. Instagram...»

Anonymous “Operation Blackout” That Didn’t Happen but What-Could-Have Been

Cherr Aira | April 3rd

I slept last March 30th wondering if Internet will would there when I woke up. Good thing, it is unharmed. The recent threat to the internet and national infrastructure seemingly failed as “Operation Blackout” did not materialize....»

Creating, Curating and Cultivating SXSW Interactive

socialnerdia | April 3rd

About a year ago I gave a presentation titled “Creating, Curating and Cultivating the Social Web” at the Marketing 2.0 Conference. The point of the presentation was that I believe...»